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nervous wrecked 03Matthew Davey is a songwriter of many aliases, and has been experiencing an ongoing musical metamorphosis that has seen him create some very vibrant and experimental albums over the years.

Starting out as a punk rocker in bands like Training Wheel Unicycle, Deaf Children Playing, and Empire Down, his early days were filled with fast-paced music with grimy guitars and lots of screaming.  

Punk music being a big part of his musical make-up, you might notice that the attitude and angst has never really fully left him, even as his musical focus has shifted over time.

Out of the 90’s punk scene, Matthew eventually transmogrified himself into Nervous Wrecked, a willfully low-fi experimental solo electro folk-tinged project, which started to incorporate more and more a DIY aesthetic that involved using obscure and twitchy sounds to build up his material.  Nervous Wrecked then mutated into a full performing band of the same name, which toured and made several music videos.

Here’s a clip of For The Archaeologist, a song by Nervous Wrecked from the album Snakes that featured his full band.

More About Matthew Davey

nervous wrecked 07

After Matthew decided that Nervous Wrecked seemed to have run its course creatively, he disappeared from the local music scene…only to reappear as a dark troubadour by the name of M.D. Edwards, who went on tour across the country in a mini camper and made many stops along the way.

This was the beginning of the time where Matthew began to discover a culture of self-sufficiency and alternative living that is with him to this day.

Under the guise of M.D. Edwards, he made two full albums, one of which was called Walk Through Paint and the other was called Empty Head Words.  Here he is in full band mode again, playing a song called God’s Creatures at the Tranzac in Toronto.

Eventually he ceased to be M.D. Edwards, seemingly departing the musical scene once again only to return as the flamboyant protagonist known as the Conscientious Subjector, who played shows using an old phone as a mic and had a light show / loop station, like a one man circus.  In this form, the Conscientious Subjector built songs live as you watched, focusing more on live loop-based production than ever before. Through this period of time, Matthew gained more knowledge of musical instruments, recording gear, and showmanship that saw his performances get rather spicy.

Although he often strips his performances back to just a guitar and microphone, Matthew Davey has always been a fan of technology, and has been known to experiment with it as far back as he’s been making music.  Whatever project he’s working on currently, it generally involves a home recording studio that is made to be at least somewhat portable, as he often tries to create sounds you’d hear in the studio live, using beats, samples, or what have you.

In the early days, Matthew would team up with fellow artist Fiercemule to produce experimental sounds that would find their way onto eclectic home-recorded albums like this one, called “Modest, Practical Living”.  At this time, the albums he was making were very much DIY, created at home where he could experiment with sounds freely.


Matthew Davey was been part of several other collaborations, including a progressive metal band called Extinct or Alive, as well as a band called Lazu Lie.  Each of these bands has yielded their own musical offerings.

On this website you will find more links to Matthew’s many projects, whether they be solo or band efforts, as well as his personal reviews of some of the gear he uses for making music.

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