Fauxtown Records Music Sampler

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Stefano Nomakills Interview

Hey guys, Coconut here.  Today I had a chance to interview one of my guitar heroes of recent times, the genuinely talented one man thrash-a-thon, Stefano Nomakills, or N-O-M-A, who hails from Orléans, France.  He is most often seen rocking out in his room with hair flailing madly. Nomakills, or N-O-M-A, has been posting videos…
Try Hardz dirtiest camelot

Dirtiest Camelot by Try Hardz – Album Review

Try Hardz employ a collage-like approach on the infinitely colorful utterly fascinating “Dirtiest Camelot”. Impossible to truly define, Try Hardz defy categorization. Exploration becomes the utmost of importance while Try Hardz stretch and distort everything they possibly can. A loose, almost improvised feeling, takes hold over the course of the journey. Rhythms are upset as…
sebadoh gimme indie rock

Sebadoh – Who, What?

When you say the word "Sebadoh", your average person isn't necessarily going to register what that means.  Does it mean anything?  Those of us who are into indie rock know better, though, don't we?   To legions of fans, Sebadoh is a legendary American indie rock band originally hailing from Westfield, Massachusetts.  They are known for their…