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A Short History Of DJ Krush

Hideaki Ishi, as his real name is, dropped out of school really early to join one of the most brutal and popular gangs – Yakuza. He decided to forget about his criminal past when he found a finger wrapped in paper on his desk. It belonged to one of his best friends. He decided to pursue career as a DJ after watching the 1983 movie Wild Style.

Ishi is one of the most famous hip-hop producers, and he is considered by many as one of the pioneers of the Japanese hip hop music. Back in the old days, the American rap scene dominated the genre, but his experimental beats and music changed the whole industry.

DJ Krush doesn’t like to identify his music by associating it with a particular genre because it could serve as a limitation to his talent. People consider his music like ambient, hip hop, trip hop and a combination of the last two. However, Hideaki appreciates all styles of music, and he likes to keep a distance from the genres associated with him.

His career skyrocketed when he formed the group Krush Posse, which became famous in Japan almost instantaneously. Four years later he decided to pursue a solo career, and his first album has been ranked high in numerous Japanese charts.

World Recognition

In 2007, he created a special DVD box, which was a collection of his work in the past twelve years.


He is internationally recognized, and he has produced music for movies, TV shows, and many commercials throughout his career. He has done numerous collaborations with known musicians from around the globe. In 2009, he won the Kommersant Award of the Moscow’s Film Festival with the animation film “First Squad.”

Recently, he collaborated with Bernie Worrell and Toshinori Kondo on Bill Laswell’s latest project called “Method of Defiance.”


The facts tell an interesting story about Hideaki Ishi. He has performed in 29 cities in 50 countries in front of more than 7 million people.

The amazing producer continues to create music and make millions of people happy because of his beautiful and groundbreaking music.

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