Interview with Ted Kennedy – Toronto Electronic Artist

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I went to catch a show at the Frequencies series in Toronto and get my proverbial groove on. Frequencies is a music showcase focusing on live performance of electronic beats as well as hip hop and an assortment of incredibly chill soundscapes.

Ted Stephen, who performs under the alias of Ted Kennedy, is the founder and coordinator of the series which takes place monthly at the Handlebar in Toronto. He is a solo performer and multi-instrumentalist that channels Depeche Mode vibes along with a lot of re-engineered new wave-y awesomeness.

Check out his sick vid for his song Falling to get an idea where he’s coming from sonically…

Primarily a guitarist and singer, Ted Kennedy continuously experimented with adding more and more electronic music elements both in terms of the sound as well as the gear deployed. Over the years, it got shaped into the synth powered whirlwind that is Ted Kennedy today.

Frequencies was started as a project to show off the more eclectic side of dance music, focusing on live performances instead of dj mixes, and catered to beatmakers rather than bands. It’s quite a neat slice of the indie scene and nothing short of a solid party.

This night’s feature brought together the sounds of Spookyfish, Joel Eel, and Just John. It’s very cool to see the variety of artists that this kind of show brings on. It seems that Ted has opened the door to a number of artists of different flavours to have a common platform for expression. While a collection of diverse characters, it’s theme comes together delightfully in the form of excellent performances and a rockin’ party in the intimate venue of the Handlebar.


There’s no point mentioning that the Toronto music scene is alive with all sorts of musical happenings and that one can only speculate at the unknown underground gems that are milling about even as we speak.  Creating outlets for expression like the Frequencies shows is the way to dig in and see what is out there.

From what Ted has seen, there is a lot of groovy stuff out there if you take the time to look (and is it ever worth your time to do so….both as an audience member as well as an artist or promoter). Ted intends to keep developing his shows as well as his musical endeavours in the years to come.

We’re excited to see what will come down the line, because artists like Ted as well as the other fine people on stage at Frequencies, are not just performers, but makers and builders of the scene. It’s thanks to them and many like them that fascinating musical landscapes exist.

Check out our interview with Ted Kennedy below.

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