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In His Own Words

J.K. Phil Osé - Fauxtown Records “Beloved composition is an activity which I believe to be possessed by those who believe they have something to say. It is driven by change within personal development. I feel I write songs for this reason. To explain in the medium of music and literature my experience, and my imagination. I first attempted this with piano. I learned how to play a couple first level songs on that instrument and had learned some Theory. I gave up on piano because I didn’t coincide with my teachers teaching method. After that 7 year old experience I didn’t play music again till 13 when I received a bass guitar. I didn’t learn to play it till I was 17, and from that age I began playing notes on whatever instrument I could get my hands on. Song writing began as a way to release thoughts. They were never erased but released for momentary relief. Out came floods of words that were personal journals which I felt could help others. I’ve never seen the evidence of it aiding anyone, but at the very least it has kept me alive. This being a musical biography I will mention that I’ve always written, but in high school I didn’t have a musical outlet, so I wrote poetic verse for expression. Until the present I haven’t exercised the full potential of J.K. Phil Osé live. All the songs are assembled by me, Philip J.K. Mauro, but have so many contributors to each album that its very difficult to assemble it for live performance.”

J.K. Phil Osé – Sonic Samplings

Here you can listen to two albums by J.K. Phil Osé, occupying somewhat opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Firstly, you can check out J.K. Phil Osé’s hip hop album Project Smash, which is another one of Phil Osé’s self-produced affairs.

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Now here is an album called Soft Along The Tracks, which is one of J.K. Phil Osé’s more acoustic folksy affairs and once again written, recorded, and produced by the artist himself.

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