Funkatology Records – Miami’s Soul-Studded Groove Machine

“Remember Folks – Ain’t Nothin’ But A Groove!”

Words to live by, if you ask Captain Jarvis. 


When you’re feelin’ the funky soul grooves, you may want to migrate to a place where funk is in the air, in the water, and everywhere else.  Certainly different geographical locales have different musical vibes.  If you believe the papers, with Nashville its hit-factories, Seattle with its flannel.  But where do you go to let your backbone slide a little?


If you’re in the U.S.A in 2017, and you ask around, saying you’re looking for “beats for days” in the form of a sideways slinky groove that will niggle right up in your earhole, people might point you to New Orleans, or Los Angeles, where musicians are of a very atypical breed.  They put too much mustard on their hot dogs, and they shimmy when they walk.  Just look at them…


Keep it in the mind – it is a rare thing indeed for somebody to say, “Oh, the funk?  That be way down in Miami Beach, FL!”  It might even elicit a response like “No, sir, you must be mistaken.  The funk never made it down there…”  And that’s when you say, “Are you kidding?  Jesse Jones Jr. is down there…” and that should be all that needs to be said.

See, it actually does make a lot of sense when you think about it.  If the 80’s taught us anything, its that there’s a lot of action in Miami.  Hell, Stitches is from Miami, so, if nothing else, there are illegal substances traveling by way of the postal service.

Moreover, Miami is the home of Funkatology Records, which is, and we quote their website here, “the World’s Premiere Funk, Jazz and Soul Groove Record Label”.  Well, shit.  And you thought that the only good music to come out of Miami is Sam & Dave, 2 Live Crew, and the Miami Sound Machine.  Don’t be so hasty, my lads… Funkatology Records is reppin’ Miami by way of Detroit, so you have nothing to fear.


Whenever someone or several someones are this serious about funk, great things are bound to happen.  George Clinton had a similar vision at one time, and look what happened!  For one, Parliament gave us the great Eddie Hazel.  But this is the stuff of myth an lore, and who can attest to what really happened back in the ’70’s?  This is the future…


…and in this day and age, its is people like the fine folks at Funkatology Records that are in possession of the magical flashlight of groove and are showing us the way forward…or backwards, its hard to tell (as long as we’re moving).


Lead funkster Hugh Hitchcock brings funky people together, and on recent releases from their website such as Funky Mambo Remix by Jesse Jones Jr., Funkatology gives us something that, through expertly executed and authentically groovin’ grooves, conveys to the listener that the style of music unmistakably known as funky soul music is certainly alive and well in Miami of all places. 

Who’s Got It?

Featuring the immensely enjoyable playing of Hugh Hitchcock on bass, as well as Joe Collado on percussion, Ike Woods (rhythm guitar), and Dennis Sierra (lead guitar), you have yourself one flavorful stew of sound bubbling up.  From there, you’ve got Jesse Jones Jr. himself providing lead vocals, his signature scatting, and impolite sax runs that will make your all your great-aunts go home and stay there.  Its a hard thing to ignore – these deep grooves – so you simply just have to get down to the level of the music and get into it.  There’s no other choice, really, once it gets going.  You’re going to need your sequins, your spliff, your crown, and those shoes that have heels that have live fish in them so you can dance properly.


Dive Deep, Stay Down

If you want to delve deeper into what the Funkatology Records label has to offer, you should check out two, if not three little things. 

One is their Facebook page, where they offer contests and release news about the label.  Throw a like on there and you could end up winning a t-shirt or some other fun prizes. 

hugh-hitchcock-funkatologyYou can also visit Hugh Hitchcock’s Soundcloud (miamimusicproducer), which does have an expanded discography for the label, including dozens of tracks from several artists ranging from funky live jams, slicker pop tracks, and more experimental beats and music.  Definitely a wide variety of things there to indulge in. 


Lastly, we’ll mention the Funkatology website, which is the motherbrain of the label itself, and currently features “Make No Mistake”, a funky jam with none other than George Bush Jr. himself on lead vocals.  You’ll be surprised how musical of a guy he actually is!

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