Ortofon Concord DJ S Review


The Ortofon Concord DJ S phono cartridge which is also known as the Ortofon CC is a professional cartridge aimed specifically at DJs. It offers high quality output, solid build and a recognizable look.

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Ortofon Concorde Dj S Twin Pack – 2 X

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Key Technical Specifications:

  • Spherical Stylus
  • 3.0 g Recommended Tracking Force
  • 6mV Output
  • Designed for S shaped Technics style tone arms
  • Decent Stereo Separation
  • Interchangeable Styli (with other Ortofon products)

Build Quality

The Ortofon Concord DJ S offers recognizable look and style alongside great build quality. This cartridge was designed with convenience and durability in mind and its slim profile allows for great visibility while DJing while at the same time enhancing its memorable look and feel. Ortofon pay a lot of attention to detail and not only want their products to look good, but to be a breeze to use as well.

Additionally, this product usually comes in a nice sturdy box that would both look impressive when you bust it out at a gig and would also do its main job of protecting your valuable piece of gear.

Check out this video review by ellaskins taking a closer look at this Ortofon stylus…

Sound Quality

The Ortofon CC offers high quality output with a lot of that special oomph that us DJs are generally looking for. With its 6 mV output, we’re looking at a very solid sounding cartridge that also offers outstanding stereo channel separation that sits between 15 dB at higher frequencies and 23 dB at lower ones.

A lot of the audio quality magic comes from the fact that this cartridge comes with a spherical stylus which has some very specific advantages. First of all, the surface area of contact between the stylus and the groove on the record is much lower which allows for a lot of detail. Additionally, because of its shape, the spherical stylus sits higher inside the groove than a narrower elliptical stylus would. This means that it will pick up less of the noise and splatter that comes from the dirt accumulated in the bottom of the grooves of your records. And since no vinyl can be kept 100% clean, especially by the active DJ, this is a pretty significant advantage.

Suitability for DJing

Now this is a DJing cartridge, so instead of just looking at its technical specifications, we should also discuss how suitable it is for its specific intended purpose. And as expected, the answer here is “extremely suitable”. Everything about the Ortofon DJ S is designed to suit the needs of a modern DJ.

As mentioned above, the slim shape makes this both durable and easy to work with, but one thing that makes a huge difference is actually the spherical stylus. Its shape has a significant effect on the sound quality, but it comes with other advantages as well, that might turn out to be quite important. The spherical stylus rides higher inside the groove of the vinyl record which helps the sound, but it also helps to preserve your records. Its lower area of contact means that it will actually dole out less damage and wear to your records as well. So if you end up cueing a bit more aggressively or quickly or you do a bit of scratching, this cartridge and its stylus will not be that hard on your record.

Additionally, this stylus tracks at a recommended force of 3 grams that could vary between 2 and 4 grams. This enhances the output level which is quite important for the professional DJ, but it also allows the cartridge to offer very decent groove retention.

Compatibility and Flexibility

The Ortofon Concord DJ S is designed to work with the most prolific tone arm geometry in the professional DJing world. It works with tone arms that resemble the tone arm of the Technics SL-1200 turntables and also known as an S shaped Technics style tone arm. Fortunately, the majority of the professional DJing turntables out there employ exactly this geometry. Still, before purchasing this cartridge, it’s essential that you make sure that your particular set of turntables is compatible with this standard.

But besides fitting most of the contemporary DJ turntables on the market, the Ortofon CC cartridge offers some additional flexibility. You can actually use it with styli from the acclaimed OM series from Ortofon. This means that you could use an OM 10, 20, 30 or 40 with it, but keep in mind that this will actually make this setup less suitable for DJing and more suitable for other purposes. In my book, this allows for additional flexibility and versatility and comes as a nice bonus to this piece of gear that is otherwise laser targeted at the needs of a modern DJ.


The Ortofon Concord CC DJ S phone cartridge is a professional piece of gear designed with the specific needs of a DJ in mind and this shows. It offers great sound, superb usability and is quite easy on your records. It simply allows a DJ to do what they need to do without significant compromises and is great piece of equipment to have.