How To Re-String An Acoustic Guitar Properly – Step By Step Instructions For Beginners Including Pictures and Video

Here is what you will need to do this job:

  • An acoustic guitar
  • A pack of new guitar strings
  • A pair of pliers
  • A soft cloth
  • A pair of wire cutters

You might want to keep this picture handy, as it lists the parts of an acoustic guitar that you might need to reference.

Step #1 – Choose One of Two Methods for Removing The Strings

Step #2 – Start Slowly Loosening The Strings

removing acoustic guitar strings

Step 3 – Remove The Bridge Pins

guitar bridge pin removal tool

acoustic guitar bridge pins

Once you take these pins out and set them aside, it’s time to take the strings off of the acoustic guitar entirely.

Step #4 – Remove Strings From The Tuning Posts

Now that you have the bridge pins out, and the strings have been pre-loosened, you can begin removing the strings from the tuning posts, which are those little posts that are attached to the tuning mechanism on the headstock of your guitar.

Once you get all the strings out through those holes, you can pull the strings right off the guitar, and it should be without strings now.

Step #5 – Clean Your Guitar (Optional)

cleaning your acoustic guitar

Step #6 – Get Out Your New Strings

new acoustic guitar medium guage strings

Step #7 – Put On The New Strings

restringing a guitar

At this point, the strings are just kind of sitting there on your guitar, with one end being in the holes, and the other end just kind of flopping around haphazardly.

Next, you want to put the bridge pins back into the guitar, effectively pinning the strings into the bridge section of the guitar, like this:

re-adding the bridge pins to your acoustic guitar

bridge pin with groove

It is at the point that you’re going to start threading the strings back into the tuning post holes, one at a time.

First of all, look at this acoustic guitar headstock.

Meanwhile, sometimes you have to hold the bridge pin in with your finger, or a friend can do it, so the bridge pin doesn’t pop out.

trimming acoustic guitar string excess

new guitar strings

Step #8 – Tuning Your New Strings For The First Time


Your acoustic guitar has now been properly re-strung and it’s in tune – no reason you can’t play something.

How To Re-String Your Acoustic Guitar Properly For Beginners – Full Video


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