Freeboss FB-V04 4 Handheld Vhf Wireless Microphone Setup Review

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If you are planning on hosting an event, or you are required to be part of an event where there is a full house of people and you are the center of attention, you’re going need a microphone set up of some kind.

 It could be a panel discussion, or a wedding, or teaching a classroom.  All kinds of situations could use a decent microphone or two to get your point across.

live microphone setup wireless

Wireless Mics

These days, wireless microphoness are readily available for purchase (or rent), and most medium to large scale events require a high quality microphone with ample power to project and articulate your voice.  

The fact that they’re wireless means you can move around freely, and also not have to worry about tripping over cables and things of that nature.  

using a wireless mic at a meeting

In the past, wireless mic technology wasn’t quite up to snuff.  In those times, it may have been more advisable to have a mic with a cord just to make sure things are working right.  Today, not so.  

Technology with regards to wireless mics is now totally dependable, presuming you have a good quality mic setup made by a dependable brand.  The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess!

Multi-Mic Set-ups

Many events or public speaking arrangements would do well to have a microphone set up with various wireless mics.  In this case, you can go ahead and get a system that supports several mics, and purchase them all separately (which can be a bit of a pain), or, you can just get a system that has many mics to begin with.  

This is what we will be talking about today – a system that comes with four mics and is designed for the types of events we have been describing where freedom of movement, not to mention how far the mic can project, are major factors.  

You don’t want people walking out of your event saying “I couldn’t even hear what she was saying…”

Freeboss Wireless Microphone Set Review

If your looking for a good wireless microphone set with several mics included in the package, then I feel that the Freeboss wireless microphone set-up is a great choice.  I’ve tried a number of wireless mics set-ups, and I feel that this set by Freeboss gives you a great value, and I’ll explain to you why.  

First, you should know that the main advantage with this system is that it runs off of 4 fixed frequencies, so that none of them interfere with each other, allowing you to run your event with four mics and no issues of them running off of the same channel, which can lead to problems.

Feature Pick

Freeboss Fb-V04 4 Handheld Vhf Wireless Microphone

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Pros and Cons

There are a number of pros and cons of this system which I’m going to get into here.

First, let’s start with some pros.  This professional system looks pretty great out of the box.  It’s called “professional” grade, but it only cost me about $130.  At first I didn’t think I’d be getting pro quality gear, but what I ended up getting looked great and worked just fine for my purposes.  

“Pro” is a bit of a nebulous term to me, but I found that these mics did the job, so I couldn’t complain.  Pro level?  Ok, sure!  The events I was putting on were small but not too small – about 100 people, and the range of the mics was great.  

I needed them to go to about 100 feet, and these Freeboss mics did that with no problem.

freeboss wireless microphone

One con I found with these mics which is a bit nitpicky is that they didn’t come with batteries.  Each mic needed two batteries, and I had to go out and buy some.  Luckily, if you keep the mics switched to “off”, it won’t eat up battery life.  

This is, I admit, not much of a complaint, but hey, it’s something worth mentioning.

Voltage and Range

The voltage of this system is 110 volts, and it projects for up to 50 meters, or 160 feet. This set-up is quite powerful if you’re hosting a show at a small venue, like a wedding, or some sort of event that requires an MC, or more than one MC.  

Volume Adjustment

As mentioned, each mic runs off of it’s own station or frequency, and so there’s no interference between the frequencies, allowing for the 4 mic set-up.  

Fortunately, each channel has it’s own volume control, and so, using the main unit that comes with the system, a proper customized “mix” can be attained for the up to 4 speakers you may have.  This is a major win for this system.

XLR outputs are also included with the system as well as an XLR cable is included, in case someone wants to use a mic attached to a cord for some reason.  

fb-v04 reciever

The last thing I’ll mention here is what might be a con to some people, which is that you can only use 1 set of 4 mics at once.  

In other words, if you buy this system, and use all 4 mics, don’t buy 2 systems and expect to be using 8 mics because it will have 2 mics then going off of the same channel, causing interference.  If you are going to need more than 4 wireless mics going at once, you’ll need to figure out another solution.

We’ve turned to our readers and some professionals who’ve used FreeBoss previously and here is what they had to say. 

Reader Reviews: 

Helen C. – Alabama, USA  

“As a Pastor, I believe it’s very important to be heard. After I purchased the Freeboss Wireless microphone I was delighted with how easy the set up was. Now everybody can hear me even all the way at the back and I won’t be tripping over any pesky cords any longer! God Bless Freeboss and God bless America!” 

Erik T. – Toronto, Canada 

“I’ve been a wedding DJ for 3 years now and Free boss customer for 2. I switched to Free boss after buying a audio mixer and I was satisfied with the mic quality. I purchased the Free boss FB-V04 Wireless 4 mic setup a few months ago after my previous set [from a different company] decided not to work. I like how the wire mesh is really thick, which is important when you have intoxicated people dealing with your equipment. The microphones already dealt with a few minor “mic drops” and no issues yet.”

Cathy O. – Ohio, USA 

“We often host family functions and with a large family, you need to be heard. I bought the set a few weeks ago and we have no complaints. My husband connected them to our speaker system and it was compatible.  Last time we got together, we used all 4 mics at once and we had a great time!”  

2 thoughts on “Freeboss FB-V04 4 Handheld Vhf Wireless Microphone Setup Review”

  1. We bought this system to use along with our other wireless mics in our church for choir and song specials. Can you advise us on why there is “static” coming through the speakers when we turn this system on to use it. The receiver is less than 70 feet from where the mics are used. The manuel doesn’t indicate how to troubleshoot or fix the settings.

    • Hi Liz,
      This isn’t a bad system for the price, but it’s also a bit of a budget model, AKA the type of system that is going to be susceptible to certain things, such as the “quality” of the power in your church not being “clean” (oh the irony). What I mean is, because of the wiring of everything in your church, it might be interfering with the signals used by the device, and this could cause the interference you’re talking about. It could also be because this system comes with a non-grounded power adapter, and so you could replace it with a grounded version (three-prong), however you’d need to make sure that it’s both the same voltage and mAh (milliampere hour) .. basically take the power adapter to an electronics store and tell them your issue, and hopefully they can sell you an appropriate solution. Also, do let us know if you make any progress with this, and if we can be of further assistance, we shall!


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