Jameson 6-String Banjo Guitar Review

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6 string banjo guitar jameson

The 6-string banjo is considered the guitar players banjo. It gives the guitar player another instrument to play that is close to the banjo with all the sound of the banjo itself. It’s been around for decades even if you haven’t seen many around. In the early days of jazz, the banjo was very popular. They’re increasing in popularity today, and if you want to learn a new instrument that’s much like the guitar, this is the way to go.

The popular 5-string banjo has a drone fifth string as well as different sounds of the other 4 strings that make the banjo tough to learn right out of the gate. With the 6-string banjo, you’ll get strings that are tuned much like a guitar with or without the drone string.


  • 38 inches in length overall
  • Scale length for the neck is 26.5 inches
  • Body width is 11 inches
  • 24 brackets
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Diecast Tuners

First Impressions

When looking at this banjo, one of the first things you’ll notice is the beauty of the wood. The back is a rich, reddish orange with stripes that make you want to hang this on the wall as a decoration instead of playing it.

R. W. Jameson Guitar Co

This company has been around for years. They bring affordable guitars and stringed instruments to the beginner student as well as others who are casual players of instruments or just learning. They pride themselves on the quality of the products they bring to their customers with instruments for every price range. Each one is inspected thoroughly to ensure that it’s going to play its best.

Out-of-the-Box Setup Required

When you have a banjo or guitar shipped to your home, you’ll get an instrument that isn’t set up to play immediately. Professional and semi-serious casual players understand that they’ll have to tune the instrument themselves. That’s the case with this 6-string banjo. You’ll have to tighten the strings and tune them once they’re received.

In some cases, the banjo will be in pieces that have to be assembled completely. The bridge has to be attached, the neck will need to be straightened, and the strings might need to be replaced depending on the type you received. All of that doesn’t need to be done to the Jameson 6 string. All that you’ll need to do is adjust the bridge slightly and tighten the strings. If you’ve never played a banjo before or tuned a guitar, don’t be afraid to bring it to a professional who can do that for you.

Neck, Resonator and Fingerboard

The beautiful back of the banjo is actually the resonator. It’s made of mahogany, which is a lovely type of wood. Banjos can have an open back or a resonator on the back of the banjo. The resonator will reflect the sound forward, so that there’s a brash sound that’s loud and pronounced.

The fingerboard was made of rosewood. All of the wood on this banjo is incredibly warm and rich. You’ll love hearing the sounds coming from the banjo almost as much as you’ll love the look of the instrument as it’s being played.

The neck of the banjo is a 7 ply maple with a shell of mahogany. On the entire wood bits of the banjo, the company added a high-gloss sheen to the wood that makes it a stunning instrument. Like we mentioned before, it’ll be hard not to display this banjo instead of playing it.

Tuners and Brackets

The bridge is made of maple while the tuners and brackets are a shiny steel. The tuners are enclosed and diecast, so they’ll be sturdy and won’t break when being tuned or banged around inside its music case.

There are 24 brackets on this banjo along with a chrome-plated arm rest. All the surfaces of this banjo from the tuners to the brackets to the wood itself is shiny, glossy, and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of strings does this banjo use?
The strings that come with the banjo are steel. You can certainly change them to any material you’d like.

Will the banjo fit into a standard banjo case?
It’s longer than a standard banjo, so you’ll have to purchase a case for it that will fit the long neck.

If you’re a guitar player who wants to transition to a new instrument without having to learn it all over again, the Jameson 6-String Banjo Guitar with Closed Back Resonator is the perfect choice. It’s a stunning instrument that is tuned just like a guitar, which will make it easy for guitar players to start playing a new instrument with a distinctive sound.

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6 String Banjo Guitar With Closed Back Resonator And 24 Brackets

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