Try Hardz dirtiest camelot

Dirtiest Camelot by Try Hardz – Album Review

Try Hardz employ a collage-like approach on the infinitely colorful utterly fascinating “Dirtiest Camelot”. Impossible to truly define, Try Hardz defy categorization. Exploration becomes the utmost of importance while Try Hardz stretch and distort everything they possibly can.

Try Hardz dirtiest camelot

A loose, almost improvised feeling, takes hold over the course of the journey. Rhythms are upset as Try Hardz make sure to mess with tempos to great effect, giving the entirety a sort of a funhouse of mirrors style. By going for such a spirit, Try Hardz deftly sidestep any predictability, tearing apart grooves with glee. Keeping things so weird and wild gives Try Hardz a satirical edge, one that recalls Red Krayola’s debut “The Parable of Arable Land”.

With the introduction of “This Is Animal House” Try Hardz touch upon a peculiar indie funk, courtesy of multiple vocals and nimble guitar work. A huge amount of humor appears on the free association wordplay of “We For Freetrade Trade”. Further tying into the Red Krayola/Mayo Thompson vibe “Truck (The First Visit)” opts for a stripped down, surreal take on the world. Ringing effects emerge from a narcoleptic world with the infinitely colorful quirk of “Commander Cheeze”. An anti-folk fervor possesses the weird and wonderful trip of “Lower Than You” where environmental sounds become an integral part of the piece. Broken funk reminiscent of the Boredoms at their most possessed drives “Zippidy Bang Ya P.S.C.”. Literal fragments come into focus on the disjointed and joyful “Roast The Beast” where Try Hardz tap into an off-kilter passion. This continues on the pop-referenced filled “Series: Safe By The…Bell”. Perfectly ending the album on a spaced-out note is the celebratory “New Son”.

Proving to be excellent storytellers of the surreal and stream of conscious, Try Hardz delightful with the decadently defiantly weird “Dirtiest Camelot”.

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