Alchemie Zinc DJ Software Program Review

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When it comes to being a pro DJ, one thing that you need to be at the end of the day is efficient.  You’ve spent weeks or months meticulously putting together sick-as-fuck playlists, and now its time to go somewhere and share your musical visions with the world. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to get your playlists quickly and easily synched up with your DJ software with minimal fuss? 

Enter Alchimie Zinc DJ Library, which is a roughly $30 piece of software for both Mac and PC that allows DJs to sync up their existing music library into Traktor or Serato with ease. 

If you know of Scratch Tools or Itch Sync, you will know what kind of software we’re  basically dealing with here, sans things like command prompts which made some older pieces of software more of pain for some users. 

That’s why today we specifically want to look at Alchimie Zinc in more detail, to see what’s good, and what may not be so good about this 2016 piece of DJ library-organizing software.

Music libraries are already part of most pieces of software, from iTunes on up, but Alchimie Zinc offers a special feature that you might like to have if you’re a DJ on the go. 

That feature is that it is able to create folders and sub-folders, and directly import them into some of your favorite DJ programs like Serato Scratch Live, Serato Itch, Serato DJ Intro, and also now Traktor as of the latest update 2016 update – 1.1. 

This way, you can be totally organized with your tracks and ready to bring the party to the people.  Indeed, something like this has been missing from the Scratch Live experience for about ten years.  Well, here it is!

While some reviews online have surfaced calling Alchimie clunky, unintuitive, and unattractive, there are other DJs who say it has been a huge help to their overall workflow, like DJ Quartz here, who really seems to dig it!

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With Alchimie Zinc, there is the concept of “media roots”, which allows the software to identify your music library at the root level. 

At this point, you can then tell Alchemie Zinc to do what the software does best, and that is namely to rename, re-arrange, and sync up your music, in preparation for using it with your favorite DJ software.

Another term used with Alchimie is “crates”, which allows users to create their own music “crates”, and add specific genres to that crate. 

Essentially, we’re talking about folders here, so you can have your hip hop folder, your deep house, your pop material, and whatever else and place it neatly in all sorts of orginazated “crates”. 


Folders of course aren’t a new concept, but the ease with which the software syncs these folders or crates with your favorite DJ software is the main selling point of Alchimie. 

This is where the time saving comes in, because when you activate your DJ software, everything is nicely arranged and ready for your gig.  No fucking around this time!

The problem, as some DJs have pointed out, is that Alchemie doesn’t have the sleekest interface, and things can get confusing quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

That said, all software does have a learning curve so it really depends on whether you see true value in what this software is offering to begin with. 

Here’s a run through of how to work with Alchemie, and you can see exactly what it does, which includes more than just the crates feature.

As you can see, Alchemie does more than just help you keep organized with their crates feature. 

It allows you to export a .CSV and make a spreadsheet or a physical print out of your playlist, and it allows you to share tracks with other DJs. 

You also have various sorting methods at your disposal, as well as automatic backup and more. 

Overall, we are fans of the Alchemie Zinc DJ Library software, and we think it definitely is worth the asking price of roughly $30, regardless if the interface isn’t your ideal picture of beauty. 

This software definitely is a worthwhile purchase in your quest for having all the right DJ gear. 

4/5 STARS!

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