Hohner ATB40M A+ Travel Parlor Banjo Review

It’s a great-looking banjo that you can’t leave at home. Whether you’re heading onto an airplane or a trek through the woods with your banjo, it won’t get in your way at all. You’ll hardly know it’s there until you’re ready to pluck the strings.

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  • 19.8-inch scale
  • 24 brackets
  • 11-inch Fiberskyn head
  • Mahogany finish
  • Upgraded tuners
  • Padded bag with pocket

First Impressions of the Hohner ATB40-M A+ Banjo

This is a great travel banjo for a reasonable price. As a first banjo, you can really appreciate the sounds it’ll produce as you learn to play.

A first instrument is much like a first car or your first boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s something you’ll remember forever and color everything you do later in life. This is a banjo that won’t leave you with a bad impression of banjos at all.

You’ll savor the incredible sounds that you’ll be able to pluck from the strings of the banjo.

It’s also beautiful to behold. You’ll like the mahogany finish as well as the details of the tuners and the frets themselves. It’s a small banjo that is great for children who might be learning an instrument for the first time.

You want to instill a love of music in them at a young age, so you’ll want to be picky about the instrument they use. You won’t regret purchasing the Hohner ATB40-M A+ Banjo.

Hohner Company

The company was founded by Matthias Hohner in Germany back in 1857. They were dedicated to harmonicas and accordions at the time.

As they found their place in the world of blues, they started expanding their line of instruments. They want everyone to enjoy music in their life since they believe that “music is a way of life.”

Required Setup of the Hohner ATB40-M A+ Banjo

Every banjo needs to be set up out of the box. Banjos and other string instruments that are purchased at a music shop or from a private seller are already tuned because someone took the time to do that when it was shipped to them.

When your new banjo is sent to your home, it’ll require setup, which you’ll have to figure out for yourself. You can take it to a music shop, learn to do it yourself, or bring it to your banjo tutor if you have one.

The strings will need tightening, or they might even need to be replaced depending on the tuning you want. The bridge will need to be seated under the strings. Some banjo players might replace the bridge completely.

If you take it to a professional, all that work can be done for you. You might be able to get a lesson from them with the cost of the tuning work. Next time, it’ll be easy to do it yourself.

Banjo Materials

The banjo is made of beautiful woods with a satin mahogany finish. The bridge is a maple one topped in ebony. It has a rosewood fingerboard. The entire banjo color scheme is offset with shiny chrome hardware.

The head is made of Fiberskyn, which is meant to closely resemble animal skin. When banjos were first created, animal skin was stretched across the rim to create a drum for the sound of the banjo.

The mahogany finish as well as the Fiberskyn head create a banjo that produces an old-time banjo sound as well as the look itself. You’ll feel like a banjo player back in time.

Resonator or Open Back Hohner Banjo

This lightweight banjo is an open-back banjo, which is why it’s so incredibly light. When your child is first learning the banjo, you’ll want a softer banjo sound with less twang.

This will allow the child to learn without neighbors wanting you to move out of the area. A softer banjo sound is great for those who want to practice on the road, but don’t want to disturb others, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bag is included?
The gig bag is padded with two straps that allow you to carry your travel banjo like a backpack. It distributes the weight, so it’ll feel light as air.

How much does it weigh?
The shipping weight is 13.85 pounds, but the banjo itself is only 5 pounds. That’s a great weight for a child’s banjo or one you want to take on a camping trip.

What tuning will it have when it’s received?
With the shorter scale and neck length, it’ll be tuned to open C. You can change it with new strings.


The Hohner ATB40-M A+ Banjo is a 5-string instrument that is considered a travel or parlor banjo. It’s one that can be transported anywhere quite easily.

It’s slim profile and lightweight nature means that it’s great for a child’s first instrument. The banjo comes with a padded gig bag with straps to ensure it’s comfortable on your back.

If you are just starting out, here are some great banjos for beginners to try!

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Vangoa 5 String Banjo Remo Head Closed Solid Back With Beginner Kit, Tuner, Strap, Pick Up, Strings, Picks And Bag

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