funk wav bounces vol 1 album review

Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Calvin Harris Album Review

christina hacket guest music bloggerAlbum review time!  On June 30th 2017, Calvin Harris released his latest album, entitled “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1” – Just in time for the long weekend, at least those who celebrate Canada Day and the Forth of July.  Perfect timing for all those Calvin Harris fans to indulge themselves with his latest album!

funk wav bounces vol 1 album review

Calvin Harris “Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1” features many talented artist on his new album (which is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon). Some of the artists on his latest album features talent such as Frank Ocean, Snoop Dogg, Migos, Future, Nicki Manaj, Travis Scott and so many more. This album is filled with good tunes and features many talented artists.  You’d think – how can this album go wrong?

Luckily, I think Calvin is pretty on point with bringing the party for Summer ’17!  Each track is so fun, uplifting and perfect for summer stuff, whether it be cruising, partying, chillin’ with the squad.  

Oh, and I was also surprised to see the song titled “Hard To Love” featuring rising artist Jessie Reyez. Jessie Reyez is currently and personally one of my favourite upcoming artists right now.  Her voice is certainly mesmerizing and very unique.  Also, the song “Hard to Love” might strike a cord with a few people with words that cut really deep.

“I like being ugly, that way if they love me I know that they love me for real” – Jessie Reyez, Hard To Love 

Ah heck, here’s the track…I just love it!

I find it quite risky when an artist releases new material in the summer [especially albums] – Since summer time is the best time to release anything (especially for DJ’s). However, I’m sure this album will be somewhere in the Top 40 by the end of the summer (maybe it already is, I don’t know). Summer is a time where every artist seems to fight for the top spot, and Calvin brings the goods.

Currently, DJ Khaled  is #2 on the billboards top album sales. However, with Calvin Harris releasing multiple singles prior to the album release you can find many of his latest songs rising to the top on various top music charts.

calvin harrisFunk Wav Bounces has a very chill vibe, some would say the album is especially delightful to listen to near a pool with a pitcher of margaritas by your side or even on a beach. The album also has an 80’s vibe to it and it’s quite retro, if you can find a vinyl copy of this album I’m sure it would be the best way to listen to it.

Listen to / buy the album on Amazon in multiple formats

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