Growing Up With Rock N Roll – Stories About Live ’60’s Music In The U.K. with Bryan Rogers

Many of today’s rock music fans would probably love to hop in a time machine to go back to the 1960’s to see live performances by some of the all time great bands.  Imagine checking out the Beatles or the Stones when they were playing the club circuit, or watch some of rock’s greatest legends play relatively small venues where you could be standing not ten feet from Chuck Berry or Bill Haley & The Comets while they played their number one chart toppers right before your eyes!

early beatles cavern club

Weaving ’60’s Rock Yarns With Bryan Rogers

Well, former tool and die maker Bryan Rogers, originally from England, and now living in Canada, was there for many of these pivotal performances where some of these future music superstars made their first huge splash on relatively small stages when they toured the United Kingdom, often for the first time back in the ’60’s.  

To Bryan, seeing The Animals, The Platters, or Buddy Holly & The Crickets was just something to do on a Friday night.  These bands were hot at the time, but often they’d just be making a name for themselves and have a hit or two on the radio.  Most of them had yet to become legends.  So, Bryan would put on some cool threads, call up his friend Dennis, pick up some birds (girls) to hit the town with, and experience some of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll of all time.  No big deal, right?  

We had the chance to sit down with Bryan Rogers and talk to him about some of his many adventures checking out Buddy Holly, The Beatles (when they were basically unknown), The Stones, Bill Haley & The Comets, Guy Mitchell, Gene Vincent, and many more, when he was just a teenager and these acts were the hottest thing going! 

gene vincent live

Bryan loves to talk about his escapades when he saw these bands, and we did our best to keep up and get some of the details, although many of our responses simply consist of the word “yeah” or sometimes “oh yeah”.  Ok, we know, we need to work on our interviewing skills – sue us!  

Hopefully, there will be future chats with Bryan (we’ve got one scheduled), as he knows a whole darn lot about the early days of rock and talks about it like it was only yesterday. 

Here is our interview with him – enjoy!

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