midget made giant by try hardz

Midget Made Giant by Try Hardz – Album Review

Sprawling, unfocused jam band hip-hop that feels like it could only come from a liberal arts college in a medium-sized town.

midget made giant by try hardz

A friend of mine recently trademarked the phrase The Right Kind of Weird. Try Hardz would be The Wrong Kind of Weird. Or, I don’t know, it’s like they’ve created a subgenre that’s literally just hyphens. They put every type of music together—folk, funk, rap, jazz, outré electronics, you name it. I could say it’s in the same vein as cLOUDDEAD/Why?/Anticon stuff, but that’s being very generous. The ambition’s there, the experimental sensibilities are there, the weed is there. But the songs are often incoherent, the production is demo-quality, and the rhymes are objectively terrible. I kept thinking of a Mark Ronson/Kanye West interview I read years ago where one of them said something to the effect of, “When they say there’s ‘something for everyone,’ it means there’s nothing for anyone.” 

Listen to Try Hardz’ Midget Made Giant on Youtube for free below.

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Review by Matt Werts

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