How To Record a Cello with a Mic

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Use A Directional Mic Close Up

Here is a video showing how to record cello in this way, using a DPA D:Vote 4099.

To recap this video:

As the person recording the cello, and presumably listening back to hear how it sounds, you’ll need to try different positions with a mic like this, just to get things exactly right.

recording cello

If one was to provide a counter-argument for using a directional microphone close up with a cello, it would be that using such a set-up somehow misses the point, as it were.

recording cello

rode nt2 condensor mic

Multiple Mics

recording an ensemble multiple mics

Aim For Quality

Consider What Else Is In The Mix

recording stringed instruments

As such, you can and should record with this in mind, avoiding things like too much of the sound of the strings, as you might want to blend your cello’s sound with another cello, or any number of other instruments.

Frequency Response


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