Gold Tone WL-250LN 5-String Long-Neck Banjo

The Gold Tone WL-250LN 5-String Long-Neck Banjo is a great instrument for those who want something that’s more traditional but unique at the same time. The long-neck banjo was brought into the spotlight by Pete Seeger who was an icon in the height of the folk music days. You’ll be able to learn his songs on an instrument that looks much like the one he used for his famous songs.

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Gold Tone Wl-250Ln 5-String Long Neck Banjo W/Gig Bag

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  • Maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Bone nuts
  • Maple bridge
  • Lightweight
  • Renaissance head
  • Maple rim
  • White Ladye tone ring

First Impressions

This is a lovely banjo that has a vintage feel. When you’re a fan of old-time and folk music, you’ll want a banjo that looks like it came from the same era of music. It has a plunky tone but one that is focused. One of the best ways to get this kind of sound is by maximizing the air chamber in the back of the banjo. This is done using a replica of the White Ladye tone ring for this banjo with a ½ inch rim made of maple.

It has an extra long neck with a Fairbanks-style headstock shape. Along the ebony fretboard, there’s an inlay of beautiful clouds. With the distinctive tuners, these details make this banjo really stand out among its competitors.

Company: Gold Tone Music Group

Gold Tone is a company that’s been around since the early 90s. It was started by Wayne and Robyn Rogers who are folk musicians in the 70s. They opened a music center before founding the Gold Tone Music Group. The couple wanted to provide musicians with a quality banjo for folk music.

The company started with the Traveler and saw wonderful success after a review of the instrument in a banjo newsletter. They’ve expanded their offerings to four-string, five-string, and six-string banjos as well as mandolin banjos and steel guitars. The Gold Tone Long Neck White Laydie 250 is one of their most popular banjos featuring an open back.

Required Setup

Every stringed instrument that comes in the mail will need to be adjusted to play properly. The company will normally leave the entire instrument loose to avoid it breaking during shipping. You’ll need to bring this to a musician or learn to tune it and tighten the instrument yourself.

Instrument Materials and Details

The bulk of this instrument’s body is created using maple. This is a tone wood that creates a great resonating tone in the instrument. Instead of deadening the sound, it rings true through the entire instrument. There’s a ½ inch maple rim surrounding the head. The headstock and extra-long neck are made with maple, too. The fretboard itself is made with ebony as is the bridge that you’ll need to install when you get the instrument.

The brackets are chrome plated like the 24 that surround the rim. The nuts are bone and measure 1 – 3/16.” The Vega-style armrest is chrome plated, too.

The scale length is 32 inches with 22 frets. The pot is 11” with a Remo Renaissance head as well as dual truss rods for solid adjustments that might need to be made to the instrument. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, the person who does your instrument adjustments can tell you that that is a good option to have for your instrument.

Resonator or Open Back

The warm tone of the instrument comes from its lack of resonator on the back. The open-back banjo is light and sounds incredible. We’ve included a video of the sound and tone of the instrument for your enjoyment. You’ll be able to tell if this is a sound you want to have in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the tuning of the instrument?
The strings are .012, .026w, .018, .016, .012, which gives a tuning of EBEG#B to the banjo.

Does the banjo come with accessories?
The banjo comes with a gig bag that will keep the banjo snug and secure if you decide to play the banjo outside your own home.

What’s the shipping weight?
The instrument weighs 7 pounds, which is lightweight for the size of the instrument. The shipping weight is twice that because of the shipping box as well as the gig bag that’s included.


The Gold Tone WL-250LN 5-String Long-Neck Banjo is an incredible instrument that is made from quality materials by a company that cares about the production of instruments. They were musicians themselves, so they understand the value of a great instrument. Whether you’re playing as an amateur or make your living as a musician, you’ll be able to appreciate all the work that went into making this banjo.

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