Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats, And Affecting The Mind Through Music

Neurons in our brain communicate using electricity, and the pulsing of this activity is called a brainwave.  For the record, there are four types of brainwaves: alpha, beta, delta, and theta.

When you are calm, meditating or thinking about past memories, you are in an alpha state. When you are active, focused on a task, you are in a beta state.

If you are daydreaming, you open up to theta brainwaves and deep sleep states are using delta waves.  Theta waves are related to learning, memory function, and our intuition.

It is true that only one brainwave state will be dominant at a time. However, the other three will still be in the mix, constantly, waiting for their time to shine.

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Brainwaves are used to entrain the human brain in order to induce different states like motivation, focus, pain relief, sleep, etc.

This science is called binaural beats or brainwave entrainment, and it is found in various types of music.

When listening for particular waves in music, many listeners will opt for a music piece with the calmest brainwaves to meditate and relax their body and their mind. 

Of course, a listener can just as easily opt for the opposite – something which is more stimulating and gets the creativity flowing and improves cognitive focus.

Scientists working in this field were aiming to combine music and science to discover a way to ease pain, anxiety and depression in suffering patients.

History of Binaural Beats

Heinrich Wilhem Dove discovered binaural beats in the year 1839. However, it was Doctor Gerald Oster brought that made them famous.

He first experimented with tunes that were rather unpleasant to listen to. Then, more recently, a new way to listen to brainwaves was discovered.

It is the combination of data from the brain’s electrical impulses with brain-flow measurements, used in certain musical pieces. This way, brainwaves are more subtle and easier to listen to.

Visit Dr. Oster’s website for more info

Samples of Binaural Music

There are many samples of binaural music available online that you can listen to for free. You can find them on social media sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, or where ever music gets uploaded by the terabyte.

You just need to type “binaural beats music” or “brainwaves music” for your keywords, and you’ll likely come across them. Here are a few that you might like, with the brainwaves that they use.


This music video uses theta brainwaves, which can induce a deep relaxed state, meditation, daydreaming, imagination or creativity release.


This next tune uses Delta brainwaves. They are widely used to induce a deep REM sleep state and a maximum relaxation. Those brainwaves can make your mind calm and ready to surrender to sleep.

Many people suffering from insomnia, nightmares or a lack of sleep listen to them to find peace.


In the next music video, you will discover a little bit about Alpha brainwaves. They can induce the perfect state to think about past memories, reading, writing or doing a task that necessitates calmness and concentration.

It is best used for tasks that require you to be either seated or laying on a bed but still using your mind power.


Finally, Beta brainwaves are used for tasks that are more demanding and that require you to be standing, moving or training. You can listen to them if you are working on a project that needs your full concentration.

It can also be used if you are doing yoga, stretching, dancing or other sports. In other words, a task that needs your body and mind to be energetic and fully awake.

Other Benefits

When we hear brainwaves, it is often associated with sound. This is partially true. However, brainwaves are a way to stimulate one’s mind in order to access a given state by using pulsing sounds, music with pulsing sounds, light, or an electromagnetic field.

These various types of brainwave entrainment all share one goal: aligning the brain’s frequency to the frequency of the brainwave and inducing a different state of mind.

What Brainwaves Cannot Do

There is a lot of marketing and talking around brainwaves. Many people explain them scientifically and give their real capabilities. Nevertheless, there are a few misleading people who lie about their power.

Brainwave entrainment cannot increase one’s IQ. It is also unable to promote weight loss (you would need sport, a diet or a surgery for this, any other way is just a lie). Brainwaves are also unable to induce high states that are similar to those induced by hard drugs.

However, some people report that they felt a similar high to the marijuana high. These waves will not make you creative if you are not. They can simply make you more focused and will make your creativity flow more easily.

Here are some of the best headphones for binaural beats, according to our editors.

A Few Warnings

Used in moderation, brainwaves can be helpful. However, do not use them if you are prone to seizures, especially those induced by lights or lights and sounds combined. In addition, it is not a good idea to overdo them. Side effects will come after overuse. Three minute to one hour sessions are enough for a day.

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In case you experience any convulsions, overwhelming subconscious images, headaches, an increased heartbeat, stop immediately.

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