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Brennan Galley Artist Bio

Brennan Galley, the head honcho at Fiercemule Productions, is a busy guy.  Well, you have to be when you’re reviewing, testing, and also creating with all of the latest and greatest musical gear that comes down the pike.  No rest for the wicked, as they say.

Working at inMusic Canada as the Technical Sales Manager, Brennan travels across the country to demonstrate the latest in audio products and techniques, including various brand new state of the art musical instruments and production equipment for DJs that are just now arriving on the market.

brennan galley inmusic canada

New Music Gear Reviewer Expert

As he is constantly on the move, and in touch with distributors around the country, Brennan has special access to a whole lot of music gear that many musicians aren’t even aware of yet.  It is, in fact, his job to visit music stores everywhere and introduce folks to this state of the art audio gear, and show them exactly how these devices work.  This requires extensive knowledge and understanding of this technology, as you might expect.

brennan galley and rich curtis at namm show
Brennan Galley and Rich Curtis at NAMM

When Brennan visits a music store, attends a trade show, or converses with the public, this is precisely where artistry, technical ability, and Brennan’s own unique way of conveying all of this information to people comes into play at once. Luckily, Brennan has a knack for explaining things in a simple and straightforward way that anyone hungry for this type of knowledge will quickly understand.

Here is an example of Brennan in action doing what he does best – talking new music gear – in this video review and demo of the MPC Live, an impressive piece of audio gear to say the least.

Fiercemule Productions

fiercemule productions logo

Brennan Galley also runs his own music production company, called Fiercemule Productions. Fiercemule Productions a multi-pronged set of purposes, including providing a recording environment with state of the art musical equipment for interested musicians who want to work with him.  

His current roster of collaborators and clients is indeed growing, ranging from Ian George Light, to Dwight Schenk, to Young Coconut, to J.K. Phil Osé, Dumbster, and the list of is growing.

brennan galley and dwight shenk
Brennan Galley working with Dwight Schenk

Fiercemule also represents a sonic laboratory for Brennan where he can experiment and showcase both his own musical abilities and the creative potentials of some of the many devices he uses on a regular basis.

Here he is playing along with his own music using the Alesis Crimson kit.

Instruments Brennan has reviewed recently include equipment such as the Denon DJ MC7000, the Akai Timbre Wolf, and the M-Audio Accent Module.  The list goes on and on, as new gear is always coming into his possession that he uses for both work and play.  

His own collection of musical equipment is quite substantial, including ample amounts of both old and new gear. From vintage stringed instruments, to the latest in recording and sampling technology for DJs, to the sickest synths – Brennan is on top of all things musical and instrument related, you can be sure.  

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