MGMT Band History and Biography

MGMT, formerly known as The Management, is an American alternative rock group, originally from Middletown, Connecticut. The group was initially formed by school chums Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden.


Beginnings (2002-2005)


Oracular Spectacular (2006-2009)

oracular spectacular

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Congratulations (2010-2011)

Released on April 12th, 2010, the second opus by MGMT was entitled Congratulations.

A second international tour was then scheduled from August 14 to December 18 of 2010, and had more than 46 concerts around the world slated for the band to rock.

MGMT (2012-2014)

In an interview of January 2012, MGMT confirmed the coming of a future eponymous album on which the group had begun working on. At that time, five songs had already been written. MGMT started playing new tracks live as of March 2012, (ie. “Alien Days”), during their performances in South America.

On April 20, 2013, the group released the first single of this new album, Alien Days, before leaving for a summer tour.

The album finally got released on September 17, 2013.

Little Dark Age

In December of 2015, The group tweeted that they will be back in 2016 with new material. On May 8, 2017, the band unveiled a teaser on Instagram, and the name of the next album: Little Dark Age.

Current Band Members

  • Andrew VanWyngarden – vocals , guitar , bass , synthesizer , drums , songwriter (since 2002)
  • Ben Goldwasser – choirs , synthesizer, organ, guitar, percussion , songwriter (since 2002)
  • James Richardson – choirs, guitar, synthesizer, percussion (since 2007)
  • Matthew Asti – bass (since 2007)
  • Will Berman – drums, percussion, choirs (since 2008)


Studio Albums

2007: Oracular Spectacular (Sony Records / Columbia Records)

2010: Congratulations (Sony Records / Columbia Records)

2013: MGMT (Sony Records / Columbia Records)


  • 2005: Climbing to New Lows (no label)


  • 2004: We (Do not) Care
  • 2005: Time to Pretend (Cantora Records)


  • 2010: What Is Life, Kitten? (Live at Bataclan ) (Columbia Records)
  • 2011: We Hear of Love, of Youth, and of Disillusionment (Live Daytrotter Sessions) (Columbia Records)


  • 2011: Congratulations Remixes (Columbia Records)


  • 2008: Time to Pretend
  • 2008: Electric Feel
  • 2008: Kids
  • 2008: Metanoia
  • 2010: Flash Delirium
  • 2010: Siberian Breaks
  • 2010: It’s Working
  • 2010: Congratulations
  • 2010: Pursuit of Happiness ( Kid Cudi & Ratatat feat )
  • 2012: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  • 2013: Alien Days (Audio Cassette Format)
  • 2013: Your Life Is A Lie


Video Games

MGMT tracks are used in the FIFA 09, FIFA 11, NHL2K10, PES 5, Skate 2, Shaun White Snowboarding and Need for Speed video games: Hot Pursuit (Kids) and NBA 2K10 (Electric Feel).

MGMT Covers

The song, “Kids”, was covered by the group The Mentalists using iPhones replacing the musical instruments.

Yes, “Kids” has really gotten around since it was written, including even more covers by Nana Bryndis,Global Deejays, and Brynjar of the Icelandic alternative band Monsters and Men.

The MGMT song, “Time to Pretend” has been covered by Jónsi.

The MGMT song “Electric Feel” has been remixed by the group Justice.

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