hotkid late night mornings review

Hotkid – Late Night Mornings Review

Written by: Young Coconut

Hotkid is a band I’ve known about for well over a decade, since they are from my hometown – Cambridge, Ontario.  I seen around the internet that they’re from Toronto, but I know better.  They’re from Cambridge. 

hotkid band
Image source: Hotkid Facebook page

So yeah, I’ve caught their shows and heard their albums for the past decade plus.  I’ve seen their line up change, and heard their sound develop along the way.  So, I mean, it isn’t really possible for me to give you a completely unbiased review of their new album, Late Night Mornings.  But that’s ok, right?  After all, my bias is just that we’ve walked the same streets, and probably puked in the same alleys as them.  Oh, and I also kinda know them a bit.  But whatever, I still have an opinion, dammit!

hotkid late night mornings review

Late Night Mornings came out not long ago, in fact maybe it came out…two days ago?  I caught their album release show at The Starlight Social Club in Waterloo, Ontario, so that’s a pretty good indication that the album was released very recently.  Its like a reverse baby shower, where the album is released after its actually born.  Know what I’m sayin’?  Anyway, the band played the Starlight as part of their recent LP release tour.  In fact, a few weeks ago I almost saw them at House of Targ in Ottawa, but I didn’t stick around long enough.  But that place is so cool, dude.  It’s an old school video game and pinball arcade and bar that specializes in perogies. Frickin’ heaven, bro.

hotkid 2017 tour

Anywho, the Starlight is another great venue in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, and it was cool to see them play there.  Why?  Well, the venue is relatively intimate, and lots of great – heck, even legendary – bands have played there.  Last year I caught J Mascis there, and the English Beat even played there (I saw their bus once but missed their show).  I once saw John Doe there, and Robyn Hitchcock came there one time with that guy from Harvey Danger… plus like many other awesome acts over the years.  And btw, the Hotkid show was wicked!  From the stage, Shiloh said it meant a lot for them to play there, and I believe it.  The crowd for this show was more than receptive, and the band was more than ready to deliver the goods for their brand new album.  Here’s a clip my friend Marco took:

So, Late Night Mornings…I think that’s what I’m having right now while writing this.  I was just talking to a friend yesterday today, in fact, about how stupid album reviews actually are in a way.  Mainly because reviewers tend to forget to enjoy the actual music and spend all their time rambling on about technical aspects, or the band’s role in the history of mankind.  They don’t usually boil it down to “I like it” or “I hate it” – a lot of reviewers are paid to critique an album and just slice and dice it until its dead.  Just a cold, clinical view of something that is essentially meant to be energy and either enjoyed or not enjoyed.  Critical analysis, sometimes, feels very forced.  Reviewers basically have a job that is kind of unnecessary, but oh well!  Professional nitpickers, kind of.  

Like, check out this video of “Here4U”, which is on the new album.  To me, this is just a bumpin’ tune you put on and enjoy.  If you overanalyze it, you’re missing the point.

I think that’s part of the message of Late Night Mornings.  Your brain is tired, don’t think too much.  Just let it be cool.  This is the kind of album I’ll probably listen to in my car and then lose under the seat at some point.  It just sounds…fun.  You would never put this on and like pull out a notepad, which is what I’m essentially doing right now.  You’d take this album with you to the beach, or make out to it, or take it to the gym, or…fuck, I don’t know.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think you should do while listening to this album!

hotkid late night mornings review

What else can I say about Late Night Mornings?  Well, the album deets are as follows:

  • Artwork – Jesse Lee Bellon
  • Bass, Vocals – Peter McIntosh
  • Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Robert Butcher III*
  • Guitar, Vocals – Shiloh Harrison
  • Mastered By – Noah Mintz
  • Mixed By – Adam King
  • Photography – Amanda Dickson
  • Producer – Adam King, Shiloh Harrison
  • Songwriter – Hotkid
  • Label: Fortune Stellar – FSR 003
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Pale Pink
  • Country: Canada
  • Released: 2017
  • Genre: Rock
  • Style: Indie Rock, Pop Rock


  • 1 Need A Friend
  • 2 Late Night Mornings
  • 3 Here4u
  • 4 Little Mess
  • 5 Caught In The Light
  • 6 Jealous
  • 7 Wasting Time
  • 8 Walls
  • 9 What We Wanted
  • 10 This Time

I got this album info off of, so I can’t completely vouch for it being 100% accurate.  I’m actually looking at the album right now, and nothing seems to be wrong with this information, except I probably wouldn’t describe this music as “pop rock”, as to me that sounds insulting.  I think this is better than what I imagine “pop rock” to be. 

hotkid late night mornings starlight
Image source: Hotkid Facebook page

Its cool to see they mastered it with Noah Mintz, who I am a big fan of from his days in the band hHead (who I actually wrote about on this website here).  I don’t know much about this Adam King guy, but he and Shiloh did a good job on the production of the album.  It sounds sick.  Kinda psychedelic, kinda sleazy, kinda cool.  The instruments are punchy and it keeps the energy going throughout.  The vocals are emotional and upfront, while also a bit faded from all the reverb.  I also gotta hand it to Peter and Robert, who provide the bass-drums groove.  They nailed it in concert, and all the playing sounds nice n’ lively on the record as well.  I recall a time when Hotkid sounded a bit more all over the place than this record (more manic?), so its kinda cool to hear them “find” their sound for this record and kind of channel their energy into a more thumpin’, good times sound.  This album is short and sweet.  I might want to get the vinyl at some point.

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