Gold Tone Banjolele Review

The sound that comes out the instrument sounds enough like a banjo to be pleasant, but people hearing it will wonder what you’re playing. It’s a sound that will perk up a listener’s ears.

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Gold Tone Banjolele Banjo Ukulele (Maple)

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  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Resonator
  • Curly maple headstock
  • No knot tailpiece
  • Lightweight

First Impressions of the Banjolele

The Gold Tone Banjolele is a lovely old-time vintage looking instrument that’s a cross between a ukulele and a banjo. It leans more towards the banjo side of the spectrum, but has a sound that is distinctive enough to make people wonder what you’re playing.

This is a great banjo and ukulele hybrid instrument that has the head of a banjo and the fretboard and neck of a ukulele. It’s a terrific instrument for children since it’s shorter. They’ll be able to easily reach some of the positions towards the top of the fret.

Standard stock tuning is featured with this concert, scale-length banjolele. Concert scale means that it’s approximately 15 ½ inches in length with 18 frets. It’s tuned to G-C-E-A.

Gold Tone Company

The Gold Tone Company makes an incredible number of musical instruments from guitars to mandolins to banjos and ukuleles. They even have a list of instruments they call “folkternative” like banjoleles, banjolas and mando-guitars.

The company cares about its products, and when Wayne Rogers founded the company, he wanted musicians to be able to express themselves through music without distractions from the instrument.

Whether you’re a person who plays for your own enjoyment or for the enjoyment of the audience, the company has an instrument that fits your style of play.

Required Setup

Every single instrument that leaves a manufacturer and arrives at the final destination will need to be adjusted. The company cannot send tightened instruments to the buyer.

They would end up with a splintered bunch of wood with broken strings. It’s unfortunate, but the instrument shouldn’t be sent in ready-to-play condition.

When you pull the instrument out of the box, you’ll have to take some time to set it up properly. The bridge will have to be inserted and the strings tightened.

You’ll need to tune the instrument, too. There are other adjustments you might make based on your personal preference if you’re an experienced player.

If you don’t know how to set up the banjolele or you don’t feel confident in doing so, you can bring it to a trusted musician friend or a local music shop. This person can easily set up your instrument and tune it for you. It won’t cost very much, either.

Here is a selection of popular banjoleles that we recommend to anyone looking to take up the hobby!

Instrument Materials for the Gold Tone Banjolele

The Gold Tone Banjolele is made of maple with other tone woods as accents. The other woods include ebony for the material used in the fingerboard.

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Gold Tone Banjolele Banjo Ukulele (Maple)

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The headstock is made of curly maple while the resonator and flange are made of maple, too. The materials and the color of the stain over the wood give this banjolele and old-time vintage feel.

Lightweight and Portable

The banjolele is one that can be taken with you anywhere that you want to play. You can travel while you’re still learning and want to practice at a friend’s house, or if you want to perform with a group at a local venue.

This instrument weighs approximately 4 pounds, which is lighter than some other instruments like full-size banjos. You will still want to have a bag for the banjolele to ensure that it’s not banged up when traveling.

Resonator or Open Back

This banjolele has a resonator attached. While the back can be taken off the instrument, you’re going to alter the sound considerably. The banjolele leans towards a banjo sound with its twang and considerable volume.

Without the resonator, you would be taking away one of the attributes of the banjolele that make it sound great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of strings does this instrument use?
The banjolele uses the same kinds of strings that a banjo would utilize. You can purchase nylon if you’re unsure and want to change.

Is there a warranty for this banjolele?
The company covers all of its instruments, which is why we’ve featured a few of their instruments on this site. It comes with an initial warranty, but you can also purchase an extended one that might be worth the investment.

What kind of tuners does it have?
It’s a vintage looking banjolele, but it has modern conveniences like geared tuners.

The Gold Tone Banjolele is a quality instrument by a company that takes pride in the instruments provided to their customers. The uke player who wants a louder instrument will adore this banjolele. It’s a great hybrid instrument that you’ll have fun playing solo or with a group.

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