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Interview With Nylon Pink’s Kaila Yu – April 23rd 2017

Written by: YC

Today I was lucky enough to have a chance to speak with the co-founder of Nylon Pink, Kaila Yu. 

kaila yu nylon pink

Nylon Pink

Nylon Pink currently operates as a lifestyle brand owned by Katt Lee, Kiki Wongo, and of course Kaila Yu herself, which focuses on beauty, skincare, and women’s empowerment.  So, if you are interested in getting hip to things related to the latest fashion trends, coolest and most exotic travel destinations, or maybe you just want beautiful, radiant skin or soft, kissable lips – Nylon Pink can hook you up with all that (don’t worry we’ll link to them at the bottom of the article).  Kaila herself has traveled far and wide and knows a ton about all of this stuff.

kaila yu travel
Photo credit: @justinharder

I actually met Kaila Yu through the Niche Pursuits Facebook page of all places, and we got to be friends through talking about marketing – specifically affiliate marketing.  Kaila is extremely business savvy, and I found it very interesting to learn that Kaila was once the front woman for an all Asian-American girl rock band from L.A., which went by the same name as her current business – Nylon Pink.  

In fact, I can imagine that a lot of folks are not yet aware of the re-branding of Nylon Pink and only know them as a rock band, but that is changing as their lifestyle blog grows and develops and their YouTube presence evolves.  Still, it is hard to shake images like this…

kaila yu nylon pink band

Here’s a sample of their music with their cover of Kesha’s song “Run Devil Run”, featuring Kaila rocking the mic.  The band did quite a few videos and developed a sizeable following, doing quite a bit of promo over the years.

In this interview, I ask Kaila about her former life as the front woman of an all-girl band of sexy Asian women, as well as her previous experience in the music business, of which she has some great stories and insights to share.  The music biz these days is not the same, and that goes double for girls, who have to be even more vigilant when facing the perils of the road.  All in all, we had a great chat and it was very informative.

Please enjoy our interview with Kaila Yu of Nylon Pink!

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