Gearlux A-Style Mandolin Hardshell Case Review


Today we review a hardshell case for mandolins. This case is made by Gearlux and is designed to hold most A style mandolins. Its outer shell is a textured glossy black finish, and the interior is black as well, with a plush padded lining.

A case is crucial to the longevity of your instrument, plus it will make transportation far easier on you, the player. You should always keep your instrument in a case when you are not using it. The case protects the instrument from any debris including dust and pet hair, which accumulate much faster than you would imagine. One night of leaving the instrument out and it will have collected some bits – under the strings, in particular. Without a cover you run the risk of debris falling into the body via the soundholes. This can be a disaster. Leaving the instrument without protection is leaving it open to just about anything that comes its way, including running dogs, spilled food and more.

It is quite obvious why you would want to get a case for your mandolin. In addition to the element of protection, a case makes it much easier to carry your instrument from one spot to another, lessening the risk of damage and centralising the point of carrying, which will create even balance. The case will do its job whether you rest the instrument against the wall, on the floor or throw it in the car with other gear.

You can buy either a soft or hard shell case, but we prefer hard cases overall. Simply put, we trust them better with our own instruments. The Gearlux hard shell case has a few interesting components. First, it comes equipped with a lock and key. You could store bloody anything in this case and no one is touching it. It has a secret compartment for accessories like an extra strap, strings and your picks. The compartment is just under the narrow part, where the mandolin neck would lay. Of course the lid closes and the mandolin will fit nicely over it.

The interior is plush and padded. The padding provides soft walls for the instrument to sit against, while the plush furry material keeps the instrument from being scratched while creating some extra padding to keep the mandolin perfectly in place. Should your mandolin get jostled on the journey, you can rest assured it will be well protected housed inside the Gearlux hard shell A style mandolin case.

With all chrome hardware, this case provides an economical option to transport and protect your mandolin in style! Whether you travel often or on occasion, a hardshell case is a must for all players. This one in particular has a sharp black textured finish, a padded plush interior that is like velvet, plus lockable chrome hardware. You will also find chrome feet on the back and side of this case, enabling you to put it down safely on its side or lying flat with extra stability and cushioning between hard surfaces and the instrument. The locking hardware not only deters thieves but further secures the closure. Should your case latches come undone, for whatever reason, having locked the case will ensure it stays closed and your mandolin remains protected.

This case only comes with one carrying handle; a strap is not included, nor is there a place for hook-ups. It is designed to house a mandolin, but others use it for a banjo. The inside dimensions are: 39 ¾” overall length by 14” base by 4 1/2” deep. The width where the headstock sits is 5”. It will fit a full size resonator. Banjos can fit in here but you might find they swim around, since this case is designed specifically for mandolins. If you are using a banjo, simply wrap it in a towel and add some books for a snug fit.

Overall, this is a very solid case for a very competitive price point. Its affordable price point makes it a good option if you are travelling: this would be a great case to take on a plane. It is far more substantial than a gig bag, which is a soft bag used for the storage and transport of instruments (but easier to carry than the heavier, more cumbersome hard shell cases).

There are, of course, advantages to both using hard and soft shell cases. These advantages depend greatly upon your lifestyle/how you plan to store or travel with your instrument. Hard shell cases, of course, are crush resistant. If you leave your case lying on the floor or on the ground while packing up gear, and someone steps on or runs over the case, the instrument inside will be less damaged than if they had been stored in a gig bag. Additionally, while your instrument is in the back of a van during transport with a bunch of amps and other instruments, then a hard shell will do a far better job protecting the instrument.

The Gearlux hard shell A style mandolin case sells for around $60.

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