Dean Razorback Bio Mech Review

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Dimebag’s career has been full of awesome performances, great songs and just raw talent. However, there is a more technical side to his legacy. As most of your probably know, Dimebag has had a lot of influence on Dean and the way they designed guitars. Dimebag’s input and cooperation has landed them a very wide signature series, which is driving their revenue even to this day. Today we are going to check out of those guitars. To be more specific, it is a model that goes by the name of Dean Razorback Bio Mech. Lets get right to it.

Dean Razorback Bio Mech Review

Most of us remember Dimebag’s face melting solos, dive bombs and incredible shredding abilities. The thing is, Darrell had one of the most refined tastes for hardware back in the day. He was constantly experimenting with his gear, trying to find that ultimate tone. This was proven many years ago by his tech team. Dimebag was a sucker for new pickups, which he often changed very frequently. This type of attitude towards hardware has had its impact on Dimebag’s cooperation with Dean. He was adamant about what his signature models need to sound like. Today, long after his tragic departure, we see Dimebag’s spirit alive and well in guitars like Dean Razorback Bio Mech.

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Despite most modern guitars sharing what is essentially the same body design, Dean Razorback series can be recognized from miles away. The body shape this series uses is a modified Dean ML, designed by Dimebag himself. The guitar has a very aggressive stance and look, which leads many to question how comfortable and practical it actually is. However, when you pick it up, all of that goes away. More on that later. Dean Razorback Bio Mech features a bolt on neck mahogany neck over a mahogany body. Mahogany comes as a likely choice here, mainly due to its well known impact on sustain and overall tone. There are plenty of awesome metal guitars that come with a mahogany body.

The finish comes in form of a detailed graphic that depicts what can only be described as something from a sci-fi movie. The motifs are bio mechanical in nature, hence the name of this particular model. Moving to the neck, we see a standard D profile fitted with a rosewood fretboard. This is where we see more of Dimebag’s influence. The fretboard features razor inlays, just like Darrell wanted back in the day. Overall, you could say that this is a very fine looking guitar. Especially considering the price tag it comes with.


As with any other guitar, the features can be reduce to two categories – pickups and hardware. When it comes to Dean Razorback Bio Mech, there is plenty to cover in both of these categories. For starters, this guitar comes with a proper Floyd Rose bridge, which includes a locking nut and the whole nine yards. In all honesty, a Dimebag Darrell signature guitar would be nothing without a proper Floyd Rose. The one on this guitar works great.

Next we have the pickups. Now, nailing the sound of Dimebag Darrell is no small feat. His affinity towards Seymour Duncans has been known for a while, but repacking that performance into something that is both affordable and made in-house takes some effort. However, Dean has done it again with their DMT Design humbuckers. You get one in the neck and one in the bridge position. As expected, these are wired to the standard Tone/Tone/Volume configuration of knobs. Overall, the hardware alone pack a decent amount of potential.


Getting a medium range guitar from Dean and expecting it to sound like something Dimebag would approve of, wasn’t a great idea until recently. Since the technology and manufacturing processes have advanced quite a bit, we can definitely expect that kind of performance for this kind of money. Dean Razorback Bio Mech brings a very tangible Dimebag vibe that will satisfy even the most hardcore Pantera fan out there. You can really dial in that dirty tone which has made Dimebag famous. The reason behind this can be found in the way Dean has designed those pickups. DMT humbuckers are pretty hot for a passive set. So much so that an outsider could easily confuse them for an active pair. However, despite being almost too hot, DMT Design humbuckers still bring that supreme level of expression that is only possible with good passive pickups.

Then we have the actually practical Floyd Rose bridge which doesn’t go haywire the moment you molest that whammy bar. No, this thing stays composed, driving those dive bombs in and out of existence. That is definitely one of the things we found surprising. This guitar has a very good tendency of retaining a key, even if you go mad on that Floyd Rose bridge.

Lastly, the guitar simply feels good in your hands. That Razorback body can be challenging for anyone who has grown up on standard Strat/Les Paul body shape. Its shape goes against every instinct of an average guitar player. Yet, it is extremely well balanced and sits perfectly well once you put a sling on it. Razorback series are surprisingly comfortable for what they are.

Check out this video by The Music Farm that shows off the Razorback Biomech’s tone and look.


Some say that Dean is cashing in on the fame of late Dimebag Darrell with these guitars. We say that Dean is keeping up the legacy of a master guitarist who has made a huge impact in the world of metal music. Is Dean Razorback Bio Mech the ultimate tribute guitar? Probably not, but it is easily one of the best models you can get at a reasonable price.  The sheer amount of performance, detail and design that went into it would make Dimebag prod was he here to witness it. If you are looking for that classic Pantera tone, this guitar will get you that on a budget. That is guaranteed.

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