How To Deepen Your Meditation Using Binaural Beats

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve many aspects of people’s lives. From our work or studies to our relationships, meditation can rewire our brain and make us calmer, more focused and serene. It can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. However, meditation is not always easy. It needs time and practice. Binaural beats can help achieve deeper and more tranquil states of meditation in a shorter amount of time, and in this article we will explain more about how this can be done.

How do binaural beats and meditation work together?

Once you enter the deep meditative state, the electrical impulses of your brain slow down. This allows you to have clearer thoughts. Using binaural beats can help move the electrical pulses in your brain to a calmer, lower frequency. When your brain hears two different tones in each ear (that is why we call them binaural), it will make up the difference with an imagined tone. This means that if you hear 300hz in your right ear and 320hz in the left one, your brain will make up an imaginary 20hz. That imaginary beat is the binaural beat. That is how your brain will enter a meditative state more quickly using binaural beats.

Always Wear Headphones

What I explained earlier shows that speakers will simply not work. Binaural beats only work if one ear receives a beat and the other receives a different one. Therefore, use great headphones or invest in new ones to take your meditation practice to a higher level.

Use the right brainwaves for meditation

There are many types of brainwaves. Some of them will make you sleepy, others will make you energetic but only Alpha brainwaves can help you enhance your meditation practice. To know more about the other types of brainwaves, read this article. Therefore, only listen to videos or soundtracks that have alpha brainwaves on them while you meditate.

Choose binaural beats mixed with soothing meditation music

Listening to binaural beats tracks alone without a nice calming background music for meditation can be quite boring. Every one of us has their own taste in music. If we are listening to calm music that we enjoy, it is easier for the brainwaves to do their magic in reducing our brainwave activity.

If you like classical music, native American flutes, or the sound of a sitar, then just type the chosen keyword with binaural beats next to it on google and you will find your happiness.

This is an example of a perfect combination of soothing Native American flute and binaural beats, ideal for meditation.

There is only one way to improve your meditation: Practice

When you are just starting out, it may be difficult to stay in a state of deep concentration for a long time with binaural beats music playing in your ears while meditating. However, as soon as you give it some time, it will be easier and enjoyable to do. Try listening to different sets and different artists. Also, try meditating in different places. Your room can be fine for most of the time, but you should also try to practice in nature, like in a garden, a park or a forest. However, remember to stay safe!

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