Akai KS800-BT Bluetooth Karaoke System Review

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Are you ready to get the party started? The Akai KS800 Karaoke System is loaded with sweet features for those who want to live on the edge.

Who doesn’t like karaoke? It’s a great way to blow off steam, and with the AKAI Ks800 system, you seriously can’t go wrong. 

This is a great machine for those who don’t want to invest too much money on one of those pro-karaoke set ups. 

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Personal Experience:

My friend, Clare, bought this machine for her 10 year old daughter, Ella, for her upcoming birthday party. 
Luckily, the machine arrived just in time for Ella. It was great for the children and they truly enjoyed the machine. They had a lot of fun playing with the echo control [as most children do when they can change their voices]. Clare decided to record the girls performances via the USB port.

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She also collected personal video of the birthday party and she decided to throw the video and audio onto a CD drive for Ella to review later in life. She was able to film the performances and attached the vocals that were recorded through the machine to the videos she captured. 
Clare is quite thoughtful when it comes to her daughter.

Since Ella’s 10 birthday, she constantly has little karaoke parties with her girlfriends and has no help from mom. This machine is incredibly kid-friendly and super easy to use.

The System: 

The Akai KS800 is bluetooth compatible, however, that’s not all it has going for it. The system has an old school feel since it comes fully loaded with a CD player and also a USB port to play your favourite digital songs! 

The system comes with one microphone, however the AKAI KS800 has two microphone jacks!

The Akai KS800 also has a 7″ inch screen with a 7 colour display that is attached to the system .. You can hook up your tablet or smartphone and play karaoke songs via Youtube – however, it won’t connect to the screen that is attached to the player. If you like the nostalgic-ness of the karaoke system, you can throw a Music CD [Karaoke CD] into the systems and the words will appear just in time for your performance.

This machine is great for children and teenagers and great for birthday parties.
The system also comes with features such as: Echo Control, Auto Voice Control and Balance control. Akai also has a Tv output for tv connection. 

The Akai KS800 is fantastic when it comes to affordable and simple for those who aren’t so tech savvy.

We highly recommend the Akai KS800 for those who really don’t want to invest in an expensive and more complex machine. The AKAI is quite simple, light and very reliable.

The AKAI KS800 also comes with a remote control in the packaging, allowing the performer to make various adjustments on whatever suits your performance.

The really cool thing about this system is that you can actually record your performance when you connect a USB to the machine.

The AKAI KS800 might not be the best machine on the market, but great for those beginning to create a home karaoke station.

Karaoke patrons have a great opportunity to select so many excellent karaoke models that available, however, you can’t beat affordable and really compatible with any user.


The Akai KS800 is one we really want to suggest since with a machine that comes with features like USB port, digital key control, dual mic jacks and echo control, makes for a great machine. Especially with the screen display, Bluetooth compatible, and it can also take CD and display lyrics, this machine is great.

We really recommend this system to anyone who has young kids. It’s simply one of the best for younger performers.

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