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La Vie En Spectacle – Suicide Prevention In Quebec

La Vie En Spectacle (Life In Show) is a non-profit organization based in Quebec that focuses on suicide prevention, raising funds every two years through a life-affirming concert, where all proceeds go to the Centre de Prévention du Suicide de Lanaudière. 

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la vie en spectacle suicide prevention

It was first initiated in 2011 by Alexandra Gélinas to pay tribute to her late brother, Christopher, who committed suicide in 2001.  Although it has been very difficult for her and her family, Alexandra was driven to create something positive because of it, and so La Vie En Spectacle was born and its purpose is to save lives.

Suicide in Quebec, for instance, happens 3 times a day, and it is a very serious problem that must be addressed.  It is true that you never know who is suffering, and so this is why raising awareness on this issue is so important as well as increasing communication.

La Vie En Spectacle works alongside several organizations, and they are directly linked with suicide prevention call-in centers and anyone in the Quebec area who needs to can call the following number if they need to talk:


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More About The Annual Celebration

Every year, La Vie En Spectacle holds an annual events which has three main goals. 

One of the main goals is to encourage the participation of artists to come and take part in the event and help celebrate life in an inclusive and accepting environment.  Taking place every two years, the event has grown and a wider variety of talented and unique artists have come to take part in the event, from singing, to dancing, and everything in between. 

sall paul aubuchon, bertheriervilleFor Alexandra, as the organizer, there is a lot that goes in to the main event, from selecting the artists, to rehearsals, finding volunteers, all of which leads up to the main event. 

It is an exciting time, with an atmosphere that is fun and exciting for both the participants and the audience.  This leads to another of La Vie En Spectacle’s main goals, which is to entertain the audience.  This is, after all, a show, and so Alexandra always makes sure that it is a blockbuster and a great time is had by all! Before and after performances, there is an information kiosk set up to offer more information on suicide prevention.

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Thirdly, then, are the donations to help support the cause.  The more success La Vie En Spectacle has at their events, the more donations can go towards supporting the organizations that help save lives every day.

Contact Info:

To find out more about La Vie En Spectacle, there are a few options that we’ve listed below:

Call 450-421-7228


Connect with La Vie En Spectacle on Facebook


La Vie En Spectacle has won several awards for their efforts, including:

  • Oeuvre du Cardinal Léger
  • Bourses Desjardins
  • Forces Avenir / Finaliste catégorie Art et Lettre

As always, it pleases us here at YTMS to help inform the public on such a great cause as this. Be sure to like La Vie En Spectacle on Facebook, and be sure to send them a message to see what’s coming up next or how you can get involved.

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