Musician’s Gear Hardshell A-Style Mandolin Case Review

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We are reviewing the hard shell case for A style mandolins, made by Musician’s Gear. This sleek case comes in all black exterior with a plush black interior to house and protect your mandolin during storage or travel.

When looking for a case for your mandolin, you have one of two choices: a hard shell or soft shell. We are reviewing a hard shell case today, which is a better choice if you are flying or using any sort of transportation where the mandolin may get jostled. As you may surmise, a hard shell is sturdier than a soft shell, but can be heavier or more cumbersome, which may pose a problem if you take public transit. A soft shell case, also known as gig bag, is good for light travel and usually comes with a front pocket for your music sheets. Soft shells also come with shoulder straps or backpack straps, making them more ideal for long distance travel by foot. They are inexpensive, but they are more for carrying purposes than protection. Additionally, they are typically not waterproof. Hard shell cases provide better protection from both being jostled around and from water.

An all black aesthetic is undeniable, and what a sharp visual experience this case provides! The hard shell case by Musician’s Gear is strong on the outside and soft on the inside. The exterior is a beautiful, sleek black wood and with black textured vinyl, and the interior is a luscious black plush with foam padding that is guaranteed to hold your mandolin in firm place. Setting your mandolin inside, you will see how the padding takes in the instrument and holds it firmly to stop it jostling, thereby preventing damage during transport.

Please note that this case is only designed for A style mandolins. There is a diamond shaped pad inside the lid that helps hold the instrument securely, without putting any stress on the bridge.

One advantage of this case is that it is rather lightweight compared to the usual hard shell cases, weighing in at just 4.3lb.

The interior dimensions are as follows:

  • Overall inside length: 27 1/8”
  • Width at widest point: 10”
  • Length of body area: 14 ½”
  • Accessory compartment length: 5 ¾”
  • Headstock area length: 6 ½”
  • Body area thickness: 3 ¾”

The interior foam can be compressed about 1/2 “, but if your mandolin is ½” larger in any dimension it may be difficult to fit. If you need more room in the neck or headstock area, you can remove the accessory compartment by removing the four screws.

There is room around the headstock to tuck your strap in, should the storage compartment be otherwise full. Initially the fit may be snug, but over time, the case will adjust and loosen according to the size of your mandolin (as long as it fits within the aforementioned dimensions, of course). Even still, it will remain a snug fit especially with the padding around the bridge when closed.

The case locks closed and comes with two keys. The lock will stop people trying to steal the mandolin or tampering with it. Both interior and exterior materials are of excellent quality. We mentioned the benefits of using a hard shell case during transportation, but storage, especially of the long-term kind, will require a hard shell case as well. Most of us live with other people or play music with other musicians. Imagine leaving your mandolin in a gig bag. Anything could come along and fall onto the bag, and anyone could potentially step on it or rest their things against the bag and then cause damage to the mandolin. a gig bag really just gives your mandolin a handle to carry it by, in addition to keeping the dust off. If you want real protection, we highly recommend a hard shell case.

Love your mandolin, play it frequently, and store it in an appropriate case. You will have peace of mind knowing that your mandolin is well protected inside this all black hard shell case.

This case is made of wood and has little feet on the bottom, which make it very easy to set down. The case will stand on its own, so you can simply lift the lid to remove your instrument, and the case will remain there. It is stable, sturdy and strong. And yes, the lock actually works! You can’t go wrong with the classic, sleek, all-black case with silver hardware.

Travel to your shows or friends’ houses with peace of mind, knowing you made the right choice of protection for your instrument. Music heals. Give your mandolin the same love it gives to you.

This hard shell A style mandolin case by Musician’s Gear sells for around $70.

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