Martin Smith BJ001 5-String Guitar Banjo Review

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This banjo can even be tuned like a guitar. This will allow you transition easily from the guitar to the banjo without having to learn a new way to play immediately. It’ll give you the plucky sounds of the banjo while you’re learning to switch from guitar play to banjo play. Or you might decide to stick with the banjo that plays like a guitar. It’s an instrument that gives you a huge amount of options.

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Martin Smith 5 String Guitar Banjo Including Padded Gig Bag Bj-001

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  • Two-way truss rod
  • Remo skin head
  • 5th peg tuning
  • Padded carrying case

First Impressions

The Martin Smith BJ001 5-String Guitar Banjo has a unique advantage over other 5-string banjos. It can be tuned to play like a guitar as mentioned above. It’s a banjo that has been constructed with quality materials, but the great workmanship isn’t given a huge price tag. You’ll be able to play the BJ001 banjo as a beginner, and test the waters to decide if you want to keep playing. You might decide that guitar is a better instrument for you. You won’t regret buying this banjo to give it a try. You can tell people you know how to play two instruments instead of one.

Required Setup

When the banjo is delivered from the manufacturer, it will require some setup out of the box. This is normally true of any stringed instrument. If the strings on the banjo are tightened for delivery, you could end up with broken strings when it arrives.

While some stringed instruments are completely deconstructed for delivery, this one should only need minimal assembly. You’ll have to tighten and tune the strings as well as place the bridge. If you’re not comfortable tuning the instrument yourself, don’t be afraid to bring it to a professional. It’ll cost you a few dollars, but you’ll have a finely tuned instrument you can play immediately.

Banjo Materials

The entire banjo is constructed with the best woods and other materials. You’ll definitely wonder how it can look so amazing and not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The back and the sides of the banjo are made with high-quality, high-gloss mahogany. The bridge is maple, and the fingerboard is created with rosewood.

Resonator Back in Mahogany

The back of a banjo can be open or include a resonator to increase the volume. The resonator back of this banjo increases the sound of the banjo, and you’ll need to decide what kind of banjo volume and sound you’ll want from the instrument. It’s usually best to have a resonator on your banjo that can be removed for a different sound.

Fifth String Peg Tuner

The 5th string on this banjo starts from the fifth fret. It’s used as a drone string. In the days before metal or nylon strings, the sound that needed to be produced by the fifth string couldn’t be done when it was pulled taut up to the other strings, which is why it started further down the neck. This peg tuner on the banjo makes it easier to keep that string in tune. You might decide to change it to another kind of tuning at a later date, which is easy with the 5th string banjo.

Padded Carrying Case

The carrying case that comes with this banjo allows you to fit your new banjo in snugly and securely. If you want to bring your banjo with you to a friend’s house or the local bar for your first gig, you don’t want to have it bang around without a case. This case has a convenient strap as well as a front pocket for all the associated items you might need for playing. You might need extra strings, pegs, and picks for your banjo that will fit right in the front pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily switch from playing guitar to the banjo?
You can when the banjo is tuned like a guitar. It normally takes some time for guitar players to learn banjo because they have to unlearn some techniques. This banjo is a good transition instrument.

What are some good beginner songs to learn?
Some familiar songs that are easy to learn and play are “You Are My Sunshine” and “Home on the Range.” These songs are familiar to most, and you’ll likely know them well enough to know when you’re doing them correctly.

The Martin Smith BJ001 5-String Guitar Banjo with Gig Bag is a fantastic banjo for beginners who are coming at the banjo completely new. It’s great for those players who are trying to transition to a new instrument from the guitar. You’ll be able to play this banjo because it can be tuned like a guitar. You’ll have to unlearn some guitar strumming habits, but it’s much easier when you’re used to playing an instrument.

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