Interview With Peter Padalino Of Major Hoople’s Boarding House

peter-padalino-major-hooples-boarding-house-bandIn this interview, we had a chance to chat with Peter Padalino of the band Major Hoople’s Boarding House.

If you are from Canada, you’ve probably heard of this band, because they’ve been gigging for over 40 years all over Canada, and around the world.  The band might best be described as a “party” band, because they always get people dancing and carrying on, and generally the house is brought down by the end of the night.  “Good times!”, while not to our knowledge the official mantra of the band, could easily be applied.

Originally known as the Shan-De-Leers, Peter Padalino and company eventually became known as Major Hoople’s Boarding House, and that’s been the band’s name ever since.

From the get-go, they scored a hit on mainstream radio with their catchy hit song, “I’m Running After You”, which is familiar to many Canadians as a ’70’s FM radio staple.

Although there has been a few line up changes along the way, the band has managed to stay the course, and have fun while doing it, which is, without a doubt, an accomplishment for any band.

Now, with a huge catalog of tracks under their belt by this point in their long career, Major Hoople’s Boarding House has been around the world pleasing crowds of all sizes, and they are still going strong to this day.


Peter Padalino, being the front man of Major Hoople’s Boarding House, definitely had a story or two to share with us on a variety of topics, whether it be recalling stories about his band’s stay at the both famous and infamous Lulu’s Roadhouse, where they played gigs on the same stage as many a rock giant, or speaking about how music has the power to satisfy the soul when it needs it the most.

It was a pleasure for us to talk to Peter and hear some of his great stories, as well as glean some useful tidbits of information on how to stay the course in such a difficult industry as the record biz.

Enjoy our hour-long interview with the man below!

To get the latest info on Major Hoople’s Boarding House, visit their website here!

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