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Daniel Kern – Musician Bio

Daniel Kern is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, and music producer from Vienna, Austria. 

He is experienced in creating music for television, film, video games, and other forms of media.  Daniel has worked in a number of musical genres, including pop, electronic, classical, jazz, hip hop, and more.  

Below is a sample of one of Daniel’s more recent hip hop instrumental tracks, just to give you a taste.

Today, Daniel has a robust portfolio which spans across a multitude of musical genres and sub-genres, and does so with ease.  He brings to mind musical auteurs like Brian Eno and Barry Adamson in terms of the scope of his musical reach.

Here is a sample of Daniel’s work called “Tranquilo”, which reflects a more chilled out side of his output.


Before we look ahead to what the future holds for Daniel Kern, let’s first take a brief look backwards.  

From an early age, Daniel has been immersed in music.  His father, a jazz guitarist, composer, and music lover, always had music playing in the house.  LP’s of all types were always spinning on the turntable, and this left a deep impression on Daniel, who was quick to develop an appreciation for all things musical. 

baby playing guitar

This appreciation which was fostered by his dad lead to guitar lessons for Daniel at age six, followed by the start of his own recording career at age 12, which involved coming up with lyrics and laying them down over hip hop beats. 

It wasn’t long before Daniel began to create his own instrumental pieces, at which point he also began to learn more about both formal musical theory and sound engineering.  Piano practice soon began for him, as well as collaborations with other talented artists in his area.

Speaking of collaborations, here is one of Daniel Kern’s more recent productions featuring Khloe H. and Mike Rofon.

These earlier collaborations lead to Daniel joining a fusion band around the age of 17 and jamming with more and more musicians.  No genre was off limits, and so hip hop, jazz, classical, and pop projects were some of the genres that Daniel worked on at this time.

After graduating high school, Daniel began to study jazz singing at the Vienna Konservatorium, followed by further training at the JamMusicLab. 

Here, he would meet many influential musicians who would inspire him and provide him with helpful tips, including famous Serbian-born opera singer Kammersängerin Olivera Miljakovic.

Cinematic Scores and Ghost Production

Creating his own cinematic music soon became a strong interest for Daniel, as he noticed that some of the most captivating music of all was coming from soundtracks to films where dramatic music and images were combined to form a piece of experiential art which had a profound effect on the emotional state of each person who witnesses it.

For his own personal line of work, Daniel had adopted a role where he can put his ego in the backseat and him and his team are currently for hire as ghost producers, making tracks customized to your needs.  

Visit Daniel Kern’s official website here

Whether the music is high energy or chilled out, happy, sad, scary or – you name it! – Daniel and his team are up to the task of designing whatever an artist or company might need.  This is their M.O. and this is also what they specialize in.

Here is a sample of one of Daniel’s Horror / Thriller demo compositions.

8-Bit Music (Chiptunes) Creator

The music of video games still holds a special place in Daniel’s heart.  He loves to experiment with the genre, and continues to work on projects for games to this day. Daniel has even delved into the specialized realm of “chiptunes”, which involve making music that sounds like an actual retro video game.  

Here’s a video Daniel did recently showing how to make your own chiptune.  The music itself might sound like a lot of fun, but you do need to have some production experience to pull it off using different DAW’s and such.

Today and Tomorrow

These days, Daniel Kern is working hard with his team on both his own unique and original compositions, as well as doing compositions for clients.  Because he has the musical education to back it up, he can go in any which direction musically he likes. You can reach Daniel to find out more by following the links below:

Daniel Kern Official Website

Daniel Kern Youtube Channel

Daniel Kern Soundcloud

Daniel Kern Facebook

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