AKG K44 Perception Headphones Review

Today we review the AKG K44 Perception headphones, which are hi fi headphones which have multiple uses, including, as the company who makes them says, “critical listening”.  While some of us may want to use them for more serious pursuits such as listening to sound in fine detail in the name of science, we figure that the vast majority of people are going to want to use them to listen to tunes, podcasts, watch Netflix late at night, or things of that sort.  You might even want to use them to record with.  But the question remains – are they any good?!

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AKG K44 Perception Headphones Review

Rather than provide you with your typical review, we actually talked to someone who claims to use these AKG K44’s on a regular basis, and that is YTMS’s own Young Coconut, self-professed audiophile, recording artist, and someone who has been accused on more than one occasion of being a “dirty hipster”.

We decided to grill Young Coconut on his opinions of these headphones, or rather, he said “Go right ahead and grill me.  I’m ready!”, adding that he had a few choice things to say about these K44’s.  The guy always has an opinion on something. 

Without further delay, here is our interview with Young Coconut about these AKG K44 Perception hi fi headphones.

YTMS: How long have you owned your K44 Perception headphones?

YC: About 3 years or so.  Maybe 4?

YTMS: How often do you use them?

YC: Every day, pretty much.

YTMS: What do you use them for?

YC: Listening to stuff, and for when I’m recording songs and whatnot.

YTMS: What kind of stuff do you listen to with them?

YC: For one thing, all types of music – jazz, rock, metal, acoustic stuff, electronic, whatever…anything at all, really.

YTMS: Do you remember what you owned before you had these?

YC: Not really, but it seems like I’ve owned these AKG K44’s forever.  I take them everywhere.  If I forget to bring them with me, I get kinda mad, because that means I have to listen to my Macbook built in speakers.  Not cool, man.

YTMS: What do you like about them especially?

YC: Lots of things.  For instance, they’re super durable.  I don’t have to worry about breaking them, because these headphones can take some abuse.  That’s right, I’ve abused them.  They’re also fairly light.  I like equipment that I don’t feel like is going to break at any moment.  These are probably the best headphones I’ve ever owned, to be honest.

YTMS: What else do you like about them?

YC: They fit on my big head, for one thing.  They’re really quite flexible, which is great, and the ear pads aren’t too tight.  They fit snugly, and I don’t feel like they’re going to fall off, which is a big pet peeve of mine when it comes to headphones.  The cushioned strap that goes across the top of your head makes them feel more cushioned, and they stay in place perfectly.  They have just the right amount of tension in them to not suction your ears, but also to stay put.  Sound does not escape, and the ear pads are really nice and cozy.  I could keep going…

YTMS: Go ahead…

YC: The adapter cord is of solid make too.  Just the way it attaches to the headphones at the ear pad and runs to my computer’s input jack, or where ever I feel like plugging it in.  There’s something about the way they made it where I never worry about messing up the cord.  Cords for headphones and computer cords in general I find always get wrecked, and it renders the product useless, at least temporarily and usually when you least expect it.  Take my Macbook Pro.  I love Macs, but that damn power adapter they made to go with, it seems to break on me every 6 months or so. Maybe it’s just because I’m lugging my computer around with me in a backpack, but that cord is always crapping out on me because some connector wire inside the cord gets severed when you bend it the wrong way, or something happens to it.  I’ve had like 3 Macbook Pro power adapters, and I’m always concerned they’re going to crap out, because they always do.  With these headphones, on the other hand, I’ve dragged the headphones around *by* the friggin’ cord and it never once has crapped out on me.  I would think that by now that the way I treat equipment, there would be a problem with these headphones, but no dice, they work like a charm every time and they’re one thing in my life that I can count on, unlike most other equipment and – god damn it – most human beings I know. 

YTMS: Such ringing endorsements for these headphones.  Are you just being dramatic or what?

YC: Not really, these are awesome headphones.

YTMS: Ok, let’s talk about hi fi sound for a second.  These aren’t the most expensive headphones ever made, and you’re a recording artist, so can you talk about the kind of sound quality these headphones provide?

YC: Sure.  I’m always using these headphones for recording. I plug them into my pre amp, or someone else’s pre, and I’m off to the races.  I’ve never noticed any sort of lack of sound quality when it comes to listening to anything, whether it’s for enjoyment or for recording purposes.  My ears may not be as sharp as some peoples’, but they’re not bad, and I do notice when things sound off in my headphones, if it is indeed the fault of the headphones and not something else that is to blame.  What I mean is, these K44’s are pretty good headphones when it comes to listening to sound in general, whether it’s someone’s voice, or hi fi audio, or anything else.

Listen to albums Young Coconut has recorded using these K44’s

YTMS: AKG says that these are updated headphones, complete with XXL transducers and Varimotion technology.  Care to comment on that?

YC: I have no idea what that means.

YTMS: Watch this. It’s from AKG.

YC: Oh, ok, so it reduces noise I guess.

YTMS: Right.

YC: Yeah, I can see that.  I mean, compared to other headphones I’ve owned that are poor quality, these K44’s never give me any issues with hearing stuff properly.  In fact, I’d say that I can hear everything fairly accurately with these headphones, and, like I said, because of the design, the sound goes straight into my ears.  No feedback, no weird noises, unless that’s what’s in the recording to begin with.  

YTMS: How do you find the highs and lows with these headphones, ie. treble and bass?

YC: I love the bass I get from these headphones, for one thing.  And the high end is clear as well.  I like speakers that don’t leave out the bass, and these certainly don’t.  Usually, when I work on my computer at home or a café or where ever, and I want to add a bit of music into the mix, I can trust these to get me into the groove right away.  They convey the auditory spectrum nicely.  It doesn’t matter if it’s ambient music, or hard rock.  When I want to listen to tracks, I throw these on and away I go.

YTMS: How do you like the design of these headphones, aesthetically speaking?  

YC: I don’t really care about looks too much, but I like these.  They’re black, they don’t look ridiculous, and they’re functional. The point is, I don’t think about how they look much.  I just use them, and that’s fine with me.  I do like the little bumpy things on the side of the actual headphones.  I’m not even sure what they do, but I like them.

YTMS: Any complaints about these headphones?

YC: Surprisingly, no.  They’re one of the few products that I can think of nothing really to complain about, which is kind of a miracle.

YTMS: Thanks for your time.

YC: No problem!

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