DaddyDisko Interview – Bringin’ The Boogie!

DaddyDisko, AKA DJ Travis Kell, is an agent of groovy beats, rockin’ on the front lines of the feel-good dance music movement. Over a very lo-fi phone connection, he told us the story of his travels through underground electronic music hotspots in Canada as well as Europe, and how that shaped his sound into the fierce boogie style that it is today.  That interview is at the end of this article, so scroll down to the bottom if you want to check that out.


House Groove

DaddyDisko started out west in British Columbia when he used to work as a park ranger, stationed in a small cabin somewhere out in the woods. At the time an avid music collector and experienced party promoter, he took to learning the ropes of curating and performing DJ sets. After hours upon hours of honing his skills, he eventually got immersed into the Vancouver underground scene. This took him to an assortment of events ranging from parties in random rented houses, to various afterhours venues, to moonlit raves on logging roads, as well as shows that took place on yachts out in the water.

night time rave

Looking to develop his sound, he moved to England where he hoped to get closer to a scene where people grew up listening to electronic and dance music. As he got himself established there, he found a huge and vibrant scene in London. DJs were greatly revered and getting a residency at any of the popular clubs was monumental for one’s career. At the same time, London was an amazing place to get the latest and greatest record releases. This is where DaddyDisko started to find his signature dance-forward, feel-good house groove. It all happened quite naturally, as he recalls. Out of all the records that he was listening to and buying, this particular style always seemed to be something he gravitated towards.

Here are some clips from DaddyDisko’s Soundcloud page…

Now, maybe you can see why DaddyDisko was always headed in this direction.  The thing about this sound is that it packs a strong rhythmic punch along with an infectiously cheerful aesthetic. It draws on the uptempo energy of old funk and jazz tunes, making it a potent means of getting people to let loose and just dance.

daddydisko interview

Over the years, this has become DaddyDisko’s sonic weapon of choice. He makes it a point to get people engaged into the music both physically and mentally. He wants people to give it their all on the dancefloor. Most importantly, he wants people to feel good and be happy. It’s always a good show when people dance, socialize, and have fun. That’s the point of why people party, and he cuts straight to the chase with a groove that goes directly to your brain and makes it bop.

Building Community

After his chapter in England, followed by a tour of the eastern European scene in Russia, Daddy Disko finally returned to Canada. With the boogie in his bones, and his long standing experience as a performer and promoter, he wants to push forward a movement of friendly, danceable, feel-good vibes. He calls it Boogie House, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s groovy house music that you can just boogie to.

While all electronic music is designed to keep you locked or entranced in some way or another, no genre invites you more to just hit the dance floor and tear it up. It’s the perfect combination of tempo, punchy bass, wicked instrumentation, and feel good vibes to get the job done. However, there is one more secret ingredient. It is the aspect of community around the music. It’s about people. The purpose of the movement….and the purpose of the scene is about people coming together, sharing a fun evening, and leaving happy and satisfied. It’s about enjoying music and being liberated. It’s about people socializing and becoming closer to each other. As a performer, entrepreneur, and family man, DaddyDisko knows very well the importance of community….and he chooses to use his greatest weapon for the purpose of community building.

Check out our conversation below for the full story and details. DaddyDisko talks about the scenes he’s been part of and the music he’s heard.

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