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Interview With Musical Instrument Painters Dwight Berg and John Lanthier of Guitart

Today we spoke with two musical instrument painters John Lanthier and Dwight Berg from Guitart, which is a business out of Montreal, Quebec that takes a musical instrument like a guitar, drums, or anything that feasibly can be painted on, and they add detailed, trippy, unique, and generally mind-blowing custom artwork to the instrument.

Check out an example of this beautiful hand-made custom musical instrument painting below:

musical instrument painters guitart from montreal quebec

During our little chat, there were a few technical issues with the sound, so heads up!  Otherwise, have a listen as Dwight and John delve into what inspires them to create these special painted instruments, as well as their connection to the vibrant Montreal music scene in general.

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  1. Very interesting podcast, anyone playing with audio FX by any chance 😛

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