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Interview with Daniel Kern About VST Plugins for Music Production

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YC: Daniel, you are a big fan of using VSTs in your music production, right?

DK: Yes definitely! Either to spice up the sound of recordings, or simply because its impossible to have that wide range of instruments available physically.

YC: Sounds good. Can you explain, for those who don’t know, what a VST is basically?

YC: So there’s two kinds of VSTs then? Sample-based, and sine-waved based?

DK: I would say sample-based & digital. Sometimes they start off with a saw wave instead of a sine wave, for example.

YC: Ok, so VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology?

DK: Yes, as far as I remember, that’s what it stands for.

YC: What do you need in order to use a VST, in terms of gear / software?

YC: How long have you been using VSTs?

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Watch this video where Daniel Kern shows how to make an 8-bit retro chiptune using VST plugins.

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