Fauxtown Records Music Sampler

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Stefano Nomakills Interview

Hey guys, Coconut here.  Today I had a chance to interview one of my guitar heroes of recent times, the genuinely talented one man thrash-a-thon, Stefano Nomakills, or N-O-M-A, who hails from Orléans, France.  He is most often seen rocking out in his room with hair flailing madly. Nomakills, or N-O-M-A, has been posting videos…
young coconut musician

Young Coconut Albums

Young Coconut is a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada, and has written a number of eclectic albums.  Don't let the frightening term "singer-songwriter" put you off - the songs he writes are not what you'd normally think of when you think of that term, if you take our meaning.  With songs like "Bieber Heads", "Don't Say…