How The Try Hardz 1-Upped The H3H3 Productions Theme Song In Exchange For Nudes

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The H3H3 Productions theme song, for anyone who watches the channel, seems like a very appropriate song to kick off the start of any of their wacky videos.

Many fans of H3H3 probably couldn’t imagine one of their videos without that opening ditty, with its electronic beats and cheesy / quirky vibe.  Like, just imagine if H3H3 decided to stop using that song as their intro.   Lord knows what would happen!!  Mass suicide?  Mass murder? Start liking Trump?  Who the heck knows, but it would most likely be total anarchy!

How Did H3H3 Get Its Intro?


Did you ever wonder where Ethan and Hila got that intro song from?  It would seem that the song was solicited from a Finnish electronic music maker who goes by the name Holder, AKA Major League Wobs.  Actually, the dude’s real name is Jere Särkkä.  

The guy has his own Youtube channel, and focuses on dubstep remixes as well as trap music and synthwave.  He’s a bit of a phenom in the nerdcore realm and has been developing his own following for years now, popping up here and there with sick tracks and collabs.

Here’s one of his meaty tracks, called “Deep”…does Holder go deep enough fro you, or would you prefer it a little deeper?

Ahh, as we were mentioning, Holder / MLW has an extensive catalog of fat-bottomed tracks that you can fuck to, and his own growing fanbase who likes to get crunk to his beats and tunes, with the H3H3 intro song being somewhat of a musical anomaly in his catalogue – sonically speaking.  

While most of Holder’s songs are wobby as fuck, the H3H3 Productions theme song is more like if Aphex Twin decided to try to write a theme song to Full House. 


The song is certainly is not MLW’s typical fare per se, but that doesn’t mean its a bad tune either. On the contrary, you can tap your foot to it, and it is rather snappy, ain’t it?  We can only presume that the song was commissioned by H3H3 at some point in time, with the exchange of cash money, since it doesn’t appear to be out there in any other form than as the “H3H3 Production Theme Song”. 

One day, maybe we’ll hear the story of where the H3H3 theme song really came from.  Until then, we’ll just assume that it involves hookers and beef stroganoff.

How We Made A Way Better Song In Only Minutes

The thing is though, that Youtube Music Sucks also has a theme song, and, to be perfectly frank, it is clearly a million times better than the H3H3 song. 

In fact, you can just take a little listen to it here and dare to compare.

H3H3 Nudes, Mac ‘N Cheese, and Of-Age Escorts

How’d we do it?  What?  Oh, you mean made such a dope ass song…glad you asked!  Because, to tell the complete and utter truth to y’all good internet peeps, a similarly shady deal made with Fauxtown’s own Try Hardz, who actually wrote and recorded the song in exchange for two escorts who just happened to be twins, 5 boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese and some “Hila nudes” which were swiped from the deep web.  

It was a deal that the Try Hardz instantly accepted.  However, upon discovering that the naked pics of Hila were faked, the disgruntled musicians almost refused to record anything, until some actual authentic Ethan nudes were offered instead and heartily accepted by the two thuggish rappers.


Try Hardz, after eating their delicious mac’n’cheese, rummaging through the stolen nudes, and having an overall fun night with the (purportedly bisexual) twins, they then set about making the Youtube Music Sucks Theme Song “the best as possible” over the course of a Saturday afternoon just blazin’ some jumbo sized J’s and drinking Hennessy the way Tupac liked it.

When YTMS received the finished product 14 hours and one blinding hangover later, the first thing we thought was “Wow, this sounds way, way better than that H3H3 Productions theme song!  The Try Hardz have done it again and scored a hit in the process!”

The song – originally called Pitt of Disrepair was played around the YTMS tennis courts on loudspeaker all day to the delight of the staff and visiting Swiss pro tennis league, and even one Purolator woman who dropped off a parcel also remarked, upon hearing the dope track: “Da-yum, what dis?  It lit fam!  Better den Ethan n Hila song…” 

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think that the H3H3 Productions theme song is that bad, and the channel definitely does not suck now, so don’t get triggered if you’re a fan of theirs.  Honestly, if they ever left Youtube, we’d all be sad – no joke.


In closing, their intro tune is actually not bad at all, but after you listen to the Youtube Music Sucks theme song, you’re going to hear there’s really no comparison with ours being far superior.  Please comment unless comments are closed due to too many comments.

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