Chronica Rackz – Information From The IDRM Dark Web Files

Chronica Rackz… the infamous female El Chapo of the United States, the money hungry musician that bathes in the bliss of what she believes is impunity, has been traced to Cuba. She is believed to be in contact with Tupac Shakur, who may have created the ultimate Machiavellian escape by faking his own death. Both are wanted by authorities for questioning.

Chronica Rackz has been linked to a recent string of robberies in South America, involving renegade inventor Mr. Vista and a diamond-tipped drill he made for her that is able to bore underground and drill up into supposedly impenetrable vaults, powered by fission called the S.S.Ca$h’N’Carry.  So far she has stolen upwards of $80 million by this odd method.  She also travels with a little child, Michiko e Hatchin style. Due to this ongoing case, her file has been opened to the public. The contents are as follows:

Pre-Criminal History

Chronica Rackz was born on July 7th, 1996. She is the daughter of the legendary and influential music icon, Calvin Broadus, otherwise known as Snoop Dogg. Her mother left promptly after her birth and is unknown to authorities. She destroyed her own documents before she fled, making the process of locating Rackz even more difficult.

It is speculated by many conspiracists and some agents that the biological mother of Chronica Rackz may know her whereabouts, be traveling with her, or may even be aiding in her line of crime.

However, many agents who have studied this case through the years believe that the whereabouts of the mother are also unknown to Chronica herself, as she has not been seen interacting with any strange figures while under surveillance.

Chronica was raised on Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Her uncle, a rapper and actor, O’Shea Jackson, better known as Ice Cube, raised her when he wasn’t on tour. However, she was mainly raised by her nanny, Shekira Mendez. Her nanny was a famous local pimp/madam and drug dealer who introduced Chronica to the life of crime.

Life of Crime: Rackz

Chronica’s journey towards crime started off with petty incidents. She began with pickpocketing and robbing small establishments. She was under the anarchist homeschool program of her nanny Shekira—who conditioned her to begin robbing corporations and people in positions of power as a deliberate way to overthrow the 1%.

These petty crimes spiraled out of control. As Chronica entered her teen years, she began to join the pimp wave. Decked out in delicate furs of all colors and cuts, she walked the streets of Los Angeles with a mean (and fake) limp, tapping her pimp cane on anyone that dared to stand in her way.  Around this time, she was in contract with Fauxtown’s Try Hardz who had their own network of hoes and would supply Chronica with “fresh hoez” as needed.  Together, they had a network of energetic and motivated hoez that had a net worth of 44 million, according to illicit stock website Piper, found only on the dark web – an underground and strictly forbidden Wall Street.

Chronica and Shekira began to diversify their hoe line—moving all the women up to roles as madam and placing men in the hoe roles as another attempt to overthrow the patriarchal system of power in the states.

They roamed the streets with bejeweled laundry bags, kidnapping high-class working men, emptying their pockets, and asking their wealthy families for ransom. If the families did not pay, the men were made to work for the sex work establishment, known as The Palace.  One of her sex slaves – one of the few Chronica felt any sympathy for – was eventually promoted through the slave ranks to become “head slave”, and eventually “night watchman”.  His name is Gustav Fedoseev, and his signature move was to walk along the prison blocks with a tin can and wake up prisoners by rapping it on the bars.  “Were you sleeping?  It’s 2a.m., and there is no rest for the wicked.”  He did this every hour.

Chronica and Shekira began moving tens of thousands of dollars daily, and with their increase in income, they began to purposefully evade their taxes. Chronica became feared and loved in the streets of LA, and was nicknamed Rackz for her notorious money making skills.  She showered her most popular and incentivized hoez with more money than they knew what to do with.  Often they (Chronica, Shekira, and top hoez of the week) would get together after hours and simply roll around in the money, laughing gleefully.

As the IRS grew hot on the tax evasion track of the devious pair, Chronica left The Palace and moved on to her own business—drugs.

At the age of 18, Chronica left the household and Shekira behind, never to be heard from (according to family members) again. This led to the building of her international drug empire—The Golden Globe.

The Golden Globe

With the help of designer drug maker The Big Cat, Chronica Rackz created a new strain of weed that is pink and color and contains traces of cocaine. The drug became highly sought after and people were buying the new strain internationally.

Chronica Rackz began making so much money that she had to start buying plots of land under various aliases so that she could bury her money compounds and hide her cash from the government and authorities. 

Here is a picture of one of her personal islands nicknamed Piat D’or, located in Grenada.  The island has it’s own villa, a vineyard, a small observatory, and – believe it or not – a casino, managed part time by Young Coconut.  “This is the only casino where the house does not always win…” Coconut says with a smirk. 

This picture of Piat D’or was taken by paparazzi from a helicopter just moments before a surface-to-air-missile destroyed the chopper.  Miraculously, the image was uploaded to the cloud before all three passengers died a fiery death.

Death was just as ordinary to Chronica as smoking a phat blunt.  It happened every 5-10 minutes. During the rise of her drug empire, she has left multiple casualties along the way. She often has told many stories of the most grisly deaths at her hands laughing hysterically, pantomiming each gunshot blast, garrotte strangulation, or drowning “accident” with zest and relish.  It is commonly said she has no soul – no soul at all.  The biggest cartels began to fear her, as did her enemies. She has been on the run since,  and we need the help of the public in locating her and bringing The Golden Club to its final destination—ruin.

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