Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill’s Booking Agent Hayden Young – Interview

So with Yngwie Malmsteen’s “World on Fire” tour in full swing, we’ve had the chance to speak with some of the fine people at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill located in Dallas, Texas, which is quite the rockin’ venue and also one of the stops for his fabled US tour.  We had a chat with none other than Hayden Young, who is in charge of the music booking side of things.

yngwie world on fire at gas monkey dallas texas

Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill History

Gas Monkey has an interesting back story. It is the wicked concoction of Richard Rawlings, a sharp entrepreneur and avid car enthusiast. Gas Monkey started out as an auto shop which also served as the stage of reality TV show Fast N’ Loud.  Maybe you’ve seen it.  These guys “turn rust into gold”.  It’s pretty impressive.  Here’s a trailer for the series.


As the show gained more and more of a following, they expanded into a variety of other brands and merch including an energy drink as well. However, there is one expansion that is by far the coolest if you ask us, and that is the musical side of Gas Monkey. Powered by heavyweights in the hospitality and music biz, they opened up Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, which was designed to be a cool hangout spot and a top notch music venue for all types of musical genres.  It is, we want to say, clearly a great place for metal bands.  We find that there’s always a bit of a shortage of good places to see metal shows, so it’s good to see a place like this representing metal loud and proud in Dallas, Texas.

Here’s a sick clip of Trivium playing there in October 2016.  This is but one of the many bands who have literally gone there and destroyed with an all out sonic assault, with fans understandably losing their minds. 

Rock Music + Cars = Heaven

Although it puts on a mean metal show, Gas Monkey does it all.  If you’re local to the area or not, you’ll want to head there just to see what’s going on.  Music aside for a second, their menu looks pretty stellar as well.  Ok, back to music.  According to Hayden, the connection to music was made quite naturally. Simply put, it’s all in the rock ‘n’ roll!…..and a lot of rock and metal fans love their cars. It just goes together. The bar was such a success as a music venue that they opened Gas Monkey Live, which is a dedicated music establishment to house bigger acts and bigger shows.

gas monkey bar n grill live music

That being said, they do not shy away from the indie side of things. Hayden was telling us how they make a point to keep it diverse, and have a good flow of both big name as well as home-grown local acts as well.

Visit the Gas Monkey website’s Concert & Events page to see who’s coming to town!

In terms of their plans for the future, world domination is certainly on the list. They have successfully brought up several US locations for the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, with plans to reach out into Europe as well. And of course, fast cars and loud music will be at the heart of it all!

Check out our conversation with Hayden Young from Gas Monkey below!

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