Covert Reality Podcast

Covert Reality is a podcast hosted by Chad Casarin, AKA Personal Helicopter (his musical persona).  Here is Chad on the story of Covert Reality…

“In late 2015, from being interviewed on CKMS 100.3fm’s program ‘Westminster Radio’ with Dijana Boskovic several times speaking of weather modification and the implications it puts upon every form of life, I was offered by the president of the station the opportunity to host my own broadcast show focusing on geo-engineering / chemtrail operations. Knowing this is the most important subject to expose, I looked into the time slots further and came up with the name Covert Reality really quickly.

Every week, on Fridays from 1-2 pm, this broadcast has been waking up more and more people in the Waterloo Region and worldwide to what is happening with our skies and the policies that being fabricated due to hiding these nefarious madmen type programs from the public.

It is a pleasure to work alongside the top investigative journalists on the subject of weather warfare, being on the same planet working relentlessly together for the last decade or two to expose these invasive global warming fraud programs.

We are dedicated to bringing a fluent factual experienced perspective aimed to fill the pot-holes of understanding for everyone, to build into a future of clarity, providing ideas and solutions, looking through the media deception and military special op false flags for what they are…bully tactics.

As soon as we realize we are governed by crooks and science criminals, we will be able to take back our skies, our dignity and restoring our future of life growth for many centuries to come.”

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