Yamaha Club V Series S215V Dual 15″ Loudspeaker Review

Today I am going to review the Yamaha Club V Series S215 Dual 15″ Loudspeaker

At just over 100 lbs and with dimensions of 19.5 x 23.5 x 45.9 inches, the S215 is the kind of speaker you might typically see getting unloaded off of a truck by some sweating roadies when it’s time for a rock concert or giving your future brother-in-law a minor back injury as he tries to one-man (“don’t worry I got this bro.. AHHH! my back!) it onto the stage for your sister’s wedding. 

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Yamaha Club V Series S215V Dual 15″ Loudspeaker

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At just a glance, it’s a solid unit.  In fact, I have seen these speakers used at various musical events, from church events, to open mics, to rock concerts, to live DJ sets. 

These puppies get around, and understandably so.  The Yamaha Club series of loudspeakers are what most consider to be all purpose speakers, so you can use ’em for almost any type of event, and they excel at producing what I might call a “lively” sound. 

The ones I have are definitely not small. 

Here is an example of these particular loudspeakers in action.  The sound quality of this performance is bad, but you can get a sense of the size of event you might use these for.

Don’t you just wish you were there?  Anyway, I have been using my pair of S215V’s for a couple of years now as they sit in the music room at my high school, where I am the teacher. 

We use them mainly for, well, various types of playback during classroom exercises.  Quite often, I’m playing things for my students and I don’t know if they know this, because kids these days are so entitled, but they’re getting treated to some very good quality sound that they probably don’t deserve. 

I’ve been known to play them Bach on these babies, or sometimes on lunch break I throw on some Orbital and let that bass vibrate my chesticles. In the ’80’s, my teachers used to play things on a boombox and it sounded like crap.  Big step up here with these S215V’s. 

Occasionally we use these speakers for assemblies, and I usually have to lug them down to the gym on a dolly or with the help of a strong student.  Since I’m the music teacher, they expect me to be an audio engineer as well, which I’m not. 

That said, I’ve used them for a few concerts myself with my band.  In my classroom, this pair of speakers are currently hooked up to a Behringer Eurodesk SX3242FX Mixer, and coupled with a Yamaha MSR800W 15″ Powered Subwoofer. 

We do a lot of ensemble pieces, using a wide variety of instruments, and often more than one vocalist, so having all of this equipment at our fingertips is very useful! 

Even the shy kids can be boosted so you can hear what they’re actually doing.  Nowhere for the shy singers and guitar players to hide when I crank this baby up!

High Quality Sound From Yamaha

Loud or quiet, the sound quality from these units is overall great.  I’m sure there are people with better ears than me who work in the music industry, but my ears work ok, thank you very much! 

In the classroom environment that I use this speaker in, the S215V provides quality sound, and a real punch.  The classroom I work in is fairly large, and these speakers have no trouble filling the room whatsoever. 

At fair-sized venues, these speakers are really in their element.  In fact, I’d say these speakers are a bit big for my room, but hey, they were there when I got there. 

They tend to stay in one spot, too, because they’re not the lightest speakers to move.  They do have nice handles, but that’s more for when you have to carry them down the hall, not drag them a few inches here or there.  

In our class, it’s not hard to point them in one direction or another, as they are somewhat directional in nature, but moving them around the room is a bit of a task.

Aesthetically, what you get with these Yahama Club V Series S215 Dual 15″ Loudspeakers is a trapezoidal cabinet design, a black carpeted surface, and a real rugged, utilitarian look overall. 

Every once in a while, I remove the odd hair or two from the speakers, or I give it a good vacuum, because they do collect dust.  I want them to be presentable when I take them out, and they’re not hard to keep clean, honestly. 

These speakers are big, black, and they stand there like monoliths in my classroom.  They appear to be more normal-sized in the gym, or at an outdoor event.  People have asked me if they have any XLR jacks in the back.  Nope, just 1/4″ jacks.  Here’s what the back looks like.  Sorry it’s blurry.

There has been one or two times where I really crank them up, but there’s no way I could max them out at school.  Windows would break. 

Using my Behringer, I can easily keep things in check in terms of volume, and I can do some EQ’ing as well to make the sound better depending on what is playing through the speakers. 

The bass is very clean, I will say.  And it’s deep as well, even on it’s own.  As I said, we have the MSR800W’s as well, and their inclusion in the setup wasn’t my choice. 

The two were purchased together, and sometimes I don’t even use the subwoofers as the S215’s have a great subwoofer.  When it comes to the bass of the S215’s, the crispness of the low end comes in handy in certain venues which can get muddied up by an overly bassy sound. 

As far as longevity goes, I think these speakers were in my class for a year before I arrived.  I’m honestly not sure how long they’re supposed to last, but they seem fairly invincible to me. 

I’ve never noticed anything that makes them seem like they’re old except maybe some dust.  A quick vacuum and they look new again.  I feel like these speakers will most likely outlive me, but we’ll see.  Highly recommended!

PS: I also used these speakers to mix an album I produced recently.  The sound coming from the speakers is fairly honest, so it was useful to listen to tracks on these speakers both quiet and loud.

PPS, and here’s a video I found online that shows how they make these speakers.  I showed it to my class, and they thought it was pretty cool.  Check it out.

WinBridge S90 Portable PA System Review

Today, we’re reviewing the WinBridge S90 Portable PA System. This system is useful for those who enjoy karaoke, public speaking, lectures, seminars, preaching, or really anything that involves making your voice significantly louder.  

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Winbridge Portable Wireless Microphone System Voice Amplifier Karaoke

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Small but Effective PA System

Considering the price (around $200 if you want both mics), this system is pretty incredible for its size (308.5 x 252 x 158.5mm), with amazing sound coverage that reaches to 3000 sq/meters.  In fact, I think it’s fair to say that most people wouldn’t believe what this thing is capable of, just based on how small it is.  

If you are speaking in front of a group of 50-100 people, I think this will suit you.  That said, if you crank this baby to the max, the sound quality does lessen a bit, with some white noise, but I suggest never maxing it out.  Have a smaller event and don’t want a huge system?  The WinBridge S90 Portable PA System will probably suffice.  

The system comes with two wireless microphones (or you can save a few bucks and just get one mic), and you can use both mics at once, which is pretty cool. The microphones are high quality and provides the user with long duration of battery life.  The system can connect via bluetooth or line in.
bluetooth pa

Bluetooth Connectivity

So, being that it is bluetooth, it’s able to connect to any of your devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and any type of Android – As long as you have bluetooth, you should be good to go. However, it also has an audio connection if you don’t have any compatible device.

The system can be taken anywhere, it’s fantastic with how portable the system is. This system is perfect to enjoy outdoors or while putting on an event such as public speaking, weddings, birthday parties. No matter if your inside or outdoors, you will be heard by all.

portable bluetooth PA system

Long Battery Life

The battery life of the system itself is impeccable.  This baby can last up to 10 hours and has a charging time of only 3-5 hours which isn’t bad if your expecting to be using it a lot.

The speakers also works as a transmitter allowing you to adjust your microphone. The speakers are great also if you were to use the speakers and not the microphone.  The system is very easy to use and has multiple input modes.


WinBridge is a great company and certainly has been trying to make a name for themselves, creating more and more systems that are easy to use, easy to carry around yet have the sound quality to surprise anyone who goes near it.

Personal Experience 

Recently,  I needed an easy, portable and reliable system to have on hand, I came across this unit and it was perfect for what I needed to do – Something light and portable with a large sound for when we did presentations/shows for a large audience [less than 200] . I purchased this system and it was perfect, my business partner and I were impressed at our purchase. The microphone and the speakers are fantastic and easy to set up. We were able to be heard and understood properly. Even afterwards, we’ve used the system for karaoke parties, conferences and parties (used to make a speech or two). This system is amazing for the cost. 

Great Mics

The microphones are great – they run on lithium batteries. The microphones are wireless so you won’t need to worry about tripping over any pesky cords, which always happens to me. The connection between the two devices is fairly seamless, and work well together.

These mics synch up nicely with the speakers, so you can use two microphones at once and neither of them will drain the other one, allowing each microphone to have the same volume – unless you want to change that setting manually via the transmitter on the speaker. 


I must say, it’s pretty great having a system like this on hand.  It’s definitely not going to be replacing any of my bigger, more powerful systems, but if I’m in a jam and need to go do an event – this one takes the cake for being so portable, quick, and easy.  The system can even be used just as a speaker system that plays music. 

RockVille Karaoke Machine Review

rockville karaoke system review

Many years ago, when performing karaoke at local bars or even at home, I would flip through binders and binders of songs that I could perform.  
It’s funny to think that times are changing, things are much easier to do and a lot less frustrating and today.

Today I’m reviewing the RockVille Dual 12″ Karaoke Machine. 

This system comes with speakers, two microphones and a stand for your device [it also looks like a selfie stick].  Here’s the whole package, pictured below.

Feature Pick

As time goes on, things are becoming easier and easier when it comes accommodating the average karaoke host, especially with the millions of free songs that you can find on Youtube.

If you have troubles figuring out what songs to play next check out a previous article about the best karaoke songs to sing drunk, which my friend Dave wrote but is more based on my personal experience than his, to be honest.  🙂  

dave singing karaoke

Other Uses

If you want to host monthly karaoke night this system is very affordable and quite useful for other events or reasons. The amount and quality you get for the price is astonishing and quite worth it if you are also a musician or public speaker.

high performance karaoke home

Starting off in any industry is really hard and we recommend getting this set because it’s perfect for beginners. Getting used to a transmitter and speakers might be frustrating but I didn’t have any problems connecting these at all to any device.

I actually think it’s funny not having to go thorough binders of songs anymore looking if the karaoke host has a certain song. Thank god for youtube and all the free songs available there. 

The Sound System

The speakers are bluetooth allowing you to connect the speakers to whatever device you choose from – also compatible with smart tv. The speakers themselves are very high quality and a lot of DJ’s use these. The bar I go to uses these speakers, so I thought that was funny while writing this review. 

dual 12 speakers


The system comes with two wireless microphone systems, the microphone also comes with a transmitter. The microphones like I said are wireless however, very sensitive.

The microphones also were design to limit feedback and interference leaving a high performance sound eliminating unwanted distortion. 
The microphone quality is great, it’s clear and I didn’t have any troubles with it. It’s also great for those meetings or when your talking in front of a large audience.

This system can be great for any event also. The two wireless microphones and the transmitter are one of the best on the market right now and I bought this package just on that alone.

rockville karaoke mics This system is very popular and I can see why.  Plus – and I seriously can’t emphasize this enough – it’s affordable.  Even if you’re old school, the speakers are compatible with dvd & cd players. This is a great system for beginners.

However, since I’m not doing karaoke all of the time, I also use the speakers system with my tv. I haven’t had any troubles with it as I’ve paired this system to my smart TV. I have the Samsung KDL smart tv and it works perfectly with the speakers, even when i’m not doing karaoke, these speakers have multiple purposes.

Rockville has many other systems for reasonable price and I recommend Rockville in general because it’s both high quality and quite affordable for what you get with the whole package.

Feature Pick

Rockville Power Gig Rpg-122K All In One Dj/Pa Package (2) 12″

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christina hacket guest music blogger