ION Audio Road Warrior Portable Speaker Review

Today we review the ION Audio Road Warrior Portable Speaker, which is everything you could possibly need in a speaker, more or less.

It’s got an FM radio, the ability to stream music from any device, a microphone input for karaoke, performances, speaking engagements, or backyard parties. It can be carried easily and be used as a powerbank for your devices, too.

There’s almost nothing this speaker can’t do.

Feature Pick

Ion Audio Road Warrior – 500-Watt Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System With Twin Lighted Speakers, On-Board Fm Radio, Rechargeable Battery And Ac/Dc Power Inputs

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  • USB powerbank
  • Microphone input
  • Transmits 100 feet
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 70 to 20000 Hz frequency response
  • Wired or wireless

ION Audio Company

The company has been around since 2002 providing electronics to customers. They strive to provide innovative, fun products to their customers.

After their first USB-conversion turntable, they realized they could take vinyl records to the next level. That’s the kind of electrifying products they like to give the world.

Since that time, they’ve taken conversion to the next level as well as providing products like the advanced speakers we’re reviewing here.

Portable and Wireless

You can use these stereo speakers absolutely anywhere. It has recessed handles, so it can be carted anywhere you need it. Along with being portable in terms of weight and bulkiness, it can work wirelessly, too.

It can plug into the wall or be used with the included battery. Some people use this in the trunk of their car and when it’s needed, they pull it from the trunk and port it around to their destination.

Uses and Specifications

The speaker can be used with your favorite device to project and stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer. It has a built-in FM radio, so you can listen to the show while sitting in the parking lot.

It’s great for use with other applications coming from your favorite podcasters, radio announcers, or music sites. The angle of the speaker is perfect for projecting the sound into the crowd, too.

Along with your favorite music and sounds from others, you can use this speaker to project your own music or voice. This is a perfect speaker for karoake and performances in public where you’re making your own music.

This is a great speaker for the stage you erect in your backyard to perform for all your friends. It’s a terrific speaker for parties since you only need the sound to reach within your own property. The 100 feet of range is perfect.

Output Power

These 10-inch lighted speakers have incredible bass. You’ll be able to bring this to any event and project loud, clear sound at the crowd.

It’s built with enough power at 500 watts to really transmit sound over 100 feet. The design elements of the speaker provide even more power and projection since it’s angled for that purpose.

ION includes the ability to plug this directly into your car’s 12 volt input jack. They also send the wiring you’ll need to marry this speaker to your car. If you don’t want to power using the car, or want to have mobility in your speaker system, use the ION Warrior’s battery.

Rechargeable Battery

When you’re ready to break out the speakers at your next event, you’ll want to ensure they’re fully charged.

At full capacity, they can last for hours. If you plan on having an all-night party with this speaker, it can be paired with another power source to extend the life and music of the party.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery actually last?
The manufacturer boasts a 12 hour battery time, but customers have said it’s between 4 and 6 hours. After that, it has to be plugged into a power source.

Is it water resistant?
This isn’t splash resistant, so it’s important that you’re careful at the beach or around the drink table at the party. Consider placement before setting up the speakers.

Can it be paired with an MP3 player?
Hook up the cable from the MP3 player to the speaker. It works great for streaming from many devices. It’s not limited to MP3 players.

What kind of microphone can I plug in for karaoke?
You can use any microphone that needs to be plugged into a speaker.


This ION Audio Road Warrior Portable Speaker is a great portable option for times when you want to carry an easy sound system with you.

It’s terrific for parties and places where you might not be able to easily find a PA system.

That could be the beach, the back of your truck, your backyard, or a meeting room without its own system.

Freeboss FB-V04 4 Handheld Vhf Wireless Microphone Setup Review

Freeboss Microphone

If you are planning on hosting an event, or you are required to be part of an event where there is a full house of people and you are the center of attention, you’re going need a microphone set up of some kind.

 It could be a panel discussion, or a wedding, or teaching a classroom.  All kinds of situations could use a decent microphone or two to get your point across.

live microphone setup wireless

Wireless Mics

These days, wireless microphoness are readily available for purchase (or rent), and most medium to large scale events require a high quality microphone with ample power to project and articulate your voice.  

The fact that they’re wireless means you can move around freely, and also not have to worry about tripping over cables and things of that nature.  

using a wireless mic at a meeting

In the past, wireless mic technology wasn’t quite up to snuff.  In those times, it may have been more advisable to have a mic with a cord just to make sure things are working right.  Today, not so.  

Technology with regards to wireless mics is now totally dependable, presuming you have a good quality mic setup made by a dependable brand.  The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess!

Multi-Mic Set-ups

Many events or public speaking arrangements would do well to have a microphone set up with various wireless mics.  In this case, you can go ahead and get a system that supports several mics, and purchase them all separately (which can be a bit of a pain), or, you can just get a system that has many mics to begin with.  

This is what we will be talking about today – a system that comes with four mics and is designed for the types of events we have been describing where freedom of movement, not to mention how far the mic can project, are major factors.  

You don’t want people walking out of your event saying “I couldn’t even hear what she was saying…”

Freeboss Wireless Microphone Set Review

If your looking for a good wireless microphone set with several mics included in the package, then I feel that the Freeboss wireless microphone set-up is a great choice.  I’ve tried a number of wireless mics set-ups, and I feel that this set by Freeboss gives you a great value, and I’ll explain to you why.  

First, you should know that the main advantage with this system is that it runs off of 4 fixed frequencies, so that none of them interfere with each other, allowing you to run your event with four mics and no issues of them running off of the same channel, which can lead to problems.

Feature Pick

Freeboss Fb-V04 4 Handheld Vhf Wireless Microphone

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Pros and Cons

There are a number of pros and cons of this system which I’m going to get into here.

First, let’s start with some pros.  This professional system looks pretty great out of the box.  It’s called “professional” grade, but it only cost me about $130.  At first I didn’t think I’d be getting pro quality gear, but what I ended up getting looked great and worked just fine for my purposes.  

“Pro” is a bit of a nebulous term to me, but I found that these mics did the job, so I couldn’t complain.  Pro level?  Ok, sure!  The events I was putting on were small but not too small – about 100 people, and the range of the mics was great.  

I needed them to go to about 100 feet, and these Freeboss mics did that with no problem.

freeboss wireless microphone

One con I found with these mics which is a bit nitpicky is that they didn’t come with batteries.  Each mic needed two batteries, and I had to go out and buy some.  Luckily, if you keep the mics switched to “off”, it won’t eat up battery life.  

This is, I admit, not much of a complaint, but hey, it’s something worth mentioning.

Voltage and Range

The voltage of this system is 110 volts, and it projects for up to 50 meters, or 160 feet. This set-up is quite powerful if you’re hosting a show at a small venue, like a wedding, or some sort of event that requires an MC, or more than one MC.  

Volume Adjustment

As mentioned, each mic runs off of it’s own station or frequency, and so there’s no interference between the frequencies, allowing for the 4 mic set-up.  

Fortunately, each channel has it’s own volume control, and so, using the main unit that comes with the system, a proper customized “mix” can be attained for the up to 4 speakers you may have.  This is a major win for this system.

XLR outputs are also included with the system as well as an XLR cable is included, in case someone wants to use a mic attached to a cord for some reason.  

fb-v04 reciever

The last thing I’ll mention here is what might be a con to some people, which is that you can only use 1 set of 4 mics at once.  

In other words, if you buy this system, and use all 4 mics, don’t buy 2 systems and expect to be using 8 mics because it will have 2 mics then going off of the same channel, causing interference.  If you are going to need more than 4 wireless mics going at once, you’ll need to figure out another solution.

We’ve turned to our readers and some professionals who’ve used FreeBoss previously and here is what they had to say. 

Reader Reviews: 

Helen C. – Alabama, USA  

“As a Pastor, I believe it’s very important to be heard. After I purchased the Freeboss Wireless microphone I was delighted with how easy the set up was. Now everybody can hear me even all the way at the back and I won’t be tripping over any pesky cords any longer! God Bless Freeboss and God bless America!” 

Erik T. – Toronto, Canada 

“I’ve been a wedding DJ for 3 years now and Free boss customer for 2. I switched to Free boss after buying a audio mixer and I was satisfied with the mic quality. I purchased the Free boss FB-V04 Wireless 4 mic setup a few months ago after my previous set [from a different company] decided not to work. I like how the wire mesh is really thick, which is important when you have intoxicated people dealing with your equipment. The microphones already dealt with a few minor “mic drops” and no issues yet.”

Cathy O. – Ohio, USA 

“We often host family functions and with a large family, you need to be heard. I bought the set a few weeks ago and we have no complaints. My husband connected them to our speaker system and it was compatible.  Last time we got together, we used all 4 mics at once and we had a great time!”  

Does Karaoke Improve Singing?

does karaoke improve singing?

Here is a very good question that often gets asked: Does karaoke improve your singing?  Well, as a music teacher of over 10 years and a musician and singer myself, I must tell you – of course it does! 

My name is Dave and I’ve been performing in rock bands on and off for years now.  I love to sing all sorts of music and I am also a big fan of karaoke, which has assisted me in improving my own singing voice over the years.  Here’s me singing a karaoke version of Chris Isaak’s “Somebody’s Cryin’”…

I have my own karaoke system here at my house – an Acoustic Audio Bluetooth speaker with a stand, and a couple of wireless mics.  The karaoke songs which I use come from Youtube, which is jam packed with thousands of songs by companies like Karafun that are well done, and ready for you to use at any time. 

What do you need to do karaoke at home?

You might think that you need all sorts of stuff to do karaoke at home, but you really don’t.  You don’t even need a microphone, but it’s more fun if you do have a mic and a speaker to boost the volume of your voice.  A little bit of reverb on top doesn’t hurt either to make you feel like the real deal.  You basically just need a laptop and you can practice as much as you want.  Alternately, you can locate a “karaoke night” at a local bar or meet-up in your region, and attend that.  Of course, you don’t have to do any of that – you can just do it at home for now if you like.

Read our article reviewing the best home karaoke systems of 2017

Lack of confidence in new singers

From all my years of teaching singing, I’d say one of the biggest challenges new singers face is lack of confidence.  For beginners, or people who think they can’t sing or have been told they don’t have a nice singing voice, something like karaoke or writing a song seems like a huge challenge, and I can understand why.  I used to think I wasn’t very good at singing either, and my confidence was very low.  When I was around 10, I was in the choir at my school and my music teacher said I had a very nice voice.  Once puberty hit, my voice changed and suddenly it was harder for me as a guy to sing songs like I once did.  But I always wanted to be in a band, write my own songs, and sing.  Here’s a sample of one of my songs from the past few years which I wrote and recorded.  My favorite part is doing the vocals.

Karaoke does help to improve singing

In my 20’s, I discovered karaoke.  At first, I was skeptical that I would be able to do it, but it wasn’t long before I realized how fun it was.  Doing karaoke on my own or with friends was one of those things that slowly helped me to build my confidence, because there were times when I had to try to take risks, either singing hard songs, or in front of people who I thought might judge me (and sometimes did).  Overall, singing is like anything else – the more you do it, the better you get.  You just need to practice, practice, practice, and karaoke will help you do that as long as you like doing it.

Technical singing exercises aren’t for everyone (but they help too!)

The other thing that often is a challenge for new singers is the fact that taking singing lessons is both expensive and often boring.  Not all of my vocal students have been thrilled to go through vocal warm up exercises, or learn about the parts of their body that help them to sing, or do scales.  Even I don’t always feel like doing that stuff, and I am quite capable of doing it.

There’s a lot of technical information involved in singing that to some people is just too boring to learn, and so they don’t bother with it.  Of course, this is valuable information that will help them, but they just don’t have the patience to learn it.  I understand that too, because, when it comes to singing, I like to just sing, not spend hours warming up to sing.  I want to just do it ASAP – when I’m in the right mood.  That said, if your voice is sensitive or fragile, and you don’t warm it up, you can injure it, just like anything else.  Sometimes warm ups are necessary and I’m not saying you shouldn’t do them. 

My recommendation is to give karaoke a try, but don’t try anything crazy at first.  If you’re new to doing karaoke, or performing vocals in general, you can start with a really easy song just to warm up.  The karaoke can be the warm up, which is fun.  As you get better at it, you’ll probably realize that there are more and more songs you’ll want to try out, and, as long as you have the right attitude, you will get better at it.  In other words, don’t give up.

Focus on what songs you want to sing, and techniques you want to learn

One of the best things to do when learning to sing using karaoke, in my opinion, is choose songs you are highly motivated to sing, or vocal techniques you’re interested in learning.  This will definitely increase the chances of you grabbing that mic and trying it out.  Singing can be an intimidating process for some, but with karaoke, you can do it by yourself and whenever you want (as long as there’s no one there to complain).  You just need lots of time to experiment, but just remember not to do anything to crazy or you could hurt your voice.  This goes for songs that involve yelling and screaming, or even songs with a wide range of notes.  This is why it’s good to also learn the right techniques to sing properly. 

Here is a video I made talking about karaoke and how it can improve singing.  It contains most of the info I’ve explained here, but with a few extra things thrown in.  Enjoy!

Regality Wireless Karaoke Microphone Review

Today, we’ll be reviewing about Regality’s wireless karaoke microphone.  Regality is a tech-savvy company that produces things like musical instruments, watches, lighters, and, of course, microphones.  All of these products look state of the art and the aesthetic considerations are on point.  

This Regality microphone, in particular, is a great multi-purpose wireless microphone with some cool features, such as; speakers on the actual device, it’s compatible with any apple device, and, it’s compatible with bluetooth.  Yay!  

That means it’s perfect for karaoke, but other things too like if you are hmm let’s see.. giving a sermon, doing a podcast, or MC’ing a wedding (not that I’ve done either of those things, but still…)

Feature Pick

Wireless Karaoke Microphone,Portable Bluetooth

Buy On Amazon

Wireless microphones are getting more and more advanced as time goes on, but that really translates to the user as more convenience.  This is truly a great microphone for those who really seek the benefits of having a wireless mic.  

Oh, and this microphone comes in a few different colours such as: Gold, Rose Gold and Black.  Rose Gold is my fav, just because I’m a girl and I guess that’s stereotypical of me but so sue me!  

The Regality Microphone

The Regality mic here can be paired to any system that is compatible with bluetooth. The microphone can also be used as a recording device – for those who might use the microphone for interviewing or such.

This microphone is built with a built-in speaker using a high fidelity, high sensitivity, treble clear and bright, bass is thick and strong. The speakers on the microphone are great considering the speakers are connected to the microphone.

regality mic


Output power is: 9W (RWS) and weighs about 500g – not every heavy at all.  The device is safe and easy to use.  Seriously, even I can use this thing no problem and I’m not someone you might refer to as “tech savvy”.  

In fact, that’s what I must say I liked best about it.  Once I opened the box, I turned on my speaker system, got some karaoke going, and this mic was good to go.  Oh, and also – it can go pretty loud.  When I turned up the music, my half-decent singing voice was able to compete with it easily.


The microphone is great for those who are just starting out in any type of career such as – comedy, public speaking, interviewing and the fact you can record yourself with it is great and very handy.

App Support

This microphone also has apps that support it. This is great for those who would like to record themselves and interview people or those who would like to perform karaoke.  I’d say this mic has a lot more going for it than I even initially thought.  It’s pretty cool!  

karaoke mic wireless

No Tangled Cords!

As someone who has literally tripped on a mic cord and smashed their head on the floor, I really appreciate the fact that there’s no cords to deal with.  It wasn’t long ago that I had no idea that these wireless mics even existed, but boy, now I sure am, and it’s great for the people who use them.  

Sure, you always argue that this thing isn’t as durable as a Shure 58 (industry standard performing mic), but honestly, most of the time, when I’ve been at a show, there’s always someone who is looking for a mic like it’s an emergency.  

And, if your sound system supports bluetooth (eg. something by ION Systems), you just can hand them this.  Just don’t drop it, because while it isn’t fragile, it isn’t a Shure 58 that you can run over with your car and it still works.

 regality karaoke mic wireless pink

The battery that’s in the microphone itself is very safe. It has a great battery life and can play around 4-5 hours using the highest volume setting in the TF card or “blue mode”. It’s very durable and stable great for those starting to use any type of microphone.

IMO, this truly is an excellent & affordable microphone if you wanted to make some serious noise with your band, doing karaoke, or making a speech. Again, I recommend the pink one!

We Review the Best Karaoke Systems For Home Use

With the popularity of all sorts of singing shows on TV like The Voice, X-Factor, and American Idol, it’s no wonder that the popularity of singing and karaoke has taken off to new heights. 

Everyone wants to be a singer, and, the great thing is, anyone who wants to be, can be!

Why You Might Want a Home Karaoke System

There’s really just two places you can do karaoke – out at a bar, or at home.  

As far as the bar scene goes, we realize that exclusive karaoke bars can get quite price-y, and sometimes if you rent one of those private karaoke lounge rooms, you can run up a tab the likes of which you’ve never seen before.  

The reason we mention bars at all is because most people we’ve talked to have karaoke experience mainly from doing it at bars from back in their college years, since home systems weren’t available until more recently.

The thing about going to the bar to do karaoke is, you basically have to wait your turn and might get to sing once in like 3 hours, since karaoke nights at bars and pubs can be insanely popular whenever they appear.

On top of THAT, bars are certainly not for everyone.  Based on the scene above, is this where you want to be hanging out?  Probably not. 

The people are often obnoxious, drunk, and overall, will make you hate doing karaoke.  There is something satisfying, however, about impressing a crowded bar full of people with a particularly on-point performance.

Oh, and also – GERMS.  Do you really want your mouth on a microphone that’s been on some random person’s mouth that you don’t know and don’t want to know?  If not, avoid the bar scene. Or.. bring your mic cover (essentially a mic condom).

The majority of karaoke fans, as it turns out, are not bar or club go-ers at all.  If you’re reading this, you probably have kids of your own, or you might even be a kid (not of age to go to bars), and, besides having no time or money to visit bars , you probably would rather just do karaoke at home, if you could.

Luckily, karaoke systems are made now for home use, and this is good news for those who love to sing!

What To Look For In A Home Karaoke System – A Buying Guide

A Quality Speaker

Home karaoke systems are generally “packages” of things, meaning that you’re usually getting several different things at once, like a speaker with a microphone, along with a control unit to select your songs (this is the basic karaoke system setup).  

The one system shown below, by Ion Audio, has a decent speaker, so take a gander at that.  (We’ll be reviewing it in detail later).

Anyway, the way these systems work is, the crappier systems on the market will, somewhere along the line, skimp on quality for some, if not all, of their equipment, and then you’re stuck using essentially inferior audio gear.

That’s why you have to look at what you’re actually getting with the system you’re purchasing, and scrutinize it somewhat, until you’re sure that each piece isn’t junk.

With speakers, there is no exact specifications that will let you know that it isn’t junk per se, but the qualities you’ll be looking for in general include: loudness, bass and treble functionality (ie. subwoofer), as well as just making sure the speaker doesn’t look like it’s el cheap-o when it comes to the build of the thing. 

That means, zoom in on the knobs and buttons to make sure they don’t look like they were just slapped on.  

Also, you don’t want a speaker that looks too big, or too small.  If it’s looking oddly tiny-looking, chances are it’s not going to give you the sound you want, and if it’s oddly huge, like something you’d see on stage at a Metallica concert, then it’s just plain overkill.

Make sure you read plenty of user reviews to ensure that it doesn’t have a solid 1-star rating with everyone saying it’s garbage.  If that’s the case, that’s a warning sign and a half right there!

A Quality Microphone

Microphones are another essential part of a home karaoke set-up, and they are notoriously hard to eyeball in terms of quality, probably more so than speakers.  At least with speakers, you can at least get some sense of quality at a glance by examining how big / small it is and whether the knobs look cheap.  

With microphones, they more or less are all the same size, and whether the mic was spray-painted gold or silver is NOT going to indicate whether you are dealing with a quality mic, just like a gold plated speaker does not indicate inherent quality either.  Do not be fooled by things spray-painted gold. 🙂

Ok, so what I’m saying here, first of all, is – does the karaoke system in question even come with a microphone?  It should!

One thing you can look for that might tell you something about a microphone’s quality is that if it uses a standard quarter inch jack, and that is going to be a step down from a dedicated XLR cable, which looks like this:

These are XLR cables (above) are what most high quality mics require.  When you go to a concert, this is what they’re using,  no doubt.

And this… is an XLR to quarter inch jack, shown below:

So what we have here is one end being XLR, and one being quarter inch.  Got it?  Ok…

Without getting too technical, strictly XLR-based mics (as in both ends being that three-pronged end) are generally used to power fancier microphones.  If the mic attaches via a quarter inch adapter (as shown in the pic immediately above), it’s probably going to be, on average, not as good as a strict XLR based microphone.

The reason, as far as I know, that XLR mics are better is because XLR-dedicated mics can use phantom power, which is a something associated with much more sensitive vocal mics, like this one:

These fancy mics are usually ribbon mics, meaning they are using a ribbon to get some sensitive audio performance, and those mics are in need of XLR / phantom power technology.

Whereas a typical karaoke mic looks like this:

Most karaoke mics are not dedicated XLR, to my knowledge.  Most of them look as they do above, and that’s fine.  Again, to be clear, the XLR is just the cord that attaches the mic, and the technology behind that, not the mic itself.  I’m not saying that karaoke mics that aren’t strictly XLR-based are going to be junk.  

But, in knowing this one difference, you can start to see that mics all come in different “classes”, ie. there are great vocal mics, and you won’t be seeing them coming bundled with karaoke systems, because a good mic can be mega expensive.  For instance, a high quality dedicated vocal mic can easily run you $1000.

That said, you don’t really need a great “vocal” mic for karaoke.  What you need is something durable, that is practical and functional.  Something similar to this mic here, the Shure 58, which is an industry standard for performing mics around the world.

shure sm58 dynamic mic

So, basically, if your karaoke mic looks anything like this baby, then you’re good, because this is a mic that your average rock star would use performing at a stadium, so they can run around, jump, and the mic can fall and roll off the stage, and it’s no big deal!

The Right Accessories

When it comes to accessories, you just have to know what are going to need and what you will actually be using.  

For instance, the above model by NYC Acoustics actually looks great, and, from all accounts, sounds great.  But…I don’t see a stand for holding my smart phone, if that’s going to be what I use as a screen for accessing the internet and reading my lyrics. 

So, you can’t really judge a system but what it does or doesn’t have, but you can certainly be aware that one thing you want is a mic stand, and if you don’t see a mic stand, don’t expect to GET a mic stand. 

If there’s no documentation that the mic stand has an adjustable arm, and the box doesn’t say “adjustable arm”, for you to adjust your mic position, then guess what?  It probably isn’t going to be in the box.

Oh, and when something is called an “accessory”, it usually means it’s something extra.  So, keep that in mind, because you just want to make 100% sure that the basic unit you are buying comes with all the essentials you will be needing.

If you want a karaoke machine that has 1. a speaker, 2. a microphone with 3. a mic stand and 4. an adjustable arm, and then 5. some kind of stand to put your phone on, and then 6. a remote control that you can use to change your sounds and settings, I’d recommend that you keep looking until you find a karaoke system with all of those things.

That said, sometimes you can modify your needs, so that you can forego the mic stand with adjustable arm because that’s something you can buy at your local music store.  Same with the stand that holds your smart device.  That means you’re really just after a good speaker, a good microphone, and that’s it.  

Remember also that some systems come with built-in software (ie. the Singtrix) that you can use to have the complete set-up right away, and that might be your preference, but don’t cry if you get a karaoke system that doesn’t come with 10 000 songs because that system never advertised that it DID come with 10 000 songs.

Wireless Systems

Sometimes, the microphone that comes with your system will be wireless, meaning it communicates with your speaker via bluetooth.  But not all the time.

Other times, your microphone will attach to the control until via a mic cord.  

One option or another does not make or break whether the system is any good, but, if you do opt for a wireless microphone, that means you have more freedom to run and jump, and not trip over wires. 

There will, of course, be a range that the wireless microphone has, so make sure you look out for that, because you can’t expect to be 100’s of feet away from the unit and have it work properly, if that’s not what it was designed for.

Other parts of the system may also be wireless, like the connection between your phone and the speaker, or the control unit and the speaker, but this is all dependent on the design of the system, and is just something to consider when purchasing.

Viewing Screen

Another consideration is…what will you be reading the lyrics off of?  Will it be a built-in screen, will it be one of your devices, ie. a laptop, iPhone, tablet? 

Will it be your big screen TV, which is linked somehow to your karaoke system?  

Will it be some giant projector screen?

The screen you will view it on depends on what the system you’re interested in offers, and what your own preference is.  Some are fine reading it off their phones, or tablets.  Some want it built in to the system.  Some want a huge screen, either their own television or even bigger than that.  

It also depends on the event happening around it.  Obviously, if the screen is too small, and the room is too big, or there’s too many people, that’s not going to work.

Overall, just be aware of what size screen you’re looking for and see what systems offer that in some way, whether it’s built in, or connected by a cable.

Top Systems

Now that we’ve hashed a few things out on what to look for if you want the best home karaoke system for your needs, let’s get to the systems themselves.

The following machines are all high quality, so far as I know, and well reviewed by users everywhere. 

That said, the price points do range as some systems provide more features than others, including an entire built-in software set-up.  

Feature Picks

Memorex Mks-Ss2 Singstand 2 Home Karaoke System

Buy On Amazon

Akai Ks800-Bt Bluetooth Front Load Cd&G Karaoke System, Black (

Buy On Amazon

Ion Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System With

Buy On Amazon

Proreck Portable Speaker 8 Inch 2-Way Rechargeable Powered Dj/Pa System With Wired Microphone Led Lights Function Bluetooth/Usb Drive/Fm Radio/Remote Control(Freedom 8)

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Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #Sgtx1

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A good system with all the trimmings is going to cost you probably upwards of $300, you should note, due to all the gear that comes with it.  Even a simple karaoke system has a few components, which necessitates it not being $50.  Trust me, you wouldn’t want a $50 karaoke system.  Also, a microphone on its own is not a karaoke system.

If you have the money to spend on something super spectacular that costs $1000, by all means, go for it.  If you only have a few hundred dollars, that’s fine too.  Budget systems that are high quality are still available.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of each of these karaoke systems!

#1 – Singtrix Home Karaoke System

Feature Pick

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #Sgtx1

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Let’s start off with one of the most fun karaoke systems for home use we’ve come across, and that is the Singtrix Home Karaoke System.

The thing we love about this system is that Singtrix, as a company, seems to know what karaoke lovers want and they have tried their best to deliver it here with this great package, including everything you need to sing as much as you want to your favourite songs. 

With this system, you can basically indulge in karaoke all you want, until the cows come home, or family physically has to pry the mic out of your hands.

It’s a plug and play system, so the idea here is that set-up time is minimal and singing time is max-imal.  

What You Get with the Singtrix Karaoke System

First of all, let’s just run through what you get with this bundle – you get a 40-watt speaker, which packs a sub-woofer and is designed to be portable.  

You also get the control panel, or studio effects console that has over 300 effects that come with it. 

Also, the system comes with a microphone that is of decent quality, a mic stand with adjustable arm, all the cables you need, plus some custom faceplate inserts (pink, orange, black, blue) so you can change the “look” of your system. 

There is also a card which shows what all the effects are and the number assigned to each.

The Speaker

In regards to the speaker, we love it because it is both powerful and portable, giving you the “big” sound you want from a karaoke setup to make the experience feel legitimate.  

It’s not a complicated speaker, which is good for people who aren’t extremely technical.  In other words, you don’t have to be a band geek to operate this speaker.  Just about anyone can do it. 

However, if you are a band geek, ie. someone who plays in bands and sees this kind of equipment around, this speaker will look familiar to you, because, it really is just a typical-looking all purpose speaker / studio monitor.  It can double as a bluetooth speaker for other purposes like gaming or just playing stuff off of the internet.  

The Singtrix speaker has bass, treble, and volume knobs which are big and clearly labelled, and sits on 4 sturdy legs, and is angled slightly up, as it should be, to project to the audience, rather than having to be put on a table or chair.  The sound is aimed at your ears from the get-go, and that’s how it should be.

When the speaker is on, there’s a nice blue light to tell you that it’s on, and so you’ll know when it’s on or not on.  Some people get a bit freaked out by big speakers, because they aren’t sure if the speaker is on and hence is going to blast them with unexpected sound when they turn things on, for instance. 

With this speaker, just turn the volume down but make sure it’s on with the blue light being visible and you should be fine.  Turn it up slowly to see where your volume levels are at.

The settings on the speaker can be handled manually on the speaker itself, but it can also be controlled by the Singtrix app (more on that shortly).

The speaker then feeds its audio cables from the back of the speaker into the control unit, which we’re going to talk about next.

Singtrix Control Unit (Back and Front)

Here’s the back of the control unit.  As you can see, there are a number of ports on the back of the Singtrix control unit, and, as far as audio equipment goes, this is about as complicated as it’s going to get.  So, if you’re tech-adverse, don’t fret too much, I’ll try to simplify this here for you.

This back area is where you plug in your speaker, the power adaptor so that the whole system can be powered up, your microphone (or microphones, as you can attach two for a lead singer / back up singer situation), a USB port for adding any updates to the system if you so choose, and the headphone jack.  That’s about it!

Now, here is the front of the Singtrix unit where you access all of your vocal effects and the volume of your mic.

There are a ton of vocal effects (350) you can access, and you can also pitch-correct your voice, which Singtrix claims can make you sound good if you’re bad and great if you’re good.  

The thing is, as is usually the case with any device that has 350 options, some of those options aren’t going to be great.  In fact, some are going to make you sound terrible.  But really, that’s just part of the fun, isn’t it?  There’s that odd time you’ll want to sound like a robot, and that option is there for you if you need it.

Mostly, however, the effects do add something to your vocals, and you can enjoy countless hours toying around with your voice to make it sound the way you want, just like any professional singer in a studio.

If you think you’re a “bad” singer, you can use things like pitch correction to “fix” your voice, but I recommend not using that, because to me there’s always something unnatural about the sound of auto-tune.  It’s up to you, though.

There are also additional functions that provide harmonies, and all sorts of extra goodies that you can spend hours exploring on your own or with friends to get a really cool sounding vocal performance happening. 

It’s really no different than being in a studio, with all manner of slight tweaks at your disposal.  It’s a singer’s dream, this system.  All the benefits of studio equipment but in your home where everything is relaxed and casual as you like it. 

This makes the Singtrix an excellent option for practising, whether your plan is to sing at the next Christmas party, or audition for The Voice.  

Singtrix App and Pay Membership

Now, this is where things get really interesting with the Singtrix karaoke system.

Via your smart device, you can access the Singtrix app, which then gives you access to the Singtrix member program and all that comes with it. 

I won’t quote prices directly, as they are subject to change, but I will say that currently the prices are affordable on a monthly basis for getting access to a large library of songs (10 000+), as well as other options to enhance your Singtrix home karaoke system experience.

The app itself is fairly easy to navigate, and, for the monthly fee, you do get a fair amount of what you might call “extras”.  

We recommend exploring their member program, at the very least.  

Customizing Your Setup

Now let’s be real about this.  Not everyone wants to buy a karaoke system for however much money and then have to tack on a monthly fee to actually use it, and, luckily, you don’t have to.  

Why?  Because, as you may know already, all the songs you could want to sing are already on Youtube waiting for you.  Which means, you can just hook your smart phone up to the Singtrix system, and rather than use the Singtrix app, you can just go to Youtube and you’re away to the races!

Is there any downside to doing this?  Not really.  The versions of most karaoke songs that are on Youtube are just as good as any you’ll find.  

It does bring up an interesting point about what actually defines a home karaoke system.  Well, it’s simple, I think.  It’s just a mic, a speaker, and a screen to see the song lyrics and maybe some entertaining backdrop.

If there is any downside to avoiding the Singtrix app altogether, it’s that you don’t have access to any of their cool stuff, but then again, you may not want or need it.  

All in all, the Singtrix home karaoke system is an excellent system that can really get people excited about singing, and makes an amazing Christmas or birthday gift for the budding vocalist in your family.  

The last thing we will mention about this system is that there are various “bundles” you can get, including the family bundle and party bundle, and each of these systems is slightly different, so be aware of that before you purchase.


  • Purchasing an account – some people dislike having to buy in to use something they already purchased
  • Some effects are unflattering and essentially pointless
  • Some says the harmony feature doesn’t sound that great
  • If you’re expecting the pitch correct to completely make you sound amazing, it can’t really work miracles, sorry

Read our full review of the Singtrix Home Karaoke System

#2 – ION Audio Block Party Live Wireless Speaker System

Feature Pick

Ion Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System With

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Rockin’ The Block!

The Block Party Live by ION Audio is a speaker system made in the spirit of old “block parties” from back in the day, when someone would crank a boom box and a party would form around the music.  These were often held in New York City in the late ’70’s / early ’80’s.

A little somethin’ like this, complete with DJ’s, dope jams, and everyone having an all around great time!

We can see how the Block Party Live takes inspiration from old school parties like this, in that it acts like a giant boom box, and the name certainly speaks to the communal fun you can have with this speaker system.

Notice we didn’t call the Block Party Live a karaoke system.  This is because, although the Block Party Live isn’t necessarily advertised as a karaoke system (they call it a portable wireless speaker system), that’s kind of what it is, is a karaoke system…or can be, if you so choose. 

Actually, it advertises itself as a bluetooth speaker, primarily, as well as a glowing party machine on wheels (complete with coloured disco ball – a total highlight), which it also is.


Then, just when you think this is simply a speaker system, lo and behold, it so happens to come with a dynamic microphone, which is basically 2/3rds of what you need to constitute a karaoke machine, is a speaker and a microphone.

What’s missing, then?  The screen with the music and lyrics playing so you can follow along. That’s what’s missing.

The Block Party Live is essentially, in terms of components, equivalent to the speaker alone of Singtrix karaoke system, except with an added disco ball on top, minus the mic stand, minus the clip on stand for your wireless device, but including a dynamic mic that is comparable with the Singtrix system.  

What’s important to note is that, from what I’ve seen, the Block Party Live is slightly less expensive than the Singtrix karaoke system, although that makes sense, as the Singtrix is a fully equipped karaoke system, and the Block Party Live is just a speaker, more or less. 

In either case, you’re still using your own smart device (tablet, laptop, iPhone) to use as the karaoke device / screen, which the songs are playing from, and the lyrics are displayed on.

But that’s why there’s Youtube! 

Just clip your phone onto something, turn on Youtube, and search for whatever karaoke song you want, and there you go!  Instant karaoke party!

Bluetooth or AUX Cord

Because this is a bluetooth enabled device, you can easily play music from another blue tooth device, including your phone, which, if you have any kind of wifi, gets you on the internet, and hence, access to Youtube or any other video platform where karaoke can be found.

At that point, if you play a karaoke track off the internet, and can view the screen so you can also read the lyrics, then the Block Party LIVE becomes a karaoke machine just like that. 

Don’t trust “no wires” because you’re superstitious like that?  Then just plug in an aux cord and use that to hook the Block Party Live to your smart device of choice.

Announcement Mic… for Singing?

With the dynamic mic that it comes with, you can sing through it.  However, the way that ION Audio puts it, you can use the mic to make announcements through it during whatever ceremony you’re supposedly at, but of course you can also sing through it too. 

That isn’t to say you couldn’t buy this to use at weddings or other parties.  It almost would serve as some sort of business type of speaker, if only there wasn’t a disco ball on top of it, begging to be lit up. 

However, if you work with liberal-minded people, you could almost take this thing to meetings or seminars and do a funky powerpoint presentation with it.

It is a wired mic that it comes with, so you have a cord to contend, with that runs between the mic and the speaker.  There’s no using a bluetooth mic with this speaker, even though it is bluetooth enabled device, which is a little weird.  You could always try it.

I get the sense that they (the manufacturer, ION Audio) think of the Block Party Live more like a speaker you’d take to a wedding and play tunes at, making announcements or just DJ’ing an event in general.  That said, there’s really no reason you can’t use it for karaoke as well.  

People are already doing this, in fact.  

Gets The Party Started

As I said, it is missing a stand of some sort to hold your phone, but really, all you need is something to set your phone / laptop / tablet on, and you’re good to go.  The sound will go through the Block Party Live, and things will be rockin’ and rollin’. 

Or, you could just rig it so your internet is HDMI’d to your big screen TV and then the party can really kick into high gear.  Because then, you’d have not only karaoke on a big screen TV, but big sound from the Block Party Live, and a dynamic mic to boot. 

FYI, dynamic mics are the same kind as the Shure 58 we mentioned earlier, which isn’t to say you should abuse the mic, but you can certainly dance around with it and do high leg kicks. 

The mic is not wireless, however, so you can’t run around the entire house with it.  You need to stay relatively close to the unit.  

App Functionality

Whereas the Singtrix has an app that lets you toggle through effects and whatnot, the Block Party Live has an app that lets you play with the disco ball.

Up until now, we’ve referred to the disco ball mainly in passing as something that will “bring the party” and add some fun to the proceedings, but, when you take a look at this app, you’ll see that there’s more to the disco ball than meets the eye.

Specifically, you can manipulate the colours, the speed of the strobe, the synchronicity of the light with beats being played, and more.  If you want to actually go deep into disco-ball land, you sure as heck can.  

For some, this is a great feature of this system, for others, it’s something to set and forget or simply ignore.  It really depends on you, but personally, I find this feature of the Block Party Live to be really cool and a major selling point!


The Block Party looks to me almost like a piece of luggage, as it has a large handle you can grab for added portability. 

With the combination of the wheels on this thing, the durable cabinet housing, and the handle, you feel like you should be running through an airport with this thing.

To some, the portability of a given karaoke system wouldn’t be a big deal.  For those who want to set up their karaoke system at home and leave it there permanently, the telescoping handle and wheels on the bottom that say “take me with you where ever you’re going” may not be of much use. 

You just push the handle down, recess the wheels, and the speaker looks like it’s not going anywhere.  But just as easily, the wheels come back, the handle comes up, and away you go.

Being 20″ tall, and 26 pounds, this adds to the portability of this speaker system, as it is not overly large and you can set it on top of things without it taking up a huge amount of space.

Of course, for some, overall portability is a big plus and even necessary, depending on how you plan on using this system.  You can move it around the room easier, or wheel right out of the house and off to the next party.

Battery Powered

This is a battery powered unit, and comes with 1 12V battery.

The beauty of the battery power, in this case, is that say you wanted to take the Block Party LIVE to have a party at the beach, or camping.  You totally could!  

Because it’s bluetooth enabled, and essentially wireless (unless you opt for wires), this very fun looking modern speaker can be wheeled out just about anywhere, and so that means the party essentially comes to you, once you crank the tunes and get the lights going.

You might think the battery isn’t going to last through an entire party, but this thing can rock all night long.  Then, at some point, if you can recharge the battery by plugging this speaker into a power source, you’ll be good to go for the next party the next night.


  • Isn’t a complete karaoke machine per se – needs
  • Doesn’t come with a mic stand
  • Doesn’t come with a stand for holding your phone or tablet (again, it’s not advertised as a karaoke system)
  • Unlike the Singtrix, the speaker here is not angled upward, so you might have to elevate this puppy so sound is aimed at peoples’ ears, not their feet

#3 – Akai KS800-BT Bluetooth Karaoke System

Feature Pick

Akai Ks800-Bt Bluetooth Front Load Cd&G Karaoke System, Black (

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The next machine I’ll recommend is the Akai KS800-BT Bluetooth Karaoke System.

Brand Recognition (For Me, At Least)

One thing I like about Akai as a brand is that I have some other Akai gear that I love, like the Akai Mini, which is a little midi keyboard that I’ve had for a while now.  They make a lot of music gear – keyboards, controllers, drum pads, and none of those devices tend to be stinkers.  So I know Akai to be a reputable brand, and I trust them, to a degree.  

Anyway, I was all over this machine when I first saw it, because I thought that if Akai made a karaoke system, it must be good, like the rest of their stuff.

I would say it is a good machine, and certainly different in many ways from the ones mentioned thus far.

For instance, whereas the Singtrix seems centered around 100’s of vocal effects, and the Block Party Live is focused with that disco ball and the fact that it has a handle, the Akai KS800-BT is obsessed with…being set up like an old school VCR, with recording capabilities?

Front Loaded

I love the term “front loaded” or “loaded” in general, when it comes to products being advertised as such.  It generally reminds me of food – loaded cheese fries, for example.  

In this case, Akai refers to this device as being “front loaded”, and I guess what they’re referring to is the fact that all the action on this system takes place on the front.  You have the screen on the front (the “big” 7 incher), the USB port, the CD player, the speaker.  It’s all on the front, baby!

The idea here with the Akai KS800-BT is that you can record yourself and your performances, and, using the USB, or bluetooth, you can share your amazing job on, say, Facebook or Instagram.  

This is not something I would necessarily do, but, since I’m a fan of old school devices that do let you actually record things, like old tape decks and things, I do like this function, and I think some other people would LOVE this function of the Akai karaoke system here.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  Let’s talk about the CD player, and the screen.

CD+G / CD Player Built In

The Akai KS800-BT uses CD+G and CD technology, which is built into the machine.  For those who don’t know, CD+G is music plus some minor graphical abilities, or, in other words, your basic karaoke screen.  

So, yes, this machine uses CD+G’s that feature your favourite songs.  This is done via the CD player mounted on the front.

You can also play just regular CD’s on this machine, making it a CD player as well.  ALSO, you can use bluetooth or you can plug in through the back via aux cable to have your smart device appear on the 7″ screen on the front.

So, if you have a big collection of CD+G’s (karaoke cd’s), or can obtain them somewhere, you will be well stocked for songs, at least in this format.  

Some people enjoy having their own karaoke cd collection, although, with access to Youtube, you don’t really need physical cd’s unless that’s your thing.

Big 7″ Color Display Screen

See, this is where I’m a bit confused, because the 7″ display screen is 7″ inches, but for a screen, I wouldn’t call it “big”.  Maybe compared to an iPhone, it’s big, but not compared to much else.  

That said, if you’re just using this karaoke machine in your living room, with family and friends, then this screen size is passable.  It depends if you think 7″ is big enough.  Personally, I think it’s a little small, but it doesn’t really bother me.  I guess, in relation to the entire size of the unit, which is 17.3 inches high to begin with, 7″ is a sizeable percentage.

Then again, if your purpose is to use this karaoke machine in a larger space and a bigger party, the actual screen provided isn’t going to work.  You might have to resort to reading off your phone, or your tablet, for which the Akai KS800 has a cradle on the top.  

Or, once again, you can rig it to your television somehow so you can gain access to a larger screen.  I find that my laptop suffices, but there’s still something cool about the unit having the screen built right into it, which makes me want to use the 7″ screen provided.  It’s like little mini cinema.

An RCA cord for attaching this machine to your TV does come included with the system, by the way.

The speaker provides 10 watts of power for family entertaining, Akai says.  Again, that’s fair enough, but don’t think you are going to be using this machine to party in anything much larger than a living room.  It just isn’t that big, but as long as you know that, and it doesn’t bother you that the unit isn’t that big, it’s fine.

I almost forgot to mention that the Akai KS800 does come with a wired dynamic mic.  Again, not the most amazing mic ever made, but appropriate for this unit, I’d say, and not much different in quality from the other units I’ve reviewed here.  Like I said before, karaoke machines aren’t known for having top quality mics that come with, but they are usually quite passable.

I like how the machine itself comes with a mic holder.  That, I must say, is a nice touch!

One more thing on the topic of mics – there are two microphone jacks.  So, if you want to up your game with a separately purchased, higher quality mic, you can always do that.  There are plenty of mods to be made here, if you’re the mod-ing type.


One thing that does put all of this into perspective is the price.  At around $100 (from what I’ve seen), the Akai KS800 is much more affordable than some of the other systems, which are multiple times more expensive.

It’s the kind of karaoke system that would make a great gift, as it comes with everything it needs to actually do karaoke, including the microphone, the speaker, the CD+G, the bluetooth capability, the screen. 

Of all of the systems I’ve reviewed so far, this one is actually the closest to a complete setup, since the Singtrix lacks a display screen, as does the Block Party Live.

Being that it’s one of the less expensive options, you’re not getting a huge system.  You’re getting a compact one, though it does have all it needs to deliver the party, just not the biggest party ever thrown.

Summing Up The Akai KS800

The Akai KS800 does have its charm, I will admit.  I like how it’s an all in one unit, I like how you can record things, I like the USB port-ability.  I like the aesthetics of it overall. 

I think, for some, this will be the machine of choice, because it is so inexpensive, made by a reputable brand (with good customer service, by the way), and has a lot of flexibility when it comes down to it, because of the bluetooth.  


  • Not the most powerful system available (could be louder)
  • No headphone jack
  • Screen really could be a bit bigger
  • Entry level system

#4 – Memorex Sing Stand 2 MKS-SS2 Home Karaoke System

Feature Pick

Memorex Sing Stand 3 Mksss3 Home Karaoke System With Bluetooth And Two Microphones

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The Sing Stand 2 by Memorex is a nice little starter package karaoke system that seems to have simplified things to the point where it offers you just what you need, and doesn’t overdo it.

What does that mean?  Well, first off, the Sing Stand 2 is fairly inexpensive.  Last time I checked, this product was around $150, which I think makes sense for what’s being offered here. 

And there appears to be a limited 90-day money back guarantee, although don’t quote us on that either, as these things are subject to change.

Interestingly, the focus of this karaoke is…yes, the stand itself!  It’s basically just a stand.  But’s no ordinary stand… the speaker is built into the bottom of the stand, and that’s where most of the functionality comes from. 

Oh, and of course the stand is adjustable.  That’s definitely worth mentioning, so it can easily adjust to the height of the singer.

Like the Akai system we mentioned, Memorex is another name you may have heard before.  This is a brand with some staying power in the industry. 

What Comes With It?

The Sing Stand 2 actually comes complete with: the stand which has the attachment for your device, the speaker (located at the bottom and acting as the stand support), plus 2 mics, 2 mic cords, an 11-inch line in cord, 7-inch line in cord, device safety strap, user manual, and a cord management clip!  

The cord management clip is a good idea, for one thing, because it allows you not to be bothered by the cords so much, because there are cords involved here.

How It Works

As you can see, the controls you’re going to need to access most of the time are all on the little dome shaped speaker unit at the bottom of the stand, with control over the volume of both mics (it comes with 2, so you can have duets), the music itself, the vocal echo effect bank (adding that “superstar” quality to your vocals), and the guitar volume. 

Based on the size of this speaker, you might think that it can’t get loud, but it actually can get pretty loud.  But with two 5-watt speakers powering this unit, it can actually pump up to a good volume. 

You have control over the volume via the speaker and via your device, and overall, you can get this thing up good and loud.  It is similar to the Akai though in that with the amount of power it has, it’s not going to be filling up a banquet hall, or auditorium.  Still, it’s pretty good for home use with friends and family.

Yes, you can even plug in an electric guitar or keyboard and accompany the vocalist on this one, which is a fun idea. 

The place where you put your smart device is nicely sized, able to fit whatever type of device you might have snugly.  Unless it’s a laptop.  You can’t put one of those on there!

Unlike the Singtrix, you have only 1 effect on your voice, which is the echo provided by the speaker.  I think there’s two ways someone could feel about this. 

Either, you’ll wish you had 350 effects like the Singtrix has, or you’ll be like “Ok, one is fine. I’m good with one, thanks!”  Personally, I don’t really need to have 350 effects to choose from, but still, it’s a fun idea.

Fun Times

I think the real strength of this karaoke system is in both its simplicity, and the fact that they’ve tried to make this less of a “system” and more of a fun device that anyone would want to play with.  

The Sing Stand 2, because of the stand itself, and the fact that you will be attaching your device to the stand, makes you want to stand beside it and sing. 

There is something about a good, well-made mic stand that makes a singer want to sing.  In rock concerts, rockers will lean on their stand and use it to rock out with the help of the stand.

You can’t really do this with the Sing Stand 2, but maybe you could if you held your phone in your hand.

Simple Setup

Because the Sing Stand is really so simple, and somehow inviting, it really has a feeling of want to “try” karaoke, for people who maybe are a little shy at first.  

I’ve seen people who wouldn’t normally do karaoke step up to the Sing Stand and use it, simply because it’s just them, their smart phone, and the mic.  Maybe it’s something about there being no intimidating large screen or large speaker that is looming nearby.

For kids, this Sing Stand 2 is perfect in the sense that they can step up to the stand, place their device on the holder, and casually give karaoke a shot.  

The setup here is really quite easy.  Couldn’t be much easier.  That’s another appealing aspect of the Sing Stand 2. 

On the other hand, if you’re someone who is looking for the whole all-in-one package with the screen included, and not having to use your device as the main source of the karaoke itself, then you may not like the Sing Stand 2.  It’s really just a starter karaoke system, after all.  It’s not a “serious” system, or any kind of huge thing.

I do think, honestly, that most people are used to playing content straight from their smart phones, and so most people, and especially kids, are going to be more than comfortable using their smart phone as the source of the karaoke.  

Vocal Enhancement Switch

A nice feature of the Sing Stand 2 is that it has a built in vocal switch on the speaker, which Memorex calls AVC (auto voice controls).  This isn’t exactly pitch shifting.  In fact, it’s not that at all. 

What is does is it “features” the voice better, with a little bit of creative EQ’ing, allowing for you to hear yourself better, if the karaoke version of the song you’re using for some reason doesn’t compliment your voice enough with the music.

This switch is located beside the power switch on the speaker at the bottom.

Wired System

The Sing Stand 2 isn’t an elaborate setup, but it is a wired setup, so it doesn’t have any bluetooth capabilities built in.

As we said, the wires could be pesky, and that’s of course why they have the little wire management device – to help you avoid getting tangled in wires.


  • Not a complete system without the use of your device
  • Speaker could be bigger
  • Is almost more of a fun toy than a “serious” system

#5 – RockVille Power GIG RPG-122K All-in-One Karaoke System

Feature Pick

Rockville Power Gig Rpg-122K All In One Dj/Pa Package (2) 12″

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We have just enough time to mention one more karaoke system, and that’s the RockVille Karaoke System!

The last system here we recommend mainly to the pros, who may have thought that the previous machines were piddly and you’ve been yearning all of this time for something that you can use at an outdoor event, or maybe a large scale party.  Not something that looks like a toy.

Well, here it is that machine.  This RockVille machine is a beast!  


PA System Modded Into Karaoke System

I should just say, out of the gate, that this is clearly a PA system with a karaoke stand and mics added in. 

To me, the approach RockVille has taken is that (btw, this is just my opinion).. anyway, RockVille is coming from the angle of most karaoke systems are inadequate in some way, and it is probably better to approach things from the PA angle, rather than from any other angle, such as the let’s make something nice that the kids will think is cute and fun.

This is because, I think, a PA system is, once again, fairly close to what a karaoke system needs to be.  Just take your average well made PA system, complete with stands, add some wireless mics, a smart phone stand and clip, varnish it all black, and Bob’s your uncle, right?

That’s not to say RockVille didn’t do it lovingly, because I think that they did.  There appears to be more care put into this unit than most of the other ones, I’d say.

Where’s The Screen?  Ohhh…

This RockVille system does lack what 4 out of 5 of the ones we’ve reviewed today don’t seem to have, and that’s some sort of offering for a screen to view the karaoke on. 

But, like the others, the RockVille people know that the best way to go about things is just for the user to use their smart device, hop on Youtube, and away you go.  Having a built-in screen only really leads to a cost-ineffective situation, really. 

People already have their screens, and they’re called their phones.  Even kids have their own phones!  Most people would probably rather use their phone or tablet anyway, nowadays, rather than a built in screen.

It would seem that today’s karaoke systems and your modern smart phone are a match made in heaven, especially considering the existence of Youtube.

More Features of the RockVille Karaoke System

It comes with two large 1000 watt speakers (pictured above), two wireless microphones with a transmitter, and a device tripod that allows you to hold your device right in front of you without you holding it (pictured below).

The two specially made microphones were designed to limit feedback and avoiding any type of interference. The system can be paired to any smart tv as well as it’s compatible with bluetooth. This system is made to exceed your expectations on all fronts.

RockVille is a company that’s been doing this for a while, and they know where they stand in this market.  They’re selling to pretty much the opposite group of karaoke fans from who the Memorex Sing Stand 2 people may have been advertising to, and I’m talking about the hardcore karaoke people, the pro DJ’s, and the grown-ups. 

The point with this system is to provide unparalleled sound quality via a system that is stacked with features, from the bluetooth, to the FM tuner, to the USB / SD player, to the A-40 mic cartridge, to the 115/230 Volt Switchable for international use.  This thing just has a lot of features, and that’s because RockVille is really going for broke here to please the customer. 

This is a great system for those who are thinking about starting up their own karaoke business. However, having this type of system is great to have on hands as the speakers are quite useful and would blow anyone away.

This karaoke system can also be controlled with a remote allowing you to fix minor problems with the sound that you hear using the remote.


This RockVille karaoke system has more specs than you can shake a stick at.  It has so many specs I don’t even dare try to list them all.  Here are the mic specs alone:

  • A-40 Cartridge
  • Plastic mic body with rugged construction
  • Construction: Sponge Ref-shake Type
  • Type: dynamic
  • Steel Mesh Grill
  • On/Off switch
  • Polar Pattern: uni-directional
  • Beautiful Black Finish
  • Frequency Response: 60 – 13Khz
  • Impedance: 630 Ohms ± 15% @1kHz
  • Sensitivity: -72 ± 2dB @1kHz

Even the RCA cables (there are two that come with this system), are ridiculously tricked out.  How can you trick out a cable, you ask?  All you have to do, I guess, is make it nickel-plated, with 100% copper conductors, and then add OFC spiral shields. 

This, of course, adds to the efficiency of signal transfer and durability, plus the clarity of the signal.  The spiral shields do offer that sweet, sweet EMI and RFI rejection you have always wanted.


  • Depending on your event size, this system might be overkill
  • Less simple, more technical
  • Not as “fun” as the others

Comparing Models – Which One Rules?

Essentially, compared to the other karaoke systems we’ve talked about so far – the Singtrix, the Block Party Live, the Sing Stand 2, and the Akai – the RockVille has both more gear, which is bigger, better, has more power, and is explained very thoroughly in their documentation of said gear via their website and provided manuals.

Now, I’m not saying that the RockVille is the best home karaoke system out of all of them, but it’s certainly the one that you might want to go with if you’re going big.  That much is clear to me.

Interestingly, the price of the RockVille Karaoke Machine, at around $300 (again, don’t quote me, it changes), is comparable to the Singtrix, which I last saw around that price as well.  

So how to choose between the two?  If you recall, Singtrix has a simpler aesthetic, focuses on vocal effects, and seems designed for parties, whereas the RockVille hear, at around the same price, is more for bigger events, and seems to be less about having fun than getting the nitty gritty details of how sound works down to a science.

Still, you know when someone is smart and knows everything, and then there’s someone else who’s just the “fun” guy.  People tend to gravitate to the fun guy because he’s fun.  In this case, most of the other systems we’ve looked at are rooted more in fun than anything else.

The Block Party Live is fun because it has that disco ball.  The Memorex Sing Stand is fun because it’s just a nice little stand with a fun little speaker.  The Akai is fun because it has the screen built into it and comes with CD+G technology.  And the Singtrix is fun because you can sound like a robot and it has different coloured plates for the device holder holder.  Cute!  Fun!  Yay!

But how fun is it when you throw a street party and your DJ quits because he can’t hear the bass?  Right, now you’re f***** p******!

So, if you were to go with the RockVille, I’d say…consider what’s at stake here for you.  Are you having a little get together with family and friends?  Using the RockVille for that, is probably overkill.  Grandma doesn’t need those two PA speakers blasting. 

For a nice, fun little party in your living room, maybe of the other systems would be better.  Probably.

Having a huge outdoor event where there is money on the line and time is running out?  The that’s when the RockVille is your ace in the hole. 

If you’re an audiophile, or even someone who is in the audio business, or the event planning business, choosing the Rockville makes more sense because it’s a formidable unit that stresses covering all the bases over fun.  

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed our recommendations and find the karaoke system that fits your needs. These are some amazing systems and all of them are worth the money, but only you know what you need, and so go forth and choose wisely.  Your next party’s awesomeness hangs in the balance!

Feature Picks

Memorex Mks-Ss2 Singstand 2 Home Karaoke System

Buy On Amazon

Akai Ks800-Bt Bluetooth Front Load Cd&G Karaoke System, Black (

Buy On Amazon

Ion Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System With

Buy On Amazon

Proreck Portable Speaker 8 Inch 2-Way Rechargeable Powered Dj/Pa System With Wired Microphone Led Lights Function Bluetooth/Usb Drive/Fm Radio/Remote Control(Freedom 8)

Buy On Amazon

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #Sgtx1

Buy On Amazon

Memorex Sing Stand 3 Mksss3 Home Karaoke System With Bluetooth And Two Microphones

Buy On Amazon

Rockville Power Gig Rpg-122K All In One Dj/Pa Package (2) 12″

Buy On Amazon

Also, if you have any comments, please make them below, I am interested to hear what others think of these systems!

Akai KS800-BT Bluetooth Karaoke System Review

Are you ready to get the party started? The Akai KS800 Karaoke System is loaded with sweet features for those who want to live on the edge.

Who doesn’t like karaoke? It’s a great way to blow off steam, and with the AKAI Ks800 system, you seriously can’t go wrong. 

This is a great machine for those who don’t want to invest too much money on one of those pro-karaoke set ups. 

Feature Pick

Akai Ks800-Bt Bluetooth Front Load Cd&G Karaoke System, Black (

Buy On Amazon

Personal Experience:

My friend, Clare, bought this machine for her 10 year old daughter, Ella, for her upcoming birthday party. 
Luckily, the machine arrived just in time for Ella. It was great for the children and they truly enjoyed the machine. They had a lot of fun playing with the echo control [as most children do when they can change their voices]. Clare decided to record the girls performances via the USB port.

akai karaoke

She also collected personal video of the birthday party and she decided to throw the video and audio onto a CD drive for Ella to review later in life. She was able to film the performances and attached the vocals that were recorded through the machine to the videos she captured. 
Clare is quite thoughtful when it comes to her daughter.

Since Ella’s 10 birthday, she constantly has little karaoke parties with her girlfriends and has no help from mom. This machine is incredibly kid-friendly and super easy to use.

The System: 

The Akai KS800 is bluetooth compatible, however, that’s not all it has going for it. The system has an old school feel since it comes fully loaded with a CD player and also a USB port to play your favourite digital songs! 

The system comes with one microphone, however the AKAI KS800 has two microphone jacks!

The Akai KS800 also has a 7″ inch screen with a 7 colour display that is attached to the system .. You can hook up your tablet or smartphone and play karaoke songs via Youtube – however, it won’t connect to the screen that is attached to the player. If you like the nostalgic-ness of the karaoke system, you can throw a Music CD [Karaoke CD] into the systems and the words will appear just in time for your performance.

This machine is great for children and teenagers and great for birthday parties.
The system also comes with features such as: Echo Control, Auto Voice Control and Balance control. Akai also has a Tv output for tv connection. 

The Akai KS800 is fantastic when it comes to affordable and simple for those who aren’t so tech savvy.

We highly recommend the Akai KS800 for those who really don’t want to invest in an expensive and more complex machine. The AKAI is quite simple, light and very reliable.

The AKAI KS800 also comes with a remote control in the packaging, allowing the performer to make various adjustments on whatever suits your performance.

The really cool thing about this system is that you can actually record your performance when you connect a USB to the machine.

The AKAI KS800 might not be the best machine on the market, but great for those beginning to create a home karaoke station.

Karaoke patrons have a great opportunity to select so many excellent karaoke models that available, however, you can’t beat affordable and really compatible with any user.


The Akai KS800 is one we really want to suggest since with a machine that comes with features like USB port, digital key control, dual mic jacks and echo control, makes for a great machine. Especially with the screen display, Bluetooth compatible, and it can also take CD and display lyrics, this machine is great.

We really recommend this system to anyone who has young kids. It’s simply one of the best for younger performers.

christina hacket guest music blogger

Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKS-SS3 Home Karaoke System Review

If your looking for a home karaoke system that is extremely affordable, you’ve found the right system. The Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System is one of a kind as it’s super affordable compared to other systems we’ve reviewed.

This is a great device if you aren’t technology smart, this device is easy to set up and use – Practically the most affordable and easy to use. 

The Memorex Sing Stand 3 is compatible with bluetooth and the system comes with two microphones. This home karaoke system is really unique is not like your average piece of gear. Attached to the stand is a built in cradle that comes with straps to make sure your devices are secure. The Memorex also has an input that is compatible with various instruments.

Feature Pick

Memorex Sing Stand 3 Mksss3 Home Karaoke System With Bluetooth And Two Microphones

Buy On Amazon

The Memorex Sing Stand 3 is a light system that is great for beginners or for the younger generation just becoming interested in singing or performing. This is a great system for anyone who isn’t tech savvy, you can easily connect your devices to the system via bluetooth, however, don’t fret because this system also equipped with an audio input and also an input to connect to other instruments like an electric guitar or keyboard. 

The System

The speakers attached to the base of the stand and is equipped with 5 watt speakers, which delivers a crisp and powerful audio performance. This is a great beginner system, especially if you enjoy playing instruments. This system has an input that allows the performer to plug in a keyboard or guitar. However, if you aren’t musically inclined to do so, you can easily pare your tablet/phone devices with the mic stands bluetooth settings easily and with the millions of free karaoke songs on youtube, the memorex just makes karaoke easier and affordable . The Singstand 3 also is also equipped with a headphone jack just in case you aren’t savvy with technology.

The system comes with two microphones making it possible to kill it with a duet performance. The microphones have an auto voice control for balanced auto. The SingStand 3 amplifies your vocals to allow just the right ratio between the music playing and your voice.

The Mic

The microphone also ensures that the songs original vocals are softened when your singing so you can hear yourself and allowing the music to harmonize with your vocals and previous vocals on the track [if any]. The control panel on the device can be found on the bottom of the SingStand, you can also adjust the volume or you can use the echo feature to effect the sound of your voice. The device also comes with a convenient cord management clip so you can easily contain wires and prevent them from tangling or worse – interfering with your performance. 

This system is great for anyone thinking about buying a home karaoke system and don’t want to put out a large amount of money to get the best on the market. This is such an easy to use device and fun to have around for special occasions.


We highly recommend this system to anyone whose on a budget and still wants to have a little fun. This is a great, easy to use and especially affordable system that the whole family can use. It’s a fantastic system, especially for the cost. We can’t get enough of it and can’t get over the price. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Have a fun and happy weekend!

Ion Audio IPA25P Block Party Portable Live Wireless Speaker System Review

Ion Audio IPA25P Block Party Live Rechargeable Wireless Speaker System with Party Lights review

Do you feel like starting a party but you don’t know how?  
Today, we’re going to let you in on a little secret on how to do so… If you are a big fan of starting a party this would be the ideal machine for you. 

 The Ion Audio [IPA25P Block Party] is one of the most enduring portable wireless speaker systems out on the market.  I love it for karaoke, myself, as I am an addict and it’s really easy to use it in such a way.

Feature Pick

Ion Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System With

Buy On Amazon

Features of the IPA25P Block Party

The speakers are extremely portable as it comes with it’s own case [they have wheels] but it also has a party light so you can instantly get everybody’s attention. The speakers are compatible with bluetooth and the sound quality will blow you away. The system sadly doesn’t come with a microphone, but you can easily link with any wireless bluetooth microphone or you can easily get a microphone splitter allowing you to have more microphones connected to the system.

Block Party Live Rechargeable Wireless Speaker System

This is seriously a really cool system since it’s compatible with bluetooth and party lights that will light up any room. The system can also be connected to an app, so you can control the lights via app. 

The lights can make any room into an instant disco party. It’s fun and extremely reliable. The speakers are quite loud as the wattage amount goes up to 50.

The speaker is rechargeable and as long as you charge it for 8+ hours, it can last you a whole 24 hours if you can’t stop the party. 

This system doesn’t come with microphones, however, with a system like this you’d definitely need to get something equally as awesome – We suggest getting the wireless microphone from Regality which easily pairs with the Ion Audio Speakers.

Feature Pick

Wireless Karaoke Microphone,Portable Bluetooth

Buy On Amazon

The IPA25P Block Party meets the Regality Wireless Mic

The sound quality is fantastic and the microphone also can pair to your phone and their own app. With these two items, it makes one satisfying set up and there is no denying that you can make the party last all night long.

This is one sexy set up and it’s a must have for anyone who really enjoys karaoke or any type of system that can really get a party going. You can use this for virtually anything when it comes to partying.

The Regality Microphone: 
Even though the microphone isn’t apart of this set, we suggest it for anyone who really wants a decent microphone. Not only can this microphone pair to bluetooth, but within the microphone itself, there is a speaker in it. The microphone comes in three different colours – Black, Gold, Rose gold.

You can also record yourself with the mic and it’s also compatible with its own app. The microphone has a high fidelity an is highly sensitive.The microphone can be closed independently and won’t affect the mp3 playing. The microphone can last up to 5 hours when fully charged.

Ok, back to the system itself.

The lights have 3 modes, it has an auto mode, beat sync and app mode – where you can have full control of the lights via app. No fret though, as the speakers have buttons to control the light settings as well.

This is what everybody really needs to get the party started especially when you can stream music wirelessly via bluetooth. The speakers themselves have a lot of great features and even if you can’t connect to the speakers via bluetooth, the speakers also have an aux input.

ION Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Party Lights

You can also plug a corded microphone into the speakers as it also has an input for a microphone. This system has no problem rocking the house, and has many valuable features that many look for in a portable set. The speakers are fantastic and can be used for different occasion.

ION Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker system

Since it’s summer, we suggest starting a beach karaoke day with these speakers. You would be the talk of the town by the end of the night. 
The price isn’t bad when you think of how much of a boss you’ll be and everybody will want to invite you to their parties with a system like the ion audio block party. We had fun playing around with this system and it’s sure to bring lots of fun in the future. 

christina hacket guest music blogger

RockVille Karaoke Machine Review

rockville karaoke system review

Many years ago, when performing karaoke at local bars or even at home, I would flip through binders and binders of songs that I could perform.  
It’s funny to think that times are changing, things are much easier to do and a lot less frustrating and today.

Today I’m reviewing the RockVille Dual 12″ Karaoke Machine. 

This system comes with speakers, two microphones and a stand for your device [it also looks like a selfie stick].  Here’s the whole package, pictured below.

Feature Pick

As time goes on, things are becoming easier and easier when it comes accommodating the average karaoke host, especially with the millions of free songs that you can find on Youtube.

If you have troubles figuring out what songs to play next check out a previous article about the best karaoke songs to sing drunk, which my friend Dave wrote but is more based on my personal experience than his, to be honest.  🙂  

dave singing karaoke

Other Uses

If you want to host monthly karaoke night this system is very affordable and quite useful for other events or reasons. The amount and quality you get for the price is astonishing and quite worth it if you are also a musician or public speaker.

high performance karaoke home

Starting off in any industry is really hard and we recommend getting this set because it’s perfect for beginners. Getting used to a transmitter and speakers might be frustrating but I didn’t have any problems connecting these at all to any device.

I actually think it’s funny not having to go thorough binders of songs anymore looking if the karaoke host has a certain song. Thank god for youtube and all the free songs available there. 

The Sound System

The speakers are bluetooth allowing you to connect the speakers to whatever device you choose from – also compatible with smart tv. The speakers themselves are very high quality and a lot of DJ’s use these. The bar I go to uses these speakers, so I thought that was funny while writing this review. 

dual 12 speakers


The system comes with two wireless microphone systems, the microphone also comes with a transmitter. The microphones like I said are wireless however, very sensitive.

The microphones also were design to limit feedback and interference leaving a high performance sound eliminating unwanted distortion. 
The microphone quality is great, it’s clear and I didn’t have any troubles with it. It’s also great for those meetings or when your talking in front of a large audience.

This system can be great for any event also. The two wireless microphones and the transmitter are one of the best on the market right now and I bought this package just on that alone.

rockville karaoke mics This system is very popular and I can see why.  Plus – and I seriously can’t emphasize this enough – it’s affordable.  Even if you’re old school, the speakers are compatible with dvd & cd players. This is a great system for beginners.

However, since I’m not doing karaoke all of the time, I also use the speakers system with my tv. I haven’t had any troubles with it as I’ve paired this system to my smart TV. I have the Samsung KDL smart tv and it works perfectly with the speakers, even when i’m not doing karaoke, these speakers have multiple purposes.

Rockville has many other systems for reasonable price and I recommend Rockville in general because it’s both high quality and quite affordable for what you get with the whole package.

Feature Pick

Rockville Power Gig Rpg-122K All In One Dj/Pa Package (2) 12″

Buy On Amazon

christina hacket guest music blogger

Singtrix Home Karaoke System Review

The Singtrix home karaoke system is one of the most recommended, not to mention affordable, complete karaoke systems on the market currently, and it is the subject of today’s review.

Singtrix home karaoke system machine review

This popular machine was designed by the creators of Guitar Hero, John Devecka and Eric Berkowitz. It was first introduced on SharkTank a few years ago and, and, since its debut, the company has everyone talking about it. 

The Singtrix system has even been endorsed by Ellen Degeneres, The View, and many other talk shows.  Impressive! 

It’s known for being good quality and easy to use. It’s a “plug and play” system, so it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to set up.

The Singtrix is the only karaoke machine I know of that has ever been endorsed this much by multiple celebrities.  So, is it all hype, or does this system really bring the goods?  Let’s take a closer look.

What the Singtrix System Includes

The Singtrix karaoke system includes a 40-watt portable speaker with a subwoofer, a customizable control panel that allows you to select from the hundreds of effects available, a professional quality microphone, a microphone stand with an adjustable arm, all the required cables, and, lastly, some different coloured faceplates so you can change the colour of your machine if desired.

Feature Picks

Memorex Mks-Ss2 Singstand 2 Home Karaoke System

Buy On Amazon

Akai Ks800-Bt Bluetooth Front Load Cd&G Karaoke System, Black (

Buy On Amazon

Ion Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System With

Buy On Amazon

Proreck Portable Speaker 8 Inch 2-Way Rechargeable Powered Dj/Pa System With Wired Microphone Led Lights Function Bluetooth/Usb Drive/Fm Radio/Remote Control(Freedom 8)

Buy On Amazon

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #Sgtx1

Buy On Amazon

We’ll go into more detail on each of these pieces of hardware below.

The Singtrix karaoke system has everything you need, which is great if you’re a karaoke enthusiast, and even better if you’re completely new to home karaoke, because you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The system comes with everything you could possibly want and it will be so much easier for you to get started. It’s all taken care of for you!

The system also has the option of buying a monthly membership so that you can enjoy more extras from the Singtrix app.

This feature, however, is totally optional and definitely not necessary; you can still have a blast without paying the monthy membership. But if you really love the system and are an avid karaoke singer, then the extra benefits might be worth it. It’s all up to you!

The Speaker

As mentioned, the speaker is a 40-watt speaker with a built-in subwoofer, meaning you can really amp-up the bass. The speaker has a deep, full sound and can handle many different styles of music with high notes and low notes.

It packs a powerful sound but it’s also compact and portable which is great, because it allows you to take your karaoke parties wherever you want! You can even use the speaker for other purposes such as connecting it to your TV for movie-watching or connecting it to a gaming system. It can also be connected to headphones.

It’s a really convenient and functional piece of equipment to have. 

Singtrix speaker

The Singtrix speaker is luckily not at all complicated to work. So if karaoke is your forte but  the tech-stuff isn’t, Singtrix has you covered.

There is one round button for the power. You know your speaker is on when the blue light is on. The three little knobs beside the power button control the volume, treble and bass.

You can obviously use these knobs to adjust these, but you can also adjusts the levels via the Singtrix app.

Singtrix speaker close up

The speaker, while lightweight, is sturdy. It has four legs that it sits upon and the speaker part itself is angled upwards to project the music.

On the back of the speaker you’ll find a few different ports. First of all there’s the power plug to be able to plug in the speaker.

Then there’s two ports to allow up to two microphones to be plugged into the speaker, so you can sing with a backup singer if desired.

There’s a USB port as well if needed, and lastly a headphone jack. Nothing super complicated, but definitely everything you need. 

The Singtrix system can also be connected to two speakers instead of one, if you’re playing at a larger venue and need a much louder sound. 

The Microphone

The microphone that comes with the Singtrix karaoke system is of good quality. First of all, it comes with a mic stand that has an adjustable arm, so you can adust the height and position of the micophone.

This is definitely beneficial because the microphone can be adjusted to suit the height of whoever is singing. It’s the thoughtful extra touches like these that make this system one of the best.

The mic stand is also portable, and folds down easily for transportation. Another nice addition that the system includes is a clip-on phone or tablet holder, so you can look at your screen for lyrics when singing. 


The microphone is quite sensitive to your singing. It’s also weighted and balanced just right to make it easier to hold when you’re giving your dazzling performance.  

The microphone is also unique in that it has a built in “HIT” control which activates harmonies and other effects simply by the touch of a button. 

The Effects

With over 300 effects, this sound system covers every genre and generation of music, allowing you to get the type of sound you want for the type of song you’re singing.  

This is great, because if you want to go with an older track, you can sound like you’re from that era.  If you want to sound like today’s artists with those types of modern-sounding effects, you can do that as well.

Some of the most popular effects include hard-tune (which is like auto-tune), harmonies, choir effects, delay, reverb, voice morphing, gender-bending effects and so much more. 

vocal effects

The system is also known to help those less fortunate souls who are terrible at karaoke sound a lot better than they are. The Singtrix claims it makes “bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing”. It gives everyone the ability to show the audience a performance of a life time. 

So, if you naturally are not that good at singing, fear not, because certain features are there to help.  The machine features natural pitch-correction which can make you sound better than you ever thought you could be!

As founder John Devecka said, his home karaoke machine strives to share the musical experience with non-musicians, allowing them to enjoy the feeling of making music themselves even if they’re not the most musically-inclined. With this system, ordinary people can feel like rockstars.

Here is a quick 2-minute video of Singtrix home karaoke in action, from the show SharkTank. From this video you can hear just a few of the many vocal effects that come with this karaoke machine, and you can see how the machine can improve anyone’s vocals as well.

It’s fun and interesting to see just how diverse this machine is, and how much fun it can be to fool around with the seemingly endless effects!

In terms of overall vocal quality, this machine was designed to sound similar to a recording studio or concert performance.  The system doesn’t skimp on quality, and the price reflects that because it isn’t cheap.  

Still, I find it to be rather affordable considering everything that comes with this system. And you know that what you’re getting is good quality and will last you a long time. In my opinion, this system has great value.

karaoke machine system party bundle

Speaking of quality, the Singtrix home karaoke machine really is one of a kind, as it has it’s own patented plug, which allows it to be powered by live vocal effects technology that are only generally available to professionals in the industry.  

With these effects at your disposal at home, you can become a serious vocal threat if you have the chops to back it up.  

The Console

Lastly we’ll go into a bit more detail about the console. The console has a screen on the front and 6 different buttons, plus the power button on the back.

This is what allows you to see the different effects available and choose among them. The buttons allow to to choose effects and adjust the volume.

Singtrix console

Choosing your effects from the console is simple and intuitive. As you become more familiar with the machine and the effects you like to use for your own voice and for certain songs, you can add them to a favourite’s list.

This is a great feature because with over 300 effects, it might become difficult to remember all the ones you like best. Keeping them together in your favourites list will make them easy to find and use!

In one of the online reviews for Singtrix, it was noted that it can throw you off a bit to hear your own natural voice coming from your mouth at the same time that you hear your pitch-corrected voice coming from the speakers.

To remedy this, the reviewer suggested turning the volume up slightly on the speaker and putting it behind you. It does take some getting used to, but with some practice you’ll be sounding great (or at least better). 

is the singtrix karaoke mic any good

The App

As mentioned earlier, Singrtix has an app that can be downloaded on any smart phone. There is a free version of the app as well as a paid for membership which has a monthly fee.

The free version of the app doesn’t really give you much to work with. It comes with 12 free songs that you can use, ranging from Justin Bieber to Willie Nelson. So there’s a bit of variety, but these 12 songs would get old fast. 

Beyond this, you can either join the Singtrix Club and pay a monthly fee, or you can buy songs as you go. It’s approximately $10 for 5 songs (this price may have changed, but to give you a general idea, this is how much the songs would be).

In my opinion, it’s not really worth it to buy songs as you go. The monthly fee might be a better deal if you’re someone who is really committed to karaoke. But keep in mind that you can often find karaoke versions of all the songs you want for free on YouTube. 

There are also separate third party apps such as Sing! and Karaoke Cloud that are free and can pull karaoke versions of songs from YouTube for you. This is a good option as well. 

Singtrix Home Karaoke Packages

The package I’ve been talking about up until now has been the “Party Bundle Premium Edition”. This is the bundle that gets you everything mentioned in this article. It’s the most expensive, but you get the most from it. 

The Family Bundle is another good option. It contains less separate pieces and is a bit more compact. It’s also a bit cheaper, as it doesn’t come with a mic stand or a clip-on phone holder, and the speaker is a bit different in that it is attached to the console, as seen in the photo below. 

Singtrix family bundle

The Personal Bundle is the cheapest bundle available. It comes with a microphone and the Singtrix console with customizable face plates. It does not include, however, the speaker or the mic stand, making it the sparsest bundle.

This is good if you already have a good quality speaker of your own that you know how to use. You’ll still be able to enjoy the high quality micrphone with HIT effects, as well as the hundreds of voice-enhancing effects on the console. 

Singtrix also sells the microphone separately and the speaker separately, if you decide you want an extra mic or speaker for your system. 

Just How Fun Is This Thing?

Personally, I really dig it.  The Singrtix home karaoke machine looks and behaves quite uniquely, and that’s very evident when you try it out for the first time.  It’s not hard to set up, or use, plus it looks cool.

As I’ve said, with over 300 effects, this machine can keep you singing/busy for hours as it’s quite fun trying to figure out what effect makes you sound more like Beyonce and less like a dying dog.  

Obviously not every effect sounds good with every song, or with the voice singing it, so playing around and finding cool sounds is half the fun.

This machine will keep the party going all night! Everybody will be entertained with the exciting effects and the karaoke songs available on YouTube.

This home karaoke system is also way more convenient and fun than going to a karaoke bar, in my opinion. The device is very easy to use and you can simply find your favourite songs on YouTube, instead of flipping through a book of karaoke songs trying to figure out what you want to sing.

Attached to the microphone stand there is the clip-on device holder allowing you to keep your devices close.  In fact, this is probably on of my favorite features because, as you may know, most songs that are available for doing karaoke are just there on Youtube.  

If you wanted to get a projector, to make it like you’re at a bar, that’s a different story.  I don’t feel like that’s really needed, but it is cool if you happen to have one.

singtrix subwoofer amp

Other Uses

The system is unlike any other as it can be used for various things besides home karaoke. You could use it for a simple coffee house show, studio recordings and pretty much anything else you would need a system for. 

You can also use this system for a vocal training tool. The unique natural pitch corrector in the mic will feel like the singing instructor you never had.

Some say, using Singtrix has helped them develop and improve their voice naturally and gave them the confidence to perform.

Pros and Cons

So let’s quckly sum up the basic pros and cons of the Singtrix home karaoke system! 

– Easy to set up and to use “plug and play” system
– Party package comes with everything you need for your karaoke parties
– High quality technology
– Speaker is powerful and loud, with adjustable treble and bass
– Speaker and mic stand are portable
– Mic stand has an adjustable arm and a clip-on device holder
– Fun and exciting to try out all the different effects
– You can save your favourite effects in a favourite’s list
– Will improve the sound of your singing
– Fun for all ages
– Option for different bundles (family bundle, personal bundle)
– Can be multi-functional 

– The free app doesn’t get you much
– Paying for songs on the app can get pricey
– Paying for the monthly membership get pricey
– With all the effects available, not all of them are great/useable, some effects might get lost in the crowd
– Party package might seem expensive to some 


Basically, this thing is the shit.  The Singtrix home karaoke system is innovative, one of a kind, and practically sells itself.  I believe that this is the best karaoke machine out there right now, and that it will allow anybody feel like their professional AF.  

With this thing, you have no excuse but to sing and have fun.  Lastly, I’ll say this – this system is for anyone who wants to have a killer karaoke set up.

christina hacket guest music blogger 

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