Gold Tone Cripple Creek Banjo Review

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The Gold Tone Cripple Creek banjo is a 4-string instrument that is tuned to plectrum. It can easily be tuned to tenor with a change of strings, though. It’s a beautiful instrument with unique characteristics. It’s well-constructed with great woods and has a resonator for strong sounds.

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Gold Tone Cc-Plectrum Cripple Creek Plectrum Banjo (Four String, Maple)

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  • Hard maple construction
  • Black binding on neck
  • Convertible resonator
  • Brass tone ring
  • 2-way adjustable truss rod

First Impressions

This is a lovely looking banjo with a plectrum tuning. The plectrum tuning means that if you want a tenor instrument, you’ll have to change the strings and tuning, which isn’t a problem if you visit a professional to have it tuned.

We love the colors of the Cripple Creek banjo as well as the banding that gives it unique dimension and style. While this is considered an entry-level banjo, it’s well-constructed with great materials and would rival any other banjo in its price range. The company reports that in the last 12 years, they’ve sold over 7,000 Cripple Creeks. That’s a lot of players enjoying their CC banjo.

Gold Tone Company

The Gold Tone Music Group has a banjo for every level of player from the beginner who is just starting to touch the strings to the performer who gets on stage in front of thousands. They say music comes from the heart, and “its expression is the ultimate statement of our humanity.” All of the banjos are created and shipped by their own luthiers in Florida. You won’t find the Gold Tone banjos available anywhere else because they take pride in the satisfaction of their customers – no matter the playing level. They even created an app for beginners that will help them learn songs faster. It can be found on their website.

Required Setup

Every banjo delivered from the manufacturer will have to be set up properly. Even the instruments that music shops receive have to be tuned and tightened. In fact, if you don’t want to do it yourself or you don’t know how, you can give the banjo to the musician and have them tune it, tighten the nuts, and place the bridge for a small fee.

The banjo is tuned to plectrum, so if you would like another tuning, you can bring it to a music shop, too. The beauty of stringed instruments is that you can change the strings and tighten them to get different sounds from the same instrument.

Banjo Materials

The headstock is made of curly maple while the neck is created from a hard maple. Maple is a great material for string instruments because it’s considered a great tone wood. A tone wood will resonate and thrum with the greatest sounds from the player. The rim is also made of maple for a well-constructed instrument.

Light and Portable

A heavy instrument can’t be ported around with you as easily as a light instrument. You don’t want to be stuck in the house learning to play the instrument all the time. You want to bring it out into the world and perform for friends and family. Imagine camping trips with your banjo playing around the fire. If you have a friend who can sing, you’ll be creating your own music and songs that everyone loves. There’s nothing like creating music for the enjoyment of others.

Resonator or Open Back

The resonator can create a completely different sound in a banjo. The open back sounds rounder and more laid-back than the sound when a resonator is attached. There’s more of a twang with the instrument when you use a resonator.

There’s a convertible resonator on this Cripple Creek banjo. When you have a resonator, you can easily remove it to have an open-back banjo. While some are harder to convert, this one was created to make the process easier. You could play with a resonator for a few days, switch to open back, then perform with the resonator. With this kind of flexibility, it’s like getting two instruments for the price of one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the banjo actually weigh?
The shipping weight of the banjo is 13.4 pounds, but the instrument itself only weighs 6.3 pounds.

Is there a case included?
There is no case included with the Gold Tone Cripple Creek banjo. You can easily purchase on separately as long as you have the measurements of your instrument correct when ordering.

The Gold Tone Cripple Creek banjo is a lovely, lightweight instrument created by a company that uses talented luthiers and makes all their instruments in house in the US. Customers have been incredibly satisfied with the tone and quality of the banjo. It has a comfortable action with sounds that are crisp and clear. As a beginner to intermediate banjo, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

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