Best of My Music-Related Bookmarked Youtube Videos and Fav Channels – Part 1

Hey guys, Young Coconut here!  I just thought I’d share with you some of my favourite music-related Youtube videos and channels in the form of bookmarks that I have stored away in my Chrome browser from the past several years.  I do a lot of digging for interesting musical content that can be found on Youtube, which now has reached an almost infinite amount as new unseen footage is always being unearthed, new channels are arriving every day, and hours of interviews and commentary is flooding Youtube’s servers on the daily.

I’m doing this little share-a-thon, partly because it’s fun to share (yay!), but also because I’m having to clear out my bookmarks due to the fact that I’ve saved too many (1000+ ?), and it’s crashing my Chrome browser every time I visit the bookmarks section, or heaven forbid I try to add another bookmark at this point.  It’s become completely unmanageable!  

So, rather than just trash all my collection of treasured bookmarks from over the years, which I have grown quite fond of by this point I might add, it’s high time I cleaned house.  As such, I am coming across a lot of stuff of the musical variety that I think some of you will appreciate (emphasis on the some).  Hence, I am giving these videos their own blog post, in the hopes that this might become a regular thing. 

I was going to give this post a real keyword-friendly title like “Best Music Youtube Channels of 2018”, but then I decided, nahhh…since this definitely isn’t any kind of “best” list that anyone will agree upon.  Rather, if anything, it’s just a list of favourite music-related Youtube bookmarks that you who reads this post will either love or have no interest in whatsoever.  I’ve avoided doing things like this on Facebook (ie. sharing things I like) because Facebook’s algorithm has shunned me because I don’t participate in the newsfeed.  I find it to be a waste of time.  Ironically, I think this is not a waste of time, although there’s a fair chance that I’m wrong about that.  In any case, enjoy this selection of my favourite Youtube videos dredged up from my bookmarks collection.  😀  BTW these are not in any particular order.

Rick Beato’s Everything Music

I really like Rick’s channel, which is fairly new, because it goes in depth into a lot of the stuff that I think about when listening to music.  Rick is a super personal kind of guy that knows a ton about music and has the faculties to explain his knowledge in a way that fans appreciate.  His channel is full of interesting stuff, but my favourite thing on his channel right now are these videos he does called “What Makes This Song Great?”, where he dissects popular rock songs in terms of their various constituent parts and talks about what makes the song cool.  It’s a great idea, and I tend to agree mostly with what he says.  I also think it’s refreshing, what he’s doing, because I’ve never really seen a guy take a song and break it down the way he does and explain all the music theory behind it.  Definitely subbed to this dude when I came across him.  

Here’s an episode of his “What Makes This Song Great?” featuring Pearl Jam’s song Jeremy.  Cool stuff.  

Visit Rick Beato’s Youtube Channel here


I came across Stefano Nomakills’ Youtube channel a couple of years ago, and instantly subbed to this guy.  The reason I love his channel is because what Nomakills does is simply shreds along to various albums that I love, including stuff by Metallica, Nirvana, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Cradle of Filth, System of a Down, and various other heavy bands.  Like, this stuff is not really that easy to play, but dude has no problem with it, plus it’s clear he’s having fun with it.  The concept is so simple, it’s awesome.  He does these play alongs where the album starts, and he just grabs his guitar and plays the whole damn album front to back.  And it’s not like he does it flawlessly, but he can certainly rip on guitar where I can just watch / listen to him and enjoy what he does.  I think that any of the guys he’s covering, including the late great Cobain would have to smile to see this guy play the tunes.  He also does his own music, and the guy has like 15 albums released over the past decade or so, and they’re actually really good too!  Check this guy out, he seriously kicks ass.

I even got to interview him!  Read my interview with Nomakills here

Funny Moments with John Frusciante

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and specifically John Frusciante, the guy who, through his uniquely imaginative musical vision, helped the band reach new heights of fame in the early 1990’s, only to retreat into the all consuming darkness of addiction after the band made it super big.  That said, John has always been rather upbeat about his battling with his demons, citing his heroin-using days where his teeth were falling out as some of his favourite times, and creating some of his best music as well.  Well, you can’t keep a good guy down, can you?  Anyway, for a while now, people have been making these compilations of featuring John at his zaniest and silliest.  For someone who’s so nihilistic and philosophical, the dude can be quite a ham.  Here is one of those “Funny John Frusciante” compilations I’m talking about.

Nardwuar The Human Serviette

I’ve been watching British Columbia, Canada’s Nardwuar for years, ever since his stint on MuchMusic’s Going Costal, and I almost can’t imagine anyone who listens to music not knowing about him by now.  As far as music interviews go, Nardwuar has got to be the most entertaining interviewer of them all, and also the most knowledgeable by a landslide.  At this point, like many of his fans, I think the respect for what he does goes deep as he’s interviewed just about everyone imaginable, including some people you’d never figure he’d get to talk to like oh, I don’t know…James Brown!  Some of the biggest icons in music have, by this point, been interviewed many times, like Snoop Dogg, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, and many more.  It is an honour for someone to be in the super hyper verging-on-annoying presence of Nardwuar, as he is connected throughout the music biz as a guy who can still catch his interviewees off guard with his probing and often deeply personal questions.  How he remembers everything he does is astounding.  It’s always telling just how in the know a musician is by how they treat Nardwuar.  Treat him bad, like Sonic Youth or Blur, and you will feel the sting of his legions of fans for years to come.  Blur drummer Dave Rowntree knows what I’m sayin’.

Here’s a clip (one of many) of Nardwuar interviewing possibly his favourite guest, Snoop Dogg.  

Visit and sub to Nardwuar the Human Serviette’s Youtube channel here

Guided By Voices – I Am A Tree Live @ The Cow Haus

Guided by Voices (brainchild of one R. Pollard), if you don’t know, is one of the greatest bands of all time, and definitely is the drunkest band of all time, not to mention the best thing to come out of Dayton, Ohio, like ever.  (except for maybe the Breeders)  On Youtube, there are thousands of videos of GBV, because the band literally has about a thousand or so songs to play at this point.  Normally, any band that has that many songs would probably suck, but, as it happens, at least half of this bands’ songs are classics, and could stand toe to toe with any other song by any other great band.  The group rocks hard, and goes through cases of bear and many bottles of liquor per show.  The band has quit the stage, and made comebacks, and quit again, and come back again.  The line-up has changed a lot over the years, but the current line-up is probably my favourite, with my favourite guitar player of theirs, Doug Gillard (tough call since Mitch and Nate are also both great, not to mention Tobin).  It just so happens that Doug Gillard wrote one of my all time favourite GBV songs, called I Am A Tree.  Whenever they’ve played it live, it always tears the roof off the mofo, but the video I’m showing you below is probably my favourite version that I’ve seen.  

Visit GBV’s website here

Kittens – Carpenter LIVE

david kelly kittens drummer

Kittens is a band from Winnipeg that you might not guess is a hardcore band, but they sure are…or were.  Until their drummer died, sadly.  But death doesn’t stop us fanboys, does it?  No, apparently not… Kittens are definitely one of my favourite bands of all time, with some of the greatest songs as well as song titles as well as album titles that I’ve ever heard.  I think if you can’t get into Tiger Comet, we can’t be friends.  But that’s ok, chances are that means I hate you anyways.  So yeah, Kittens has very few live clips on Youtube, since they were more of a pre-internet band, despite touring in the 2000’s.  I think it’s fair to say that overall they’re more of a band you’d see live and not be video-taping, but rather experiencing the show, or getting slammed in the pit, and hopefully your phone will get smashed, preferably by your head as it lands on top of it.  One of my favourite clips of Kittens is this clip of them playing one of their songs from Tiger Comet, called Carpenter.  The video quality is shit, but if you’re like me, you don’t watch videos like this and expect high definition.  You get what you get, and you’re lucky you get anything at all.  So, if you’re into having fun, check out this clip of Kittens.

Read my article about the Kittens here

That’s it for now.  Gotta go!  If you like me sharing this stuff, tell me in the comments, and I might just make another one of these.  If you think this is a bad idea you don’t like my tastes, tell me in the comments.  I’ll publish your sassy little comment, I swear!  

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