Beta Brainwaves 101

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What Are Beta Brainwaves?

Beta brainwaves are created when we are doing something that needs active thinking. For example, students in a school will create many of these brainwaves, if they are concentrated.

On the other hand, people watching a movie are relaxed and will not create as much beta brain waves. This type of waves ranges between 13 Hz to 40 Hz.

Benefits of Beta brainwaves

Beta brainwaves are great for motivation as they can keep you focused and aware. If you are studying, I recommend you listen to audio tracks with beta brainwaves.

Beta brainwaves will improve your linguistic skills. Studies have shown that beta brainwaves can be great for children who are late when it comes to speaking. It is also good for people who are learning a new language, reading or writing.

Since beta waves keep you motivated, it is natural that they will keep you concentrated for long periods. Definitely listen to beta brainwaves when you are trying to focus on a task.

Beta brainwaves can be effective in treating ADD. Attention deficit disorder or ADD occurs in children that do not produce enough beta brainwaves or do not produce them at all.

Exposing them to this type of brainwaves will help cure them from this illness or at least improve their condition.

Here is a sample of beta binaural beats that might be of some assistance to you.

How to Increase the creation Beta waves

You can either listen to beta binaural beats music, such as the example given above, or dive in some activities that help increase their creation.

Those activities include reading, writing, playing games (chess games, poker, video games…) or debating subjects with people.

Beta Brainwaves and Meditation

Beta waves have a link to your conscious mind. When you are meditating, it is a great idea to make the experience more “conscious” by discussing it, writing it, etc.

While meditating, people experience many states of mind (ecstasy, contemplation, inspiration, calmness, etc.)

However, it can be easy to forget all of them. The reason is, right after meditation, we are still unconscious. We produce more alpha waves.

Talking about what we felt when we were mediating can help us produce more beta waves and make the meditation more conscious.

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