The Paul Brothers Drama – Beef, Diss Tracks, and More!

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 The recently Youtube-famous Paul brothers have thrown the Youtube community for a loop with their recent diss tracks towards each other.  The dispute between the salty brothers stemmed from Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro”.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Want Some Salt on that Beef?

After the reactions to the song, from oldest Paul brother and upcoming boy band “Why Don’t We” surfaced in one of Logan’s vlogs . Jake dropped his first diss track on none other than Logan and the Why Don’t We boys.

Once Logan caught wind of the diss track, him and the boys instantly fired back with “The Fall Of Jake Paul”.  The track stirred up a lot of talk for obvious reasons, the biggest reason being the second verse.

The video cuts off with a girl {supposedly, Jake’s ex Alissa} stepping out of a car.  The song left us all with 1 question on our minds “Why didn’t Logan include the second verse?”

Jake and Logan Make Up 

After many vlogs of deliberation it was concluded the the second verse would not be released.  This stirred up controversy between subscribers but ultimately peace between the two brothers ending in the release of 2 makeup songs.  

“I Love You Bro” and “The Rise Of The Pauls”.

The Saga Continues…

Things between the brothers had seemed to have settled down, that is however until Jake dropped one of his notorious prank videos this time aimed towards his brother. 

This lead to Logan giving Jake an ultimatum, he either took down the billboard or the second verse would be released.  In the end the second verse was released, but not by Logan.  Jake was the first person to release the second verse, in one of his vlogs.  

Since then the brothers have gone back to how they were before and Logan has since dropped the full music video to “The Fall Of Jake Paul” including the second verse, leaving us once again wondering, was this actually just banter between 2 brothers or was the whole thing just a publicity stunt?

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