Guardian Cases CG-020-MA Mandolin Hard Shell Case Review


We are reviewing a hard shell mandolin case by Guardian Cases, model number CG-020-MA. This case comes in a sleek black exterior with fuzzy plush lining for ultimate padding and comfort for your beloved instrument. It is designed to house A style mandolins and will not fit F style mandolins.

As musician, you have to be talented, but you also gotta look good. And this instrument is one sharp so-and-so! This hard shell mandolin case features 5-ply wood for strength, black tolex covering, black plush interior lining, heavy duty gold hardware and a screwed-in neck brace for trustworthy support. The sleek black design is very nice and neutral, and attractive. This hard shell case combines all necessary elements for a reliable, high quality case for your instrument. Offering excellent protection, it is made with 5 ply wood that can stand up to a lot of pressure. The exterior is well secured with its tolex covering. The plush interior makes a soft nest for the instrument while keeping it protected and firmly in place. Plush lining ensures your mandolin sustains no scratches or damage.

There are two types of cases you can get: a hard shell and a soft shell. The choice you make will ultimately be determined by your needs and preferences. Some things to consider when selecting a mandolin case include:

– what purpose will the case serve? For example, do you want it for the sole purpose of protecting the instrument from dust?

– Do you travel with the case, and what kind of travelling does this entail?

– Will the instrument be in a trailer amongst several other instruments? Will you only be taking it to the homes of friends and family? Do you plan to fly with your instrument?

– Do you need extra storage for music sheets and accessories (strap, picks, strings, etc.)?

Hard shell cases are typically more durable than soft shell cases, and do a great job housing the instrument. They can keep their position and stand upright when you open them, unlike soft shell cases, which collapse on themselves after you have removed the instrument. Hard shell cases are good for long-term travel as their exoskeletal nature enables them to take more of a hit without causing damage to the instrument. They are ideal for travelling with other musicians and for long term storage around the home. They will hold up well when packed with other instruments. One thing we would recommend in this instance is: if your mandolin is not a tight fit in the case, you can fill the extra space with something soft like a scarf. This will ensure the instrument does not get jostled at all.

A soft shell case, also known as a gig bag, is the lightweight alternative. Gig bags usually come with shoulder straps, which prove to come in handy when you are on the way to a show and you have to carry more than just your mandolin.

Its dimensions are 30” by 14” by 7”, with a depth of 3”.

There is an interior storage compartment under the neck of the instrument, in which you can store extra accessories for your mandolin, such as a strap, picks, extra strings, a nail clipper, etc.

When the case is fresh and new, it may seem your mandolin doesn’t fit. This is because the plush lining hasn’t been pushed down yet. Go ahead and set your mandolin in there and don’t be afraid to push the lining down. It will not damage your instrument, it will just help the lining conform to your exact instrument proportions.

This case is great for the little things we don’t think of, like turning corners and accidentally bumping walls, or throwing the case in the trunk. It may get jostled, but you can rest assured your instrument will not sustain any damage.

This case comes at a great price point, comparable to many soft shell cases on the market. You may as well go ahead and grab the hard shell, because it will always do a better job protecting your mandolin.

The latches, made of gold toned hardware, do lock and keys are included. This case is great for travelling and long term storage no matter your needs. The hard exterior can take a lot of hits while absorbing the blow and leaving your mandolin safe and intact. The handle is a generous size and comfortable to carry, and the interior compartment comes in handy when you need to transport extra strings or picks with you.

This hard shell mandolin case sells for around $80, which includes a solid black exterior that is highly durable and made of 5-ply wood, lock and key to prevent tampering or theft, and a very plush interior lining to safely house your mandolin and prevent it getting damaged.

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