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As guitarists, pedals are our best friend, they allow us to be creative as well as recreate our favourite tones from our favourite guitar players.

Multi effects pedals are very useful for the amount of different tones which can be created however more often than not they don’t come close to the sound of their analogue stomp box counterparts.

The Boss ME-25 pedal differs from this; with an abundance of high quality effects and tones at your disposal, at a good price.

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Boss Me25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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The sound bank contains a variety of different sounds perfect for a whole range of musical styles. There are 6 categories available, from clean up to an ‘extreme’ setting.

Each of these categories has a further 10 variations for optimal control over your tone. There are up to 60 different memory banks for specific tones to be saved into allowing a range of different tones within this one pedal.

Once you have created your tone using the sound bank there are a number of different effects that can be added, with everything from reverb and delay to octave pedals and even a harmonizer.

The level and tone of these effects can be altered using the parameter knobs. A unique feature to the pedal is the ‘freeze’ setting which allows a single note to be held out while you play other notes over the top of it; this can lead to interesting and experimental sounds.

A lopper is also featured on the pedal with 30 seconds of space to loop. This is ideal for guitarists; for compositional purposes or improvising over a chord progression.

This is also useful for a live situation, one guitarist may want to loop one part and play another, with the pedal allowing you to record one sound and then loop it to record another.

For example you could record a clean guitar part and then solo over it using distortion.

Additional features include a tuner, wah-wah/volume controller and a ‘super stack’ button which adds bass creating a fatter tone.

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Ability to Record – A major positive of this pedal is the ability to act as an audio interface.

This is very useful for recording, it allows musicians with a limited budget to create and record their own guitar tones onto any DAW from their own bedroom, without the need of a high quality amp or microphones.

The pedal connects to the PC via USB, ideal for home recording.

Reliable and Durability – Like many other BOSS products, this piece of gear is very sturdy; I would feel comfortable taking this pedal to a gig and wouldn’t have to worry that it would break half way through a set.

The pedal can run on either AA batteries or an AC Adapter.

Value for the Price – The number of effects alone on this pedal warrant the low price tag.

At around £135 this pedal is extremely good value, considering that a single stomp box can cost this and more, there really is an advantage to having a whole range of sounds at your disposal for such a low price.


Changing between sound banks – One of the only let downs of this pedal is its system of changing between tones in a live setting. The only way to change between its 60 sound banks is to go up or down by a setting in a numeric order.

For example if you were on setting 1 and you wanted to change to setting 4 you would have to pass through settings 2 and 3 first. This can be a pain during a live setting, changing between a clean and distorted sound in the middle of a song for example.

This is avoidable by lining up all your sounds in a specific order before getting on stage however the hassle of having to do this is a flaw of this pedal.

Comparison to analogue effects – While the sounds in the ME-25 are very good, they are a recreation of their analogue counterparts.

Analogue effects tend to give a more natural sound to the tone while the digital effect gives a more ‘computerized’ sound.

Many view analogue effects as far superior to digital and may be disappointed by the tones which they get from this pedal, however this is entirely down to personal opinion.



In conclusion, although this pedal may be seen as an entry level multi effects unit it can hold its own in terms of amount and quality of effects when compared to other digital effects units.

At the low price and with a range of possibilities, this is the perfect pedal for someone looking to add interesting and creative effects to their playing.

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    • Works fine. It has an amp simulating mode, so it takes high impedance out, so your board will have to have a direct in, which most boards have, although budget boards sometimes don’t. So you might want to pick up a DI box for say $50.


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